Del Monte “fruit Naturals”: Product Review

Del Monte “fruit Naturals”

Del Monte “fruit Naturals”

Del Monte “fruit Naturals”: I love fruit. I loved it more when they cost less. I usually buy Watermelon and the other varieties of melons until I realized that I was paying more and getting less for the money.

“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”

I did not like to buy those cut-up fruit sections in the cans. Many left a metal taste in my mouth. Aside from that, I realized I was paying more per can and not enjoying it. So I looked for something else to buy and enjoy aside from Watermellon and Cantalope. that were cut up, fresh and placed on the fresh fruit section.

One day, and quite by accident, I found another section of the fresh fruit department. It was in the corner and I never noticed it until just now. They were clear cups, each containing a variety of cut-up fruits. The cups were equally sized clear plastic containers. Each contained a different fruit packed in its own juices. I picked one up to read the fine print. It was all-natural. I liked that!

Del Monte "fruit Naturals'

It was a well-known brand. Del Monte “fruit Naturals” and each cup contained different cut-up fruit in its own juice. They were named for the fruits contained inside.

The first fruit cup I tried was called Cherry Mixed Fruit, in its natural juice. I figured to try it and with one swallow immediately became my favorite fruit and is available all year long. It is absolutely delicious. and completely unlike those canned fruits found on the shelves.

Del Monte “fruit Naturals” have a plastic pull to open the top seal and are easy to pull open.

The cost is reasonable, it is delicious and tastes exactly like the fresh fruit inside The fruits are firm and tastes as if it were freshly cut. This one contained red cherries, peaches, pears, and the juice of each. Because they were found in the refrigerated shelf in the store, you can enjoy them as soon as you take them

Del Monte "fruit Naturals"

Each plastic cup contains a different fruit and each is equally delicious. I enjoy the Red Grapefruit equally as well as the small tangerines. Actually I cannot say I enjoy one better than the other so I buy a variety each time I go shopping.

They can be put in a child’s school box and your child can enjoy it with lunch. They have a plastic pull cover that makes it easy to pull and eat. And most of all, they are natural and healthy.

I recommend this product and give it 10 stars 


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