Most Comfortable Mechanical Pencils


Introduction – Most Comfortable Mechanical Pencils

Most Comfortable Mechanical Pencils: Comfort is fun, inviting, and should not be negotiable even when writing or drawing! Yes, you can draw your whole life every day, but while having extreme fun in the process of doing so. That is satisfaction defined in another way!

“Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment”

That is why most comfortable mechanical pencils do not just add value to your work output, they also play a part to ensure that you accomplish all your drawing and writing tasks with as little discomfort as possible. Below is a list of the selected few among the most comfortable mechanical pencils; that we think will get you on the go, the very first time you put your grip on them:

  1. Pilot Dr. Grip G-Spec Frost Color Shaker Mechanical Pencil

There is a reason why this pencil is simply top on the line. Some pencils just deliver something unique way beyond a good line size. They also promise comfort and the peace of mind knowing that no matter how long you will spend on writing or drawing, you will be guaranteed of the most comfortable grip all the way.

And that is why this exceptional drawing tool – this Pilot Dr. Grip G-Spec Frost Color Shaker Mechanical Pencil was innovated. Just for your uncompromised comfort and an assurance that you do not have to strain doing what you enjoy doing. Why would you anyway? You have Dr. Grip available to you anytime. But you have to take a look at its outstanding features for yourself.

Pilot Dr. Grip G-Spec Frost Color Shaker Mechanical Pencil

Special Features

  • Comes generously equipped with a curvy barrel that is also encased with a knurled rubber to ensure a non-slip smooth ergonomic grip
  • Also boasts of the popular 0.5mm lead size
  • It flosses the unique shaking mechanism necessary to release the lead as may otherwise be needed
  • Retails online for your convenience available that goes for only USD 6.78 a piece
  • Like most pencils in its category, this pencil weighs 0.64 ounces and measures 7.3X1.1X1.8 inches
  • Was first manufactured on 20th April 2020


  • Can be shipped anywhere around the world.
  • Comes with a sleek looking pocket slip that serves two purposes; securing the pencil on shirt pockets when not in use while at the same time prevent the pencil from rolling all flat surfaces like desks and tables.
  • The specially designed barrel ensures your comfort is not compromised any time you use this great pencil
  • The shaking mechanism necessary to release the lead as needed is always easy to deploy whenever needed
  • Comes in several colors and so offers you options based on your own personal preference
  • Has been in consistent supply for nearly a decade and that means its quality and service is not just sustainable but also quite plus for the users. That is why they have continued buying it.


  • The pencil would be even a much better tool if its eraser was slightly bigger
  • Even though the shaking mechanism is great, if the pencil is accidentally accessed by a toddler, be rest assured to replace your lead for the shaking will certainly release it ready for use but instead end up being broken
  • The pocket is still an awesome provision especially to prevent roll overs and ensure portability, but still would be a safety hazard if it gets trapped in some loose objects nearby

It is a Dr. Grip Pencil! Certainly it writes exceptionally well. But it also brings along something else you will like; comfort and satisfaction. You cannot go wrong with this pencil. I would take my chances with this great piece of a pencil any time any day!

  1. Sakura COLOR PROD AMERICA Sumo Grip

If you desire to ever own an incredibly comfortable pencil in your hands and an instant breeze to write with, your dream is about to come true. Sit tight and prepare to be sweetly surprised if not entirely impressed by this Sakura COLOR PROD AMERICA Sumo Grip. Just like many more people have done, don’t be surprised when, after owning one, you decide to go for extra ones especially after knowing that they come in 3 distinct colors and varying tip sizes! This would be the very pencil deal you don’t want to just hear about. But before you decide, have a look at this;


Special Features

  • This magic of a mechanical pencil comes a rubberized and knurled barrel to ensure you enjoy all the smoothness it delivers even as you write or draw. This barrel is also slightly triangular to afford you the smoothest grip especially for extended writing engagements
  • Comes with a 0.5mm lead that is not just tough but also sturdy enough for you daily drawing and writing engagements
  • Comes in different colors including the clear one that allows you to have a sneak preview of the lead while at work
  • Weighs 0.64 ounces and measures a cool 5.5X0.5X0.8 inches
  • Comes with a lead size of 0.5mm that undoubtedly delivers a crystal clear line that is 0.5mm in thickness
  • Ships worldwide ever since its manufacturing began on April 22nd 2009
  • Comes with pocket clip that prevents the pencil from rolling over and can also be useful when carrying the pencil through clipping it pockets or even folders
  • You can get it for USD 5.97
  • Carries a jumbo sized eraser that will last you three times as long as the regular ones. You just need to twist a little then you will access the eraser with a lot of ease


  • The slightly triangular, knurled and rubber non-slip barrel guarantees absolute comfort to you while you work on what you love doing- drawing or writing.
  • Comes in 3 different colors and different lead sizes just to ensure you get to use whatever color you desire
  • The clip plays a key role to ensure that the pencil both never rolls off flat surfaces and can be clipped onto your shirt pockets for easier portability
  • The jumbo sized erasers can last three times longer than the regular erasers. This would not simply be cost effective but also convenient too
  • Since it is found online, you can shop for it from anywhere convenient to you and ship it anywhere around the world
  • Since it is made up mainly of plastic, it is not just lightweight; it can also withstand hot environments.


