What Size Of Boxing Gloves Do I Need?

Size of boxing gloves

Introduction: What Size Of Boxing Gloves Do I Need?

As a beginner in boxing, kickboxing, sparring, punch bag braining and their activities that involve the use of what size of boxing gloves do I need? You have probably asked yourself. Boxing gloves comes in a variety of sizes so you have to know the various sizes and select the one that is just right for you.

The activities you partake in might need the use of different boxing gloves and these boxing gloves sometimes, vary in size. For example, the size you wear for a boxing glove used in sparring might be different from a size you would wear for a boxing glove used for kickboxing.

What Size Of Boxing Gloves Do I Need?

There are different boxing gloves for kickboxing, punch bag training, sparring, Muay Thai and boxing gloves that can be used for all these activities. The use of different boxing gloves for different occasions is usually done by professionals. As a beginner, you would want to stick to a basic boxing glove you can use for all your activities. So, how do you know and select the what size of boxing gloves do I need?

How do you know and pick the right boxing glove size?

As a beginner, if you’re looking for the the right boxing glove for you, you have to first know the right size needed. Boxing gloves are always shown in ounces (oz.). In boxing gloves, the most common sizes a 10oz, 14oz, 16oz, 12oz. The gloves of 10oz are the most popular workout sizes while the 18, 14, 16 and 20oz gloves are mainly for sparring. The amount of padding used in these gloves is determined by the size of the glove.

A larger or heavier glove gives your hand more protection but slows down the speed of your punch. A lot of individuals tend to go for the heavier gloves to be safe and reduce the weight as their skills build up. The sizes and weights of the boxing gloves is determined by the weight of your body and the reason for using the gloves.

The boxing gloves you choose should give your fingers a comfortable and snug fit; while your fingertips graze the top of the glove. When trying on your gloves, make use of hand wraps. The boxing gloves should not be too tight around the strap area so it is very easy to make a fist when worn. Purchasing your boxing gloves online mean you won’t be able to try out the gloves.

There are other ways to find out your glove size. All you have to do is take a measurement of the circumference of your hand. Take the dominant hand and measure it round the fullest part of your hand, this excludes the thumb. When asking yourself “what size of boxing gloves do I need?” you should also consider your body weight. The chart below makes use of body weight and a hand circumference to recommend a glove size:

General boxing Glove size chart

Weight of boxer Hand circumference without wrapping Weight size
40-54 kg 5.5’-6.5’ 8oz
54-68 kg 6.5’-7.5’ 10oz
68-84 kg 7.5’-8.5’ 12oz
84+ kg 8.5’-9.5’ 14oz


Sparring boxing gloves size chart

weight size Hand circumference
100 lbs. 8-12 oz 5’-6’
101-150 lbs. 12-14 oz 6’-7.5’
151-175 lbs. 14-16 oz 7.5’-8.5’
Over 175 lbs. 16-18 oz 8.5’-9.5’


MMA boxing Glove size chart

Size Hand circumference
Youth Youth (YM/YL) Up to 7.5”
Small Regular (S/M) 7.5-8”
Medium Regular (S/M) 8”-8.5”
Large Large (L/XL) 8.5”-9.5”
Extra large Large (L/XL) 9.5” and above


Amateur Competition boxing Gloves size chart

Weight Size
Up to 141 lbs. 10 oz
152 lbs. and over 12 oz
Masters Division 16 oz


Bag boxing gloves size chart

Weight Size Hand circumference
Up to 100 lbs. Youth -6-8 oz 5”-6”
101-150 lbs. Regular(S/M) -10-12 oz 6”-7.5”
151-175 lbs. Large (L/XL) -14oz 7.5”-8.5”
Over 175 lbs. Large (L/XL) -16-18 oz 8.5”-9.5” oz


The best type of boxing gloves for beginners

There are varieties of boxing gloves to pick from and each one of comes with its own purpose. Professional boxers tend to own several boxing gloves labeled for different activities. Beginners just need a pair of boxing gloves to protect their hands for the time being. An average amount of beginners goes for the bag glove or the general training gloves. The difference between these two gloves is small so it depends on the kind of activities you partake in. In most cases, both gloves are referred to as boxing gloves. So, if you’re still a bit lost and still asking “what type of boxing gloves do I need?” go for any of the ones described below.

All-purpose gloves

These gloves are multi-purpose gloves. They can be used for several activities and is highly recommended for beginners. If you plan to partake in both sparring and bag work, then this glove is for you. They can also be used for other forms of boxing like Thai Boxing

Bag Gloves

These gloves are mainly used during bag work. They can be used if you decide to train st home and avoid any form of sparring. The modern bag gloves are just like training gloves but with more padding. They protect your hands when hitting a heavy punch bag. When looking to buy a boxing glove as a beginner, look for material quality, right size and weight. Firstly, begging with something basic and affordable while you work your way to higher qualities as you get experience. Flexible gloves are good if you plan to focus on martial arts but if you’re training to get into the ring, get heavier gloves and if you want to compete in the ring get lighter gloves. As a beginner, picking the right starter gloves is very important. A lot of brands differ in value and quality. Some brands specialize in particular areas while some of them give more protection.  Here are some of the top-notch boxing gloves to consider as a beginner after confirming the size of boxing gloves you need:

Bytomic Performer 3.0 Carbon Boxing Gloves

Bytomic Performer 3.0 Carbon Boxing Gloves

This Bytomic Performer 3.0 Carbon Boxing Gloves is among the best boxing glove for beginners and also professional boxers. They are majorly used by beginners. They are lightweight and come at an affordable price.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves are among the best boxing gloves that can be used as training gloves. Their pros include a foam with triple density which aids shock management, hand protection and interior mesh for ventilation. It is among the best boxing gloves that are under one hundred dollars. They are perfect for beginners.

Ringside Club Glove

Ringside Club Glove

Gives great hand protection and consists of plenty Mayer’s of padding round the wrist. It is designed with a leather exterior as a wrist strap made from Velcro for safety. It is very durable and long lasting. The ringside club glove is among the best side gloves in the market today. It is highly recommended for beginners


Apart from brand types, the best boxing gloves for a beginner must be very comfortable to wear with any form of hand wraps and also fit your hand shape, fingers and wrist perfectly.  A great pair of gloves should not bring any form of pain to your finger after a punch. Note tat all types of gloves comes with a break in period. These gloves may not come out as comfortable at first wear so you have to give it a while to adapt to the purpose of your needs and fit perfectly.

Each of these boxing gloves perform a different purpose. There are different boxing gloves for kickboxing, sparring, punch bag training, Muay Thai and also boxing gloves that can be used for all in one. Getting the perfect glove size, you have to carefully measure your hand circumference and also know your body weight so you get the best size to fit and also comfortable ones.

What Size Of Boxing Gloves Do I Need?

As a beginner, you can start out with a boxing glove that has a size that fits all so as you gain more experience in boxing or whatever boxing activity your doing you can advance to higher boxing gloves to fit your weight and hands. In some certain cases, you use different boxing gloves for different boxing activities and the sizes for each boxing glove may differ.

These boxing gloves come in a variety of colors to choose from and they all come in affordable prices. You don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase a good boxing glove that is fit and comfortable. If you’re looking to answer the question “what size of boxing gloves do I need?” then you’re in the right place.


If you’re still unsure of the right size of boxing gloves that would be comfortable for you and fit perfectly, you can talk to an expect or your workout instructor to assists you in choosing the best brand and quality made boxing gloves that you desire.


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