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A Product Review of New Gorton’s Crunchy Golden Breaded Popcorn Shrimp

A Product Review of New Gorton's Crunchy Golden Breaded Popcorn Shrimp

Popcorn Shrimp

“the shrimp love the heat ; they do extermely well here”

I love popcorn shrimp and I have enjoyed many of Gorton’s wide variety of seafood products over the years. Recently, I spotted New Gorton’s Crunchy Golden Breaded in the frozen seafood section of my local grocery store! I decided to purchase this product, try it out and write a product review about my findings. Here is what I discovered!

New Gorton’s Crunchy Golden Breaded Popcorn Shrimp is pretty affordable. I purchased a fourteen-ounce box with four servings in it for around four dollars. For four servings of shrimp, that is not a bad deal! You can find this product cheaper at many other stores, it just depends on where you buy it.

Breaded Popcorn Shrimp

Gorton’s has been providing quality seafood to consumers for over one hundred and fifty years. That is a long time. New Gorton’s Crunchy Golden Breaded Popcorn has been specially selected for high quality. I also like the “tails removed” aspect of this product. Popcorn shrimp are meant to be popped into your mouth and enjoyed!

Preparation of Popcorn Shrimp:

The preparation of New Gorton’s Crunchy Golden Breaded Popcorn is very simple! Keep this product frozen until you are ready to cook it. You can deep fry these shrimp in a basket for two to three minutes. You can also oven bake these popcorn shrimp. For oven baking, preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

Place shrimp on the pan, leaving space between each shrimp. Cook for sixteen minutes, turning shrimp over after eight minutes of baking. The coating of the shrimp will turn golden brown. I chose to basket deep fry this shrimp. It took only a few minutes! The shrimp cooked perfectly. You must shake the basket a few times to make sure that the shrimp do not stick together. Use a 350-degree frying temperature for perfect cooking!

New Gorton’s Crunchy Golden Breaded Popcorn Shrimp turned out perfectly, for me. They were crunchy and very tasty! I rate New Gorton’s Crunchy Golden Breaded Popcorn Shrimp four stars out of five stars.

Delicious popcorn shrimp :

This product makes preparing delicious shrimp easy for me! Add a baked potato, french fries or a salad and you have a complete seafood meal in a few minutes! I did discover that you must prepare this product exactly as the cooking directions state. I enjoyed trying this product and writing a review about it!

New Gorton’s Crunchy Golden Breaded Popcorn Shrimp contains two hundred and sixty calories in one serving. One hundred and twenty of these calories come from fat.

One serving has thirteen grams of total fat, four grams of saturated fat, zero grams of trans fat, sixty mg of cholesterol, six hundred and eighty mg of sodium, one hundred and five mg of potassium, twenty-six grams of total carbs, three grams of sugars and ten grams of protein. This product also has small amounts of calcium and iron in it.

Breaded Popcorn Shrimp

This product does contain shrimp, wheat, milk, and eggs. You can find New Gorton’s Crunchy Golden Breaded Popcorn Shrimp in most of the grocery stores that you shop in. This product is a winner!

What Size Of Boxing Gloves Do I Need?

Size of boxing gloves

Introduction: What Size Of Boxing Gloves Do I Need?

As a beginner in boxing, kickboxing, sparring, punch bag braining and their activities that involve the use of what size of boxing gloves do I need? You have probably asked yourself. Boxing gloves comes in a variety of sizes so you have to know the various sizes and select the one that is just right for you.

The activities you partake in might need the use of different boxing gloves and these boxing gloves sometimes, vary in size. For example, the size you wear for a boxing glove used in sparring might be different from a size you would wear for a boxing glove used for kickboxing.

What Size Of Boxing Gloves Do I Need?

There are different boxing gloves for kickboxing, punch bag training, sparring, Muay Thai and boxing gloves that can be used for all these activities. The use of different boxing gloves for different occasions is usually done by professionals. As a beginner, you would want to stick to a basic boxing glove you can use for all your activities. So, how do you know and select the what size of boxing gloves do I need?

How do you know and pick the right boxing glove size?

