Product Review: Aimee’s Livin Magic Sweet Livin Walnuts

Sweet Livin Walnuts

Product Review: Aimee’s Livin Magic Sweet Livin Walnuts

Sweet Livin Walnuts: I received some tasty free samples from Aimee’s Livin Magic Store in York, Maine. One of the samples I tried was the Aimee’s Livin Magic Sweet Livin Walnuts. They are gluten-free and sugar-free and taste nutty and delicious. I think they become one of my new favorite nutty munching snacks to fight off my sweet tooth and hunger.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

What Are Sweet Livin Walnuts

Aimee’s Livin Magic Sweet Livin Walnuts are soaked in water and coated with coconut oil and then flavored with vanilla, stevia, and sea salt. They contain tons of omega 3 fatty acids that help nourish your heart and body, but for me, these acids help relieve inflammation caused by autoimmune disease. These tasty walnuts make the perfect gluten-free snack to munch on when the hunger hits.

Sweet Livin Walnuts

Flavor and Scent

When I went to open the Aimee’s Livin Magic Sweet Livin Walnuts up the scent that came from the bag was nutty and sweet. Immediately they made my mouth water. As soon as I popped one in my mouth to try I was delightfully surprised at how good they tasted.

The walnuts have a sweet flavor on the outside with a hint of salt and a nutty walnut flavor on the inside. These nuts were super crunchy because of the dehydration processes they go through in order to help keep their potent nutrients locked inside them. I have to say they are simply walnuts with a sweetness to them you can not help but love.

How to Eat Aimee’s Livin Magic Sweet Livin Walnuts

The way I like to eat the Aimee’s Livin Magic Sweet Livin Walnuts is simply by pouring them into my hands and eating them up just as they are while sipping down a cup of chamomile tea. I found eating these walnuts while drinking chamomile tea to be very calming during stressful moments.

I even chopped some up and tossed them into my homemade granola bars and I have to say they added plenty of crunchiness and flavor. It was wonderful. I am also thinking about tossing them into some fruity Greek yogurt later for a healthy filling snack, but you can eat them however you prefer too.

Sweet Livin Walnuts

Personal Opinion

I simply love these sweet walnuts and would recommend them to anyone looking for a sweet nutty gluten-free snack to munch on. I can definitely say I will be getting more of them when I run out of the sample I have because they are addicting and delicious and I can not get enough of them. I hope those of you who try them as well as the way these walnuts taste and the crunchiness they have.


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