Product Review of Coca Cola Cherry Zero

Product Review of Coca Cola Cherry Zero

Coca Cola Cherry Zero

Coca Cola Cherry Zero stands out in the crowded market of diet sodas. Many of these sodas taste pretty terrible, including Diet Coke, but Cherry Zero actually tastes refreshing and good. Coca Cola Cherry Zero is good too, but Cherry Zero is so much better. Recently I have been forced into watching my sugar and carbohydrate intake, and so have also been forced into trying many of these diet soda products.

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Although some of them are tolerable, like Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr. Pepper, I have found that many of them are pretty bad. Almost undrinkable even. Diet Coke, in my opinion, is one of them. I was hesitant, therefore, to even try Coke Zero when I first saw it in the store. There it was stacked in the rows and rows of bland or nasty tasting diet sodas.

Coca Cola Cherry Zero

I wanted to try something new, to add a bit of variety to my dieting soda adventure, but nothing seemed to be calling out to me. Reluctantly I picked up a six-pack of Coca Cola’s Zero and went home thinking that it would probably just take up space in my fridge for months until I finally either threw it away or just closed my eyes and forced the stuff down my throat.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, and soon Coke Zero overtook Diet Pepsi as my favorite diet soft drink. (An aside, it’s funny that I love regular Coke but dislike Pepsi, but hate Diet Coke and like Diet Pepsi). Although I had been shopping for variety, I found that I was pretty much just stocking up on Coca Cola cherry Zero from then on out. Every once in a while I’d sneak in some Diet Pepsi, but not very often. I was happy in my diet soda beverages. I had found what I was looking for, I thought. And then came Coke’s Cherry Zero.

I liked Coke Zero so much that I had to try the Coca Cola Cherry Zero, and I wasn’t let down. Not by a long shot. In the diet soda sort of scale of things, I would imagine it goes something like this – Diet Coke is probably a 3, you can get it down, but it’s not all that pleasant. Diet Dr. Pepper maybe a 6, it’s pretty good for a diet beverage. Diet Pepsi is a 7, pretty good, tolerable, you may even crave it once in a while. 

Coca Cola's Cherry Zero

Coke Zero, an 8, good for diet stuff, you even enjoy drinking it. But Coke cola Cherry Zero is amazing. It scores an 11. And this stuff boasts that it has no fat, no sugars, no cholesterol, and no carbohydrates. Coca Cola Cherry Zero an amazing product that I daresay I might choose over the regular Coke if I had the chance. Ok, let’s be real, not very often, but sometimes. Really. In the world of diet soda-land, Coke’s Cherry Zero reigns supreme.



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