Product Review: Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs


Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs

“Imagine a hot tub for the mind. That is what meditation is; it can bathe your mind in relaxing thoughts.”

Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs have created on a new spin on the whole hot tub scene. The Dutch are known for doing things their way and the Dutch Tubs s are no exception to the rule.  Hot Tubs are not ordinary permanent hot tubs in that they are not stationary. Additionally, this unique European product is colorful, fun, and provides the opportunity to enjoy the joys of the  Portable Hot Tubs where one might ordinarily not be able to do so.

Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs

Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs are a unique hot tub made from polyester that comes with a stainless steel heating system. These unique Dutch Tubs are sized to accommodate four people cozily and definitely with comfort. Imagine placing a colorful hot tub in the center of a garden or solarium. With Dutch Tubs the possibility exists due to the unique nature of the build and function of the product.


Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs take all the fuss out of hot tubs as they are more of a casual take on the hot tub product. Number one  Portable Hot Tubs are not stationary. They are made n a way where the lightweight tub can be placed anywhere and later moved to a new location easily and effortlessly.

To use the unique product, the user needs only fill Dutch Tubs with water by placing a garden hose through the plug. To warm the water there are no bells and whistles, rather Portable Hot Tubs are heated by wood. The user needs only place wood in the attached burner, light, place the cover on the hot tub and allow it to heat.

Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs are available in a wide variety of colors including pigeon blue, dark gray, orange, ocean green and more. The prices for the Dutch Tub vary according to selection and customization. Some of the options available for Dutch Tubs Portable include the seasonal cover, ashtray, chimney, hand trailer, and turbo.

Dutch Tubs  are also a great way to throw a theme party as the units can also be rented for special occasions. For certain investment in the unique product, Dutch Tubs is a good one as the product can easily be moved with an individual when he or she relocates, unlike stationary hot tubs.

Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs

More information on Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs can be found at the online store for Dutch Tub. Pricing and specifics, as well as options, are available. Information on customization options will have to be requested directly from the company.


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