Product Review Of Powerful Helicopter: The Thunder Tiger E-325 Mini Titan Electric Helicopter


E-325 Mini Titan Electric Helicopter

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E-325 Mini Titan Electric Helicopter: The Mini Titan Kit comes with a brush less motor and 40 A speed control. To make your Heli flight-ready, you will need a transmitter, receiver, gyro, four servos, and a minimum 3-S 2100 Lithium Polymer battery. You will also need to purchase a battery charger such as the Electri-Fly Triton Jr. The Mini Titan Kit does require assembly, however, I completed mine in about 3 hours, so the assembly is not a long, arduous procedure. Building the head is a bit tedious, but the building of the mainframe and tail is quite simple.

The one-piece main frame is super strong and lightweight and is attached to a molded once piece landing skid by a removable base plate. The Mini Titan offers precise tail pitch control and driven tail auto rotation systems. The Mini Titan also offers the convenience of having the entire tail assembly detach and unplug, making transporting and storing your E-325 Mini Titan Electric Helicopter much easier.

Fully assembled, the Mini Titan is 25 3/4 inches long and weighs a mere 26 1/2 ounces, making it the perfect Heli to fly almost anywhere. You can take it to a flying field and open it up, or just hover it around in your own back yard.E-325 Mini Titan Electric Helicopter

Similar to the popular T-Rex 450 heli, the E-325 Mini Titan Electric Helicopter flies just as well, if not better, and for a much cheaper price. With this little help, you will definitely get your money’s worth. The Mini Titan has 3-D aerobatic capabilities making it extremely fun to fly.

With changeable Bell-Hiller mixing ratios for different flying styles and a high positioned battery tray for better aerobatics, there are very few maneuvers the Mini Titan can’t perform. The setup and stability of the Mini Titan make it fly great even in windy conditions. I’ve flown mine in winds of up to 15 MPH with no problems. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned flier, the Mini Titan is a great investment.

The Thunder Tiger E-325 Mini Titan Electric Helicopter

The only thing that I personally didn’t like about the Mini Titan, is that it comes with a set of wood rotor blades. While many people that I spoke to said the performance of the blades was fine for them, I myself found them to be too flimsy and had problems with them the first time I flew my Mini Titan.

That is a problem that is easily fixed though, by buying good quality carbon fiber blades. In my opinion, parts availability for the Mini Titan is wonderful and it seems to be extremely easy to find any replacement parts you might need. Also, I find that the cost of replacement parts for the E-325 Mini Titan Electric Helicopter is very low, making it a great helicopter for those who don’t have a large amount of money to sink into their hobby.

All in all, I think the Mini Titan is an excellent helicopter. It provides the perfect combination of flying stability and agility for 3-D flying and is worth every penny spent on it and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves to fly RC.


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