Product Review: Presto 07046 Griddle


Presto 07046 Griddle:

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The Presto 07046 is an over-sized griddle that offers plenty of cooking space. The cooking surface measures 18 inches wide and 15 inches long. The griddles is perfect for cooking anything from meat to pancakes. You can find the Presto 07046 for a price between $45 and $60. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by this griddles.

The Presto 07046 features a tilting grilling surface. You can cook foods that don’t drain grease such as eggs and pancakes on the level surface. When cooking meats on the Presto 07046, you can tilt the surface so that the grease drains away. You simply have to pull out on the handles to tilt the surface and push the handles back to make the surface level again.

The cooking surface of the Presto 07046 is surrounded by a raised lip. This will help keep pancake batter or grease from spilling over the edge of the griddles and messing up your countertop. You will also like the fact that the raised lip does its job without getting in the way of the cooking process.

Presto 07046 Griddle

Features Of Presto 07046 Griddle:

The Presto 07046 griddles is also easy to maintain. The grilling surface is a non-stick design so that foods can easily be removed. The Presto 07046 also features a slide-out tray designed to catch grease. This allows you to cook healthier as there won’t be as much grease left in the food. The griddles are also safe to immerse in water as long as the heating control has been removed before it’s put in the water.

The Presto 07046 offers 1,500 watts of cooking power. The heat control is designed to keep the set cooking temperature automatically. The surface of the Presto 07046 is also designed to eliminate temperature variations across the board. You also don’t have to worry about burning your hands when using this griddle. The unit has a cool-touch exterior on the sides and front of the griddles.

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If you need a griddle that offers plenty of cooking space, then you should take a look at the Presto 07046. The griddles has a tilting grilling surface so that you can easily drain grease away when cooking meats. The Presto 07046 also has a slide-out tray and a non-stick cooking surface so that it’s easy to maintain. Your countertops also won’t be subject to stains thanks to the fact that the grilling surface is surrounded by a raised lip.


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