Product Review: Scribbles Dimensional Paint

Scribbles Dimensional Paint

Scribbles Dimensional Paint

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”

Scribbles Dimensional Paint: As an artist, I enjoy experimenting with different types of paints. Acrylics, oils, watercolors, and gouache ~ each of these art paints have unique and wonderful characteristics, which adds richness to the things we create.

Scribbles Dimensional Paint

My daughter and I were painting a jar with standard paint-in-a-jar acrylics when we ran out of an accent color. Rather than making a trip to the store, I rummaged through my craft supplies and turned up a bottle of Scribbles brand 3-dimensional fabric paint. The project was finished using Scribbles, and when the jar had dried, it was the texture of the dimensional paint that turned an ordinary painted jar into something with pizazz.

What is Scribbles Dimensional Paint?

Scribbles Dimensional Paint is an acrylic paint that comes in a tiny, plastic bottle with a writing tip. The tip can be cut to adjust the size of the flow, but it dries with dimension instead of self-leveling like most acrylic paints. Craft stores tend to stock this product with their fabric painting supplies, but Scribbles can be used for many more things than just fabric painting.

It adheres to wood, metal, plastics, paper, decoupage surfaces, and glass and is ideal for adding tiny, dimensional details to all sorts of crafts. Scribbles make it possible to paint on things that traditionally once required thick, oil paints. It also takes far less time to use than a small brush and is much easier to control.

Many crafters use Scribbles Dimensional Paint to add embellishments or text to their projects. Visual artists discover that Scribbles is ideal for controlling tiny details such as dots, whirls, zig zags, spirals, and color highlights. It also works very well for outlining details.

How to use Scribbles Dimensional Paint

Scribbles Dimensional Paint is about the easiest paint I’ve ever used. To use, simply shake the bottle upside down, remove the lid, and gently squeeze the plastic bottle. A light squeeze produces a thin line, whereas a heavier squeeze will increase the flow of the paint and create a broader line.

That’s all there’s to it! Scribbles dry to the touch within an hour ~ but should be allowed to dry overnight to harden. The instructions on the back of the jar indicate that Scribbles should be covered with a sealant. For items that will see a lot of handling, a sealant will protect the surface. For a day to day crafting uses, a sealant won’t be necessary.

Scribbles Dimensional Paint

Scribbles Dimensional Paint is made by the Duncan company and is non-toxic, odor-free, and easy enough for children to use. It also comes in dozens of colors in different finishes which include iridescent to glittering, shiny, neon, glows and crystal. Scribbles 3 dimensional paint is available in all craft stores and ranges around $1 per one-ounce bottle. For more information about the versatility of this product with other tips for use, visit the Duncan website listed in the resource section.


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