  • Because the plastics used, the pencil may not last as long as most others whose construction bears more metal
  • Sometimes the 0.5mm lead may not be strong enough for people who apply slightly more than average pressure to write
  • The pocket clip though has its own benefits, would still pose a safety challenge with risk of possibly being trapped in some loosely hanging small objects

While the cons for this pencil do exist, yet, its pros overwhelm them and certainly guarantee a reliable mechanical pencil that is also very comfortable to the grip. I am sure, you will be excited and amazed in equal measures once you own this great writing tool. Go for it today and be sure to enjoy your next writing or drawing task.

  1. WSD Sketch Up 5.6mm Mechanical Pencil

It is classy, smooth and soft to the touch. It is thick enough to perfectly fit in most of the grips. With an in-built sharpener right inside the detachable cap! It is the unique and most comfortable WSD Sketch Up 5.6mm Mechanical Pencil. This pencil is a real trailblazer especially in both writing and excellent ergonomics specifically fabricated for your unparalleled comfort. Check out this pencil’s exceptional features below;

WSD Sketch Up 5.6mm Mechanical Pencil

Special Features

  • Comes with a cap that can be used to adjust the lead’s length just by pressing it and is built-in with a sharpener that can easily screw and unscrew from the holder for faster use
  • Made of an alloy of brass and aluminum that certainly guarantee precision and obviously uncontested comfortable grip
  • Can accommodate 5.6mmX90mm leads, charcoal and WSD disc tips as well
  • Also comes with a built-in metal grip
  • Its metallic barrel and other mechanical components ensure a grip that is not just firm and comfortable, but one that delivers precision for your entire work
  • Measures 2.4 ounces and measures 0.6X0.6X41.1 inches
  • Can come with black or golden outer casing
  • The metallic tip and line size 14 are simply the game changers in the sketching and professional drawing engagements
  • First manufactured on 5th April 2017
  • Comes with WSD disc tips for the clutch piece
  • These WSD tips can be used interchangeably with the 5.6mm pencil refills
  • The discs can also be used to modify this mechanical pencil into a stylus in a moment’s time
  • The WSD disc tips are manufactured with the wear-resistant smooth and clear plastic, silicone, stainless steel and aluminum alloy for their longevity under even extreme conditions particularly for the part that usually establishes contact with the screen. The lines are fine enough not to damage the screen
  • The WSD discs weighs 0.35 lb. and measures 1.4X1.4X0.7
  • Found online for your convenience and only goes for USD 7.99


  • Extra comfortable features of the grip are certainly enhanced by the brass and aluminum outer casing used to fabricate this awesome pencil.
  • Can work both a sleek pencil and a stylus for select touch screen equipment
  • Comes with a sharpener in the detachable cap to ensure that your leads are always precise to your preferred size.


  • May need a little bit of a tech savvy user to know and master how to convert the pencil into a stylus without breaking the lead
  • While it is thick enough to fit in a grip, the pencil may be considered too short for people with big sized hands
  • It can easily roll off smooth surfaces and fall while exposing the lead to potential damage in the process.
  1. Bellofy Mechanical Pencils

Being classy is should never come at the expense of your comfort. Fortunately, here comes the only pencil that certainly delivers both right on your desk! If you are in search of a pencil that will entirely surrender it’s all just to ensure you are and remain as comfortable as you will be confident to get the finest work completed on time, you need to count on Bellofy Mechanical pencil. Here is what this great pencil brings along for your benefits;

Bellofy Mechanical Pencils

Special Features

  • Comes properly equipped with a set of 14 pieces spread across nearly all lead sizes i.e. 0.5mm, 0.7mm,0.9mm alongside 2H,  HB and 2B leads just to accommodate all your drawing needs
  • Also includes 54 2.0mm lead refills as well as 2 sparkling white erasers
  • The entire body is made from the robust high quality aluminum to enhance its appeal just like the offer and promise of comfort to you- the user
  • Retails online for only USD 12.99 for the entire set
  • Comes with an alluring pocket clip that is not appealing to the eye, but also prevents the pencil from easy roll overs off flat surfaces and certainly also help in securing the pencil to your shirt pocket when not in use
  • The gently contoured and curvy barrel ensures that your grip of this pencil is not only non-slip, but also comfortable enough to allow you work on your project for as long as you want without the fatigue associated with less comfortable pencils


  • Made of aluminum all the way and thus promises long service for you
  • With the special purpose rubber installed on the knurled barrel, this pencil has been ergonomically designed to minimize the strain on your hands while still ensuring the remaining parts of this great pencil help you achieve the best out of your drawing and writing experience
  • It is available online and thus you can order for it anytime from anywhere and still have it delivered in any corner of the world. Just order and instruct them how to deliver it and in a couple of days you will have your Bellofy Mechanical Pencil in your grip
  • Since it comes with extra lead refills and erasers, it certainly leaves no room to inconvenience you whenever you purpose to engage on a project
  • The different colors would also provide you with an option to select whichever appeals to you the most


  • Since this pencil has no provision for the eraser attached to it, one has to always remember to carry the eraser along all the time. Should you forget to do so, you will somehow end up producing less quality projects full of smudges or actually nothing at all
  • The pocket clip would still, if not properly taken care of, pose a safety hazard.
  • The little pieces of erasers would also pose a threat to the little kids who might accidentally swallow them


These pencils comfortably fits in most hands and allows a firm and comfortable grip all through while at the same time delivering a great line size. With its extra WSD disc tips, the pencils offer a bonus of useful stylus that would come in handy at some point without an extra expense. Do not hesitate to own such pieces. After all, its turn-over in stores is fairly high due to their popularity. Go ahead, try them out.


Regardless of the cited pros and cons for above pencils, these are great pieces of a mechanical pencils especially when it comes to comfortable feel in your grip. Try it out today and confirm this for yourself. You will certainly order for more.


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