Product Review: Little Touch LeapPad Books

Little Touch LeapPad BookLittle Touch LeapPad Book

Little Touch LeapPad Books:

“A room without books is like a body without a soul”

I have two young children. One is two years of age and the other just turned ten months. They both enjoy being read to and my two years old also loves to read books. I am always shopping at bookstores searching for good books that I think both of my children would enjoy. One that I found which encourages interactive reading is called the Little Touch LeapPad Book. I love the  Touch LeapPad Books for so many reasons.

Little Touch LeapPad Book


Interactive Little Touch LeapPad Books:

The Little Touch LeapPad Book is an interactive book that comes with a cartridge and activity card. The LeapPad has to be purchased separately but you do need it in order to be able to use the interactive book. There are a variety of LeapPad Books that are sold in Target stores, which I really love. For example, some of the books I have seen are Rainbow Fish, Guess How Much I Love You, Let’s Get Busy Baby, Where The Wild Things Are, The Little Engine That Could and Dora the Explorer. The one I got for my kids is the Pooh Loves You book.

The  Touch LeapPad book teaches children a variety of different things. For example, the Pooh Loves You book educates my children about sharing, manners, shapes, numbers, music, and movement. It keeps them entertained for a long time. Because my children are so young I need to turn the pages and show them where they can push the button. The  Touch LeapPad Books is appropriate for infants and toddlers. I think children who are three years of age and older are able to use the LeapPad book on their own.

Tear-resistant Little Touch LeapPad Book:

The Little Touch LeapPad Book has tear-resistant pages. So I could have my nine-month-old explore the book without worrying that he is going to rip the pages. The pages are very strong and durable. I often take the LeapPad book wherever I go just to have it with me in case I need to keep the children entertained.

Little Touch LeapPad Book


You can purchase the  Touch LeapPad book at Target and Babies R US stores. I bought the Pooh Loves You book for $13 dollars not including tax. I think it is a wonderful product that any child will enjoy. It is also educational which will help prepare them for their academic future. I would recommend the  Touch LeapPad books to anyone who has young children.


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