Product Review: Dose Energy Sugar Free Drinks


Dose Energy Sugar Free Drinks

“What made the biggest difference to how I looked and felt was cutting out all sugar.”

Dose Energy Sugar Free Drinks: A lot of people really dislike the tart, acid taste of energy drinks. I’m pretty tolerant of them because I don’t drink coffee but really like caffeine. Soda drinks don’t get me the energy I need as quickly as I need it, whereas the caffeine concentration of energy drinks means I can drink less and get more caffeine. So I am willing to live with the somewhat off-putting taste of sugar free drinks, because, wow, their method of caffeine-delivery is effective.



dose-energy-sugar free drinks Some energy drinks are better than others. At the top of the list is Red Bull (and its sugar-free version), which is small, relatively tasty, and effective. Also, it has the least embarrassing packaging, in that it is small and not as gaudy and obviously marketed at teenagers than other brands. Monster has a variety of flavors, some better than others, but even the low-carb version is completely drinkable. Unfortunately, it’s a rather large can. Drinking it all at once can make your stomach feel a little sloshy, and you might feel a little over-caffeinated. It’s a lot of sugar free drinks taste to take all at once.

Rock Star energy drink doesn’t taste as good as Red Bull or Monster but is still palatable. It’s also a pretty big can and comes with the added downfall of having a cheesy name. No adult relishes the thought of being caught drinking a black and gold can with the name “Rock Star” emblazoned upon it. It’s something that only teenagers can pull off.

Dose Energy Sugar Free drinks, unfortunately, has neither good packaging nor palatable taste going for it. Dose Energy comes in the large size aluminum cans like Monster and Rock Star, and has the obnoxious graphics one comes to expect with lesser-known, off-brand sugar free drinks found in convenience stores. The only reason I purchased it, in fact, was because it was promotionally-priced at Circle K for two cans for two dollars.

After sampling a sip of Dose Energy Sugar Free drinks, I knew why it was so inexpensively priced: it’s terrible. My face actually contorted and my mouth puckered. Sure, some of the unpleasant taste could be attributed to the fact that it was artificially sweetened, but no amount of sugar-free additives could have made Dose Energy Sugar Free taste so awful. It was tart with a chemical aftertaste.

If I’d been asked to describe the flavor, I couldn’t have. No attempt was even made to pretend that the flavor was similar to a particular fruit.

Sugar Free Drinks

Dose Energy Sugar-Free drinks had me running back to overpriced Red Bull Sugar-Free with a quickness. Dose Energy Sugar-Free drinks should only be consumed when no other energy drink is available. Even then, do so at your own risk. If at all possible, stick to energy drinks with brand names that you recognize. It seems that the old adage “You get what you pay for” applies to energy drinks, so purchase accordingly.


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