Product Review: Micropulsh Blanket

Product Review: Micropulsh Blanket

Micropulsh Blanket:

“When someone loves you it’s like having a blanket all round your heart.”

Throughout my life, I have used so many different types and styles of a blanket. Some were nice and so were not so nice. I don’t think I have been truly happy with a blanket till I discovered the Micropulsh Blanket. There are so many reasons why I love the Micropulsh Blanket.

Soft Micropulsh Blanket:

Some blankets I have had in the past were rough in material and didn’t feel very comfortable against my body. I would even find myself getting a rash or irritated from the material of the blanket. I love the Micropulsh Blanket it is made of a hundred percent polyester and fine microplush knit, which gives you that softness. I love wrapping myself with this blanket.

It always seems that in order to keep myself warm with a blanket that I had to get one that was thick and heavy. There wasn’t a light blanket that would do the job until I tried the Micropulsh Blanket. The Micropulsh Blanket is light enough to carry and keep you warm at the same time. I was excited about this blanket. On cold days I take it with me everywhere I can. For example, I have taken it to the drive-in movies, to work and to the park. There is no way I would travel with a thick and heavy blanket. It would look odd and embarrassing having to lug a thick blanket around.

Washable Micropulsh Blanket:

Some blankets are difficult to clean when they get dirty or stained. I either have to live with the stain and use it or dump in the trash, which I feel, is a waste of money. With the  Blanket cleaning, it is simple. I just put it in the washer and leave it air dry. Practically anything seems to wash off from this blanket. I even had a cranberry juice spill on it. I used a warm dishrag with a little bit of soap. I gently brush the rag over the stain and just like that the stains were gone.

Micropulsh Blanket

Different colors of Micropulsh Blanket:

You can get the  Blanket at Target. It comes in several different colors. I got mine in the color sage. The blanket comes in four different sizes. There is the King, queen, full and twin. The cost $49.99, the queen/full is $39.99 and the twin is $29.99 the prices don’t include tax. I believe it is well worth the money. The blanket has lasted me a long time and it is a product I would recommend.


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