Product review:Centerpieces 101 with Patty Sorell, CBA


Centerpieces 101 with Patty Sorell, CBA

Centerpieces 101 with Patty Sorell is a balloon centerpiece design and creating a DVD guide that takes you to step by step into the world of balloon arrangements. Centerpieces 101 explores the world of balloon entertaining by helping you design balloon centerpieces from start to finish with helpful hints and tips.

Centerpieces 101 with Patty Sorell

As well as the actual balloon arrangement you also get practical tips and hints at using balloons in general, working with various materials and some of the tools for arranging.

Without any fanfare, Patty Sorell dives right into the first arrangement and works her way through 12 great examples of balloon centerpieces with step by step instructions. There is also a chapter on using a pick machine and helpful guides for how to use the popular balloon and flower arranging tool for safe, simple and easy arrangement additions.

Another chapter shows additional examples to give you an idea of things you can create using the techniques in the video. Not only do the examples give you a great idea of some things you can do they also by inference tell you a great way to help your business with pictures of your work. As any professional in the balloon or flower arranging business should be doing you can also take pictures of your arrangements not only as a future reference but as a customer catalog.

You may get the idea that this video is for professionals in the balloon arranging field but it goes much beyond that. Using Centerpieces 101 as hobbyists guide anyone can begin creating great arrangements with simple tools and materials available from common craft stores or even stores like Wal-Mart. Centerpieces 101 with Patty Sorell, CBA is a great guide to show the techniques and how to create great party arrangements for any occasion that just about anyone could design and create.

Centerpieces 101 does a great job of describing exactly what you need to do as well as why they are doing it to give you specific reasons for many of their techniques. A great example of this is the use of a balloon filled with sand as weight and how you should be tying a loop of ribbon onto this for any helium balloons attached to your arrangement.

With a loop going up the middle of your base arrangement you have a convenient and easy way to complete the rest of the centerpiece by tying off the helium balloons on top. Using this type of stage work you can quickly make multiple arrangements and work on the same sections at the same time to create an assembly line style of workflow.

Other great ideas will be included as Patty takes you from arrangement to arrangement as well as several techniques for working with materials like cello, Mylar and of course the balloons. Balloons like the helium-filled ones are readily available for anyone to purchase prefilled but you can also fill your own with tanks available from craft stores and large chain stores like Wal-Mart.

The balloons used for twisting into the various shapes are also available at craft stores and specialty stores but you can also purchase just about everything used in the video at Wal-Mart. The techniques used in Centerpieces 101 are simple and easy to follow for the at-home hobbyist wishing to try out some balloon arrangements for a unique centerpiece for any occasion.

The DVD includes all these great tips for the professional to help them create and design their own arrangements as well as the novice crafting enthusiast. The professional can get new ideas from the video to help them create a diverse catalog of arrangements for customers to have a wider selection. It also gives ideas to help with workflow habits and ideas to help your arrangements become the best you can possibly create for a more professional product.

The professional will get some new ideas to help them create their own arrangements for specific themed events and using these techniques they can branch out into arrangements of their own. The enthusiast just wishing to create something different for that special event or party can benefit from the ideas and techniques to create some really special arrangements.

Centerpieces 101 with Patty Sorell

Centerpieces 101 with Patty Sorell,CBA is not just for the professional arranger but for anyone wishing to truly create that something special and unique for an arrangement for just about any event. Following the techniques and guidance in Centerpieces 101, you can help make any event truly special and memorable.



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