Product Review: Aimees Livin Magic Herbed Onion Bread

Aimees Livin Magic Herbed Onion Bread

Product Review: Aimees Livin Magic Herbed Onion Bread

“Give me yesterday’s Bread, this Day’s Flesh, and last Year’s Cyder.”

A few days ago I received free samples in the mail from Aimees Livin Magic in York, Maine. One of the samples I tried was the Aimees Livin Magic Herbed Onion Bread. This bread is made gluten free and with all organic ingredients which I absolutely love.

What Onion Bread Is

The Herbed Onion Bread comes in a very tightly clear sealed package with four large squared spaced pieces of onion bread in it. Now the onion bread isn’t soft and fluffy like the types of breads your thinking of.

This bread is hard like a salad crouton and made with organic ingredients such as onions, flaxseeds, thyme, sea salt, sunflower seeds and rosemary. The bread is handmade and is perfect for anyone on a raw food, gluten free, or vegan diet.



Aimees Livin Magic Herbed Onion Bread

Flavor And Scent

The flavor of the herbed onion bread is strong smelling like freshly sliced onions sprinkled with herbs. The flavors is a strong deep onion one with a hint of herbs. You can slightly taste the nutty flavor of the seeds which helps give the bread its crunchy texture. Those who do not like onions will not like this bread because that is exactly what it taste like which is what I personally love.

How To Eat Herbed Onion Bread

Now the way I tried and ate the herbed onion bread the other night was with a hot bowl of gluten free tomato soup. I simply took one of the squares of the herbed onion bread and dipped it into my hot tomato soup to help soften it up and add more flavor to my meal.

The bread also helped fill me up faster too because it is loaded with nourishing nutrients and fiber.

The other way I ate the herbed onion bread was by snacking on it alone while sipping on a ginger ale after a long motion sickened car ride home from Maine. To my surprise it helped ease my nauseas feelings right away and helped absorb some of the acids in my tummy.

The flavor of the bread kept making me want to drink fluids down too so I could hydrate myself again after throwing up so much on the way home. Sounds nasty, but hey figured I would share a little helpful tip on how to use the bread.

You might find this bread tasty yourself with a salad of side, or your own personal favorite bowl of soup. You can even eat it alone for a tasty snack if you prefer. The health benefits you will receive from eating this healthy gluten free snack are endlessly helpful to your body.

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Personal Thoughts And Recommendations

I have to say I was very pleased with the Aimees Livin Magic Herbed Onion Bread that I do plan on getting some more of it myself. I would recommend this bread to anyone looking for a gluten free snack that is truly made from the best quality organic ingredients and care.

I loved the taste of the bread and the texture and have no complaints, but you onion haters might. So, for those of you who try this gluten free bread out I hope you like the texture and flavor as much as I do.


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