Product Review: Kelloggs Special K Protein Meal Bars

Kellogg's Special K Protein Meal Bars

Product Review: Kelloggs Special K Protein Meal Bars

Kelloggs Special K Protein Meal Bars: I have been eating Special K cereals for a little over a year now. They really seem to help me lose weight if I combine them with a good exercise routine. When Kelloggs Special K Protein came out with the Special K snack bars, I was quick to try them. Once I replaced my bad snacking habits with the 90 calorie Special K snacks, my weight continued to go down each week. So, when Kellogg’s came out with their new line of protein bars, I did not hesitate to buy them.

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There are three different flavors to choose from in the protein meal bar line, chocolate peanut butter, double chocolate, and strawberry. I found the chocolate peanut butter ones on sale, so I bought them. There are eight, 1.59-ounce bars in each box. In my area, the cost of each box is a little over six dollars. It seems high, but keep in mind that they are to replace a meal, a presumably higher priced meal.

 Kelloggs Special K Protein Meal Bars

The chocolate peanut butter box is white with the bottom half splashed with what I assume is supposed to be a wave of peanut butter. There is a picture of the actual bar in the bottom right corner, enlarged to show texture. On the bar is an oval letting us know that it has 10 grams of protein. The trademark K is stamped in the middle, with Kelloggs Special K Protein Meal Bars above it, and the word protein beside it. There is a red band flowing across the top.

The back of the box has a small paragraph that describes the way you can stay on track and help manage your weight loss goals. There is also a picture of more of the products Special K offers on the back, as well as on one side of the box. The nutrition facts are on the other side of the box. There are 190 calories per bar, with 50 of those calories being from fat. There are 23 grams of carbohydrates, along with thirteen different vitamins and minerals.

When I tried the Special K protein meal bar, I was pleasantly surprised. It actually tastes pretty good. It solves my craving for chocolate while being much better for me than a bag of Hershey’s kisses. My kids even like the taste of these bars and are constantly asking me if they can have one.

Kelloggs Special K Protein Meal Bars

I will say that they are not completely filling though. They don’t really seem to stay with you either. I seemed to want a snack earlier after eating one of the bars than I normally do after eating a regular meal. Another thing I don’t love about the bars is that they make me really thirsty. I drink a lot with my meals anyway, but these bars kind of sit at the back of my throat begging to be washed down.

All in all, I am happy with the Kelloggs Special K Protein meal bars. I would probably buy them again if I have a coupon or if I can find them on sale.


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