Product Review :Thomas the Tank Trackmaster

Product Review Thomas the Tank Trackmaster

Thomas the Tank Trackmaster

“Gaming brings people together.”

 Thomas the Tank Trackmaster: Our son loves his trackmaster trainset. With all of the various expansion packs and add-ons, the configurations are endless.
This is a great toy if you don’t mind buying double-AA batteries. But even the batteries last a vary long time. We have not had to change the batteries yet and our son has played with this toy for over two months.

It is a very rugged toy and the tracks are very safe and playable. They hold up to being ripped apart and reconfigured and thrown. This is a good product and our son loves to play with his trains at least three or four times a day every day.

 Thomas the Tank Trackmaster

There is no shortage of add-ons either. For about twenty dollars on average, you can purchase a new piece to add to the existing track. Most of the train kits which run on average around 25 dollars include the Thomas the Tank engine

. We currently have four Thomas the trains but it does not seem to bother our son who likes to run them all.

There are three different Thomas the Tank Trackmaster sets that I am aware of. The diecast metal, the track master and the original wooden seats. When you are determining which set is best for your child to consider the cost of the various expansions and add-ons before you select which one. I went with the trackmaster because it was motorized and it is the only one that is out of the box.

I thought it would be more fun for my son to have the trains moving along the track by themselves. I know there are more add-ons for the other two types but I did consider how big I wanted this hoppy to get for my son.

I think the motorized trackmaster is sufficient for his needs. The tracks are plastic.

The other good thing about the trackmaster sets is that you can pack them up and take them along with you on a trip. I usually will pack one or two specific sets up for my son to play with. They can be used independently or combined.

 Thomas the Tank Trackmaster

All kits usually come with expansion pieces so you can add to them as well the train track ends.

All in all, we have been very happy with this product and our son has been happy as well.


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