Product Review: Songs Smiles Silly town

Product Review: Songs 'n Smiles Sillytown

Songs Smiles Silly town

“I don’t need to “get a life”. I’m a gamer. I have lots of lives.”

Songs Smiles Silly town: This year was my son’s first Christmas, so of course, we were bombarded with all different types of toys for babies and toddlers. My mother in law bought him a Fisher-Price playset called “Songs Smiles Silly town”. This was a huge box and it seemed like it would be a pain in the behind to put together. My boyfriend set it up two days ago, and my son has not stopped playing with it since.

Songs 'n Smiles Silly town

Although I am not sure where my mother in law purchased this playset or how much she paid, I did find a link to theĀ product at Kohls. It is listed at the retail value being $59.99. Songs Smiles Silly town is not currently available through Kohls anymore. You can probably check Walmart or ToysRUs to see if they have any in stock.

The age range suggests the playset is for children ages 6 months 36 months. This was the perfect gift for my son who is almost 8 months. He can sit at the playset and play with the “peekaboo” people and make the music turn on. He is also having a ball simply trying to chew on the “peekaboo” people, which are too big for him to choke on but small enough that he can gnaw on them.

This is also a perfect playset for babies that are still learning to sit up. Songs Smiles Silly town provides a focal point for baby and allows the muscles that help them sit up to strengthen. My son has taken a few tumbles back, but for the most part, he sits there the entire time he is playing. This playset keeps his attention for roughly 30 minutes, which gives me enough time to fold laundry or do something small while keeping an eye on him.

The features on Songs Smiles Silly town include a “knockdown tower”, which is where you can place one of your “peekaboo” people and hit a button that drops them. Of course, I have to be the one controlling that as my son is still a little young to grasp the concept, but he giggles every single time one is knocked down. There are 16 different songs available to hear while your child is doing different activities.

Songs 'n Smiles Silly town

This is definitely well worth spending a little extra on, especially for the little babies and toddlers. Songs Smiles Silly town helps them learn and gives them a variety of mini activities without being completely overwhelming. This was hands down the best Christmas gift my son received this year!


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