Product Review: Comfy Easy PC NG Learning System & Let’s Imagine

Product Review: Comfy Easy PC NG Learning System & Let's Imagine

Comfy Easy PC NG Learning System & Let’s Imagine:

“Children have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves.”

Comfy Easy PC NG Learning System & Let’s Imagine brings easy learning to toddlers with this fun and entertaining PC keyboard and gaming system. Don’t just add a new game to your toddler’s early learning; add a whole new way for kids to learn on the computer with the Comfy Easy PC NG Keyboard and some easy and fun games for them to play.

Ease of Use, Performance: 24/25, Look & Feel: 22/25, 
Features 22/25, How much They enjoy 23/25

Total: 91/100

Perfect Comfy Easy PC NG Learning System :

Comfy Easy PC NG Learning System

The perfect environment for testing the Comfy Easy PC NG Learning System is the daycare my wife works at. Kids range in her room from 3 to 5 years old and there are anywhere from 6 to 12 at any time. The kids want the Easy PC over the other computer sitting right next to it because they have fun and enjoy the keyboard that they can use when they first sit down.

A more definite approval cannot be had from adults when the kids want to play on it, the Easy PC System passes the test and then some. The Comfy Easy PC NG Learning System consists of a keyboard that has 19 buttons, a roller bar, a stop button, and a phone. The buttons are in four groups and have four distinct uses while the roller bar is for speeding and slowing down an animation. The phone has no working parts inside it but the receiver activates when you pick up and hang up the phone to make the PC ring and call someone on the game.

The whole idea of the Comfy PC Learning System is to have a keyboard that kids can start using right away and not have to understand more than push a button or pick up the phone. They can certainly understand these easy concepts and starting kids off early in computer use is becoming an essential tool for early childhood development in today’s computer age.

The Comfy PC keyboard has the four groups of keys with the center four being musical instruments for the main game included with the Comfy PC Learning System. The Five buttons with the various characters will animate them or can be used to call them using the phone. The three large buttons with the moon sun and storm clouds use weather for interactive learning and the color buttons are for both color recognition as well as shapes.

The game is pretty simple in three stages of difficulty but very appropriate for the age groups recommended by the Comfy Company. The Comfy PC Learning System is for ages 1-3 and can be easy for them to pick up and start playing, my wife’s toddlers are ages 3 and up but many enjoy the novelty and fun of a game they don’t need help with from adults.

Features of Comfy Easy PC NG Learning System:

Installing the game on a computer is as simple as plugging in the keyboard and installing the game. The keyboard is plug and play so there are no problems with that while the software simply installs the game just like any simple game on your computer. The keyboard just adds some keys that the game recognizes and does the appropriate animation on the screen with sounds.

The music keys have an animation and sound of that instrument for level one games while level 2 will be the instrument with a person saying the name of the instrument before it plays some music. Level three adds some animations after saying the instrument’s name while the music plays like someone playing the instrument.

Each level of the game the keys do a simple animation thing for level one then adds on to what the button is or says what the color and shape are for level 2. The characters all say something for level one when you have picked up the phone and press the button while level two adds some more words and so on. Each level adds more to what each button does like the color buttons first just show the color on a shape while level two says what the shape and colors are. Level three adds a shape that matches the shape and color like a green pine tree is similar to a green triangle.

The easy PC Learning System does not confuse kids with having to click on things with the mouse or try their skills at letters and numbers before they are ready, simply pressing a button on the Comfy Keyboard will make things happen for them. My wife said the funniest thing for the kids is the phone and having it ring when they pick it up and talk to the characters.

They truly do fight over wanting to play on the Comfy Learning System and have fun with the simple way to do things on it. For even more games and fun things, you can also purchase the Let’s Imagine game also available from Comfy. Let’s Imagine includes a CD with a plastic overlay for the keyboard that changes the keys and games for a new set of interactive fun for kids.

The Let’s Imagine game is also for 1-3-year-olds and does pretty much what the first Comfy game with the buttons and various animations. The game adds a whole new set of three levels of different buttons and activities for the kids to have a new and fun game.

Both the Let’s Imagine and the Comfy Easy PC NG Learning System includes some helpful sections for parents with a basic guide to the system on one page and a printable sheet section for you to print out characters from both games for kids to color. The game has to be exited using the regular keyboards ESC key so you do not disconnect the regular keyboard while using the Comfy one.

You also have to change levels by exiting the current game but this is easy with the halt button at the top of the Comfy keyboard. This key will stop the game you are currently in for kids to be able to go to other ones if they want. The roller in both games runs an animation with different shapes on the screen that appear and disappear by how fast the roller is spinning.

I would have to say that just looking at the Comfy PC NG Learning System without having kids try it out I think it is a great system for kids. The ease to be able to start to do something on a computer for kids who are not yet ready with numbers and letters is great. Using the phone that they already see mom or dad using is an additional and very fun thing that would entertain kids with the play-acting.

To have the approval of the little ones at the daycare my wife works at is the best way to find out if kids would like this or not. Sure the novelty of it will wear off but not quickly and by then they will be moving to a new room and finding new toys their age group can play with. The Comfy Easy PC NG Learning System and Let’s Imagine game are a great way for kids to start learning with the computer and have a lot of simple fun.

This is the best child’s computer game I have seen and is really very simple for both kids and adults; I highly recommend this for any parent. There are several games for the Comfy Easy PC NG Learning System for a variety of age groups at Comfy.

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