Product Review – Mr Clean Magic Eraser

Mr Clean Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser

“Paper acts as an eraser on the mind, as soon as you look at what you’ve written.”

Magic Eraser: Have a child? Buy Mr. Clean magic erasers. If you have a kid this will be your ultimate cleaning tool. I rate this product a 9 out of 10 and here is why.

My arm does not fall off when I use it. The product really works. Just dampen it and start cleaning. Scuff marks are erased. Crayons on walls doors, fridges, stoves, toys, and floors gone. Tip buy the Crayola washable crayons.

Magic Eraser

Resin decks and lawn furniture use the eraser on them and then just hose them down.

Feature of magic eraser:

I think the eraser was made for High Chairs and books. Ever try and getting crayon off a toddler book, well the eraser makes the books absolutely new again.

I love it for everything around the house.  Eraser is a wonderful product and it lasts forever.

Magic Eraser does not take a lot of effort to use the product, just make sure it is damp and not soaking wet. Make sure you take a paper towel to do a final swipe of whatever you clean.

Magic Eraser

The only downfall of this product is that Eraser does not walk around my house and clean the areas itself. Best invention ever, and if you have children you must have at least one of these erasers in your home.



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