Product Review for Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant


Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

“Success is a great deodorant.”

Product reviews for Secret Clinical Strenght Deodorant, Dove Pro Age Deodorant, and Avon’s Skin So Soft Anti Perspirant.

I like to try new deodorants. I take great pleasure in smelling clean, and feminine.  When I saw Secrets Clinical Strength Deodorant in my local store I decided to give it a try. The package advertises prescription strength wetness protection.

 Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

as well as capsules that release scent all day long, and skin conditioners. It sounds pretty good. It is summertime and who could not use some extra wetness protection? That was honestly the selling point for me.

Secret Clinical; Strength has a pleasing light scent. It also feels really wonderful on your armpits because it is so smooth and silky. 
However, the packaging sucks. You turn the dial to release the deodorant through specially designed holes. Eventually, you have to push the guard down to allow the deodorant to come out of the holes. It is messy and you will get deodorant on your fingertips.

Secret Clinical Strength is a good product. It does its intended duty very well. If you follow the instructions which inform you to apply the deodorant at night to achieve prescription strength wetness protection.

I like this product and I would recommend it to any woman who is seeking a serious wetness protection deodorant. With a light clean scent. I do think the packaging could be improved.

Dove makes great products. I love everything they make. When I saw the new Dove Pro Age Deodorant it caught my eye for two reasons. It is made by Dove and the package is red. That is unique and it stands out from the other deodorants and anti perspiring. Dove Pro Age smells really nice.

The packaging advertises 24-hour protection and moisturizing formula. I might be a little too young for this particular product. Yes, the name Pro Age suggests it is intended for older women. It is a good deodorant and I would recommend Dove Pro Age to any woman over forty years old who is seeking a 24-hour deodorant.

I have also tried Avon’s Skin So Soft Light and Lush Anti Perspirant. It comes in a roll on the container. I generally love Avon products so I thought I would try this out. I love the scent it is a light citrus fragrance.

 Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

However, upon application, I felt a strong burning sensation on my skin and after 2 hours I smelled like a sweaty old man. I would not recommend Avon’s Skin So Soft Light and Lush antiperspirant to anyone. It is not a good product.


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