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ADD Care is a homeopathic solution for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is a completely natural cure for ADHD and comes with a number of formulas prepared for the purpose.


ADHD is a mental disorder primarily characterized by hyperactivity and inattention.

The ADD Care solution contains the Original Formula which is a patented mix of GABA and L-tyrosine.

The package itself does not state the exact ingredients of ADD-Care; however, it is a blend of a homeopathic agent and essential amino acids.

The amino acids are an important ingredient for the transmission of brain neurotransmitters and biosynthesis. The amino acid L-tyrosine contained in ADD-Care is the originator of a number of neurotransmitters including dopamine, L-dopa, epinephrine and norepinephrine.

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) also forms part of ADD-Care and has a calming effect on the brain. It is a product of glutamine and the company making ADD-Care claims that it is highly effective in improving problems related to ADHD.

ADD-Care Pure has a mix of calcium gluconate and patented homeopathy agents. This formula does not contain the same ingredients as in Original Formula and is meant for those who have experienced side effects while using ADD-Care Original Formula.

The company claims that ADD-Care Pure helps in improving clarity, memory and attention span of an individual suffering from ADHD.

The ADD-Care Original Formula with Bacopa contains a herb called bacopa Monnier. The company asserts that this herb helps in increasing energy and attentiveness.

It also claims that the product can increase energy production, ATP and blood flow to the brain along with enhancing cognitive function and mental ability.

ADD Care comes in bottles containing 100 capsules. It is a completely natural product for reducing the symptoms of ADHD. It assists in healthy mental development and increasing attention span.

Though the company claims that the product is very effective it may not be as effective as expected. Homeopathy medicines take a lot of time before any visible results are seen. The process of healing is painstakingly gradual.

The company also does not provide the details of ingredients used for creating the formulas. Also, the long term effects of consuming tyrosine are not known; hence the preparation needs to be taken with caution.

It is advisable to use products of ADD Care under medical supervision. Though ADD-Care is claimed to be natural and free of any major side effects, it is recommended that pregnant women and lactating mothers take the formulas under the guidance of a practicing doctor only.

The ADD-Care preparation may react with other medications you are taking. Hence, people suffering from chronic disorders already under a medication regime must consult a health care professional before taking any product of ADD-Care.

The recommended dosage is 1-3 capsules every 5-6 hrs or as directed by the physician. It is better to start with one capsule two times daily to check for side effects if any. The preparation may cause some dizziness for up to an hour after consumption and it is advised to avoid driving in such a state.

The ADD-Care formulas claim to be an effective solution for ADHD. The medication is a homeopathy solution that has proven to be a natural and healthy system of cure.

ADD Care

It is recommended that the ADD Care preparation be taken along with a healthy and wholesome diet for positive results.



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