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Home Essentials

Home Essentials

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Home Essentials: Aloft Diapers

Home Essentials: purchased a generic brand of diapers at my local Rite-Aid called Aloft. For size 4, and about five dollars, I got 24 of them in the package. A good deal compared to the brand name diapers. They work very well, are easy to put on, and it is easy to use the tabs. They stick quite well, also.

The only thing I did not like is that they do not “stretch” as much on the sides. Other than that, they absorb very well, stay in place, and most of all, do not cause any kind of rash or irritation. They also yield well to the rough-and-tumble play of an active two-year-old without falling apart at the tabs, as some generic diapers do. For the price, Aloft diapers are a sure thing to buy, especially if you’re a new mom or are on a tight budget.

Aquify Multi-Purpose Solution for Contacts

I use Aquify Multi-Purpose solution to clean my contacts. Home Essentials is an all-in-one cleaner that not only cleans well but also disinfects and moisturizes, too. It’s a good product for my monthly contacts, it cleans them quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is apply about 3 drops to each contact, and rub them clean for about 10 seconds. Or, for a deeper clean, you can fill a contact case up with the solution and let your contacts anywhere from four hours to overnight.

The ingredients include a moisturizer, so your contacts are left feeling clean and dirty. The solution doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind and rinses off well with saline. Aquify Multi-Purpose Contact Solution is safe to use every day and will be a solution that I will always recommend.home essential products

Equate Saline Solution

I buy a saline solution for the brand name Equate. Home Essentials is actually an inexpensive generic brand that can be found in many grocery stores, pharmacies, or large chain corporations. I pay around two dollars for a big 12-ounce bottle of saline, which compared to name brands, is an excellent deal. Equate saline solution can be used to rinse contacts after using a cleaner on them, or for heat disinfecting your contacts.

Home Essentials

Equate is easy to use, and the bottle lasts very long. Equate offers other choices of contact care, including cleaners, cases, and enzymatic tablets for deep cleaning. This saline solution is safe to use every day, cleans well, and leaves no film or residue behind on your contacts. Equate Saline Solution is a great choice for those of us who may be watching our spending, but who also need a great contact ruins.


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