How Much Do Boxing Gloves Cost?

Know the cost of Boxing Gloves

Introduction: Boxing Gloves Cost

“Boxing brings out my aggressive instinct, not necessarily a killer instinct.”

A commonly asked question by beginners in the boxing field is “How Much Do Boxing Gloves Cost?” They want to find out about the cost before they decide on purchasing a pair for themselves, others just want to know about the cost because of their piqued interest in boxing or other form of combat. There are a lot of criteria needed to know before proceeding to purchase a boxing glove. You can’t just see one and jump at it because it’s affordable. You have to make sure it’s of good quality and it’s produced by a great brand.

There’s a high chance that individuals who wants to know the cost of a boxing glove is a beginner in the field of boxing or any form of martial arts and is probably curious on the cost that should be spent on a boxing glove.  The prices of a boxing glove vary. A boxing glove ranges between $10 and $500. If you’re looking to purchase a boxing glove at an average price then you’re looking at $100. These prices vary due to different criteria’s’ such as branding, material used and type of gloves you seek.

Boxing Gloves Cost

Factors that Influence Boxing Glove Cost

There are various factors which influence the cost of boxing gloves. These factors are the ones that help you know the kinds of boxing gloves that are available, the materials they are made from and most importantly the price of a boxing glove. These factors are explained below:


Branding has the biggest influence on the fist of boxing gloves. There are various common brands such as Grant, Cleto Reyes and Winning. These are the top most popular brands of a boxing glove and they usually cost about $200 and above. These famous brands are mainly used by the professionals and the semi-professional boxer and MMA fighter. They are used by famous boxer such as Floyd Mayweather and. Canelo Alvarez because they produce a high-class quality and are the only ones that produce it.

The middle tier gloves like Hayabusa, Title Boxing gloves and Ringside are greatly valued and they are great gloves to be used by beginners. The gloves come at the price of $100 and are among the brands that make very affordable gloves. The possibility of seeing any professional make use of these middle tier gloves is rare but this doesn’t call them out as terrible gloves that can be used by beginners and the intermediate individuals. These middle tier gloves are greatly recommended for beginners because they are long lasting and protects your hands and wrist while practicing on your form and balance.

Lastly, we have the lower tier brands like Venum, Sanabul and RDX. These low tier brands don’t produce their gloves with great materials but they can still count as an awesome pair of gloves that can be used by beginners who are on a budget and also used by combat athletes. They are not necessarily made with the best of materials but they are still able to get work done and are very affordable.


Material is another factor that influences the cost of boxing gloves. Some materials I’ll differ from each other in terms of durability and comfort. In most cases, the material used to make a boxing glove is what determines the rate of the cost; which means a boxing glove can be expensive or inexpensive depending on the material used. The less expensive gloves are mainly made from vinyl or synthetic leather. Both vinyl and synthetic leather are not a bad kind of material for a boxing glove but they won’t last as long as a glove made with original leather material.

Original leather which is in the firm or cowhide it goatskin leather, is mainly made use of by the high and middle tier brands due to the durability and flexibility of the material. A lot of professionals prefer to go for original leather because they are the best. Cowhide has proven to be very stretchy and comfortable because it’s a great quality leather. The goatskin leather is usually more affordable to make use of than the cowhide but both of these leathers are worth their prices.

The PU or Polyurethane which is also known as Synthetic leather is a material of a lesser price. It looks great and also felt great to make use of but it won’t be as effective, comforting and durable as the boxing gloves that are made from original leather. The boxing gloves that make use of this materials falls under the middle tier to the lower tier. They are generally used by beginners. If these gloves are used continuously, they may invite bad odors especially if they are not well cleaned and dried. They are usually not recommended for professional fighters.

How much Boxing Gloves Cost

If you happen to be in a budget, then the boxing glove made from vinyl material is one to start with. The major set back with the vinyl materials is the low durability unlike the higher materials. Vinyl materials are very easy to clean which is a good thing in comparison to other grades of leather. The vinyl material made boxing gloves is recommended for beginners who are just starting out as a hobby or are on a tight budget. So, how much do boxing gloves cost?


When it comes to types of boxing gloves, there are a whole lot of them available. Some boxing glove types include:

  1. Competition gloves
  2. Sparring gloves
  3. Heavy bag gloves

Mind you, there are a lot more than what has been mentioned. The reason for having a lot of boxing gloves is because each glove is made for different purposes and training types. It’s not possible to spar making use of competition gloves because they are way smaller than the normal sparring gloves which puts you in the light of injuring your sparring partner. It is very vital to know the type of boxing gloves you will find very useful depending on what you’re training for.

A lot of boxers are owners of several pair of gloves so they have the ability to train themselves in several ways. Majority of the heavy bag gloves are produced for all purpose use and can be made use of in several ways. You can only soar in gloves that are about 16 ounces and heavier so you can protect yourself and partner from unnecessary injuries.  Most sparring gloves are produced with a very soft material to prevent injuries. It is possible to purchase inexpensive pairs of sparring gloves and heavy bag gloves. The most expensive gloves are mostly the competition gloves.

How Much Should You Really Spend on Boxing Gloves?

Answering this question “how much do boxing gloves cost?” gives different answers for different individuals. There are a lot of factors that determine the answer to this question because it depends on if you’re on a low budget or a beginner and so on. As a beginner it is advisable to purchase gloves below the range of $100 because you need to master all techniques before thinking of purchasing expensive gloves. You wouldn’t want to buy gloves that would hinder you from learning your techniques.


Depending on the kind of training, it is advisable to get the higher tier glove which is if you can afford it that is perfect for your hand or your wrists. It’s actually very easy to break a bone in your hand so it’s advisable to reduce any risks of getting injured. There are a lot of gloves that are with high tier and are within the range of $100-$200 which is very durable and can protect your hands. How much do boxing gloves cost? The major cost of boxing gloves is due to the underlying factors that follow it when selecting a good one. Some of these factors as mentioned above include branding, the type, material and the type. A good boxing glove cost can also be determined by the weight of your body and the weight of the gloves. If you have small hands you should go for a smaller size gloves which isn’t too costly.


In the cases of choosing a boxing glove, it is advisable to cut your clothes according to your size. You can’t be on a tight budget especially as a beginner and want to get an expensive glove. If you’re just starting up, you can get a boxing glove that ya below $100 and made from a synthetic material which can still be very useful in your training till you’ve had enough experience in your training techniques and feel you can get a higher boxing glove. The professional’s fighters we see today all started with boxing gloves they were below a hundred dollars. They started with gloves made from the lower tier materials and as they advanced in their careers, they also advanced in their type of boxing gloves. Now, you know the price range of a boxing glove. You can now make a decision on the type to get and the one that fits your back account conveniently.


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