Product Review: Ortho Home Defense Max Bug Spray

Ortho Home Defense Max Bug Spray

Product Review: Ortho Home Defense Max Bug Spray

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.”

Ortho Home Defense Max bug spray states on the bottle that it will kill bugs and keep them away from your house for up to a year. I guess the “up to” in up to a year is debatable. The stuff is worthless and for how expensive it makes it even more disappointing. I have been buying the stuff for 2 years now and it has never worked, I was using it to appease my wife because she thought it worked.

 Ortho Home Defense Max Bug Spray

I followed the directions, spraying the perimeter of the house, around all doors and windows and the stuff never worked. The only time it seemed to affect anything was when you sprayed the bugs directly. Even then it wasn’t really effective. Once the Ortho Home Defense Max dried it didn’t repel anything, not even ants.

Right on the bottle, it says that it will even keep away if not kill black widows, not an out and out lie but pretty close. I found a black widow in my kids’ sandbox and thought I would conduct a little test with this spray. I got the spider in a glass bowl with a lid and sprayed it with a little Ortho Home Defense Max bug spray. I didn’t die right away so I thought “I’ll just leave it here for a bit and come back”. I came back 10 minutes later and it was still alive and well. I sprayed some more on the spider, it wouldn’t die, it wasn’t even acting funny.

I let this sit for a good hour and finally got really mad, I sprayed enough spray in there to create a pool at the bottom of the bowl. I am not positive but I think the spider actually drowned instead of being poisoned. I’m not kidding, I’m not trying to be funny I witnessed this and was appalled.

I will give Ortho credit, I called them to give them my account of what had just occurred and they were very nice. They offered to give me a free bottle of Ortho Home Defense Max, I politely declined and hung up the phone. This is not a good product and doesn’t count on it to defend the places that your kids play. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good replacement.

 Ortho Home Defense Max Bug Spray

I think the best way to avoid a lot of spiders taking up residence in and around your house is to keep the perimeter of your house clear of debris like tree limbs and stuff like that. Bugs like to live in places that they can hide and if you avoid these places, the number of spiders will decline.


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