As a beginner, if you’re looking for the the right boxing glove for you, you have to first know the right size needed. Boxing gloves are always shown in ounces (oz.). In boxing gloves, the most common sizes a 10oz, 14oz, 16oz, 12oz. The gloves of 10oz are the most popular workout sizes while the 18, 14, 16 and 20oz gloves are mainly for sparring. The amount of padding used in these gloves is determined by the size of the glove.

A larger or heavier glove gives your hand more protection but slows down the speed of your punch. A lot of individuals tend to go for the heavier gloves to be safe and reduce the weight as their skills build up. The sizes and weights of the boxing gloves is determined by the weight of your body and the reason for using the gloves.

The boxing gloves you choose should give your fingers a comfortable and snug fit; while your fingertips graze the top of the glove. When trying on your gloves, make use of hand wraps. The boxing gloves should not be too tight around the strap area so it is very easy to make a fist when worn. Purchasing your boxing gloves online mean you won’t be able to try out the gloves.

There are other ways to find out your glove size. All you have to do is take a measurement of the circumference of your hand. Take the dominant hand and measure it round the fullest part of your hand, this excludes the thumb. When asking yourself “what size of boxing gloves do I need?” you should also consider your body weight. The chart below makes use of body weight and a hand circumference to recommend a glove size:

General boxing Glove size chart

Weight of boxer Hand circumference without wrapping Weight size
40-54 kg 5.5’-6.5’ 8oz
54-68 kg 6.5’-7.5’ 10oz
68-84 kg 7.5’-8.5’ 12oz
84+ kg 8.5’-9.5’ 14oz


Sparring boxing gloves size chart

weight size Hand circumference
100 lbs. 8-12 oz 5’-6’
101-150 lbs. 12-14 oz 6’-7.5’
151-175 lbs. 14-16 oz 7.5’-8.5’
Over 175 lbs. 16-18 oz 8.5’-9.5’


MMA boxing Glove size chart

Size Hand circumference
Youth Youth (YM/YL) Up to 7.5”
Small Regular (S/M) 7.5-8”
Medium Regular (S/M) 8”-8.5”
Large Large (L/XL) 8.5”-9.5”
Extra large Large (L/XL) 9.5” and above


Amateur Competition boxing Gloves size chart

Weight Size
Up to 141 lbs. 10 oz
152 lbs. and over 12 oz
Masters Division 16 oz


Bag boxing gloves size chart

Weight Size Hand circumference
Up to 100 lbs. Youth -6-8 oz 5”-6”
101-150 lbs. Regular(S/M) -10-12 oz 6”-7.5”
151-175 lbs. Large (L/XL) -14oz 7.5”-8.5”
Over 175 lbs. Large (L/XL) -16-18 oz 8.5”-9.5” oz


The best type of boxing gloves for beginners

There are varieties of boxing gloves to pick from and each one of comes with its own purpose. Professional boxers tend to own several boxing gloves labeled for different activities. Beginners just need a pair of boxing gloves to protect their hands for the time being. An average amount of beginners goes for the bag glove or the general training gloves. The difference between these two gloves is small so it depends on the kind of activities you partake in. In most cases, both gloves are referred to as boxing gloves. So, if you’re still a bit lost and still asking “what type of boxing gloves do I need?” go for any of the ones described below.

All-purpose gloves

These gloves are multi-purpose gloves. They can be used for several activities and is highly recommended for beginners. If you plan to partake in both sparring and bag work, then this glove is for you. They can also be used for other forms of boxing like Thai Boxing

Bag Gloves

These gloves are mainly used during bag work. They can be used if you decide to train st home and avoid any form of sparring. The modern bag gloves are just like training gloves but with more padding. They protect your hands when hitting a heavy punch bag. When looking to buy a boxing glove as a beginner, look for material quality, right size and weight. Firstly, begging with something basic and affordable while you work your way to higher qualities as you get experience. Flexible gloves are good if you plan to focus on martial arts but if you’re training to get into the ring, get heavier gloves and if you want to compete in the ring get lighter gloves. As a beginner, picking the right starter gloves is very important. A lot of brands differ in value and quality. Some brands specialize in particular areas while some of them give more protection.  Here are some of the top-notch boxing gloves to consider as a beginner after confirming the size of boxing gloves you need:

Bytomic Performer 3.0 Carbon Boxing Gloves

Bytomic Performer 3.0 Carbon Boxing Gloves

This Bytomic Performer 3.0 Carbon Boxing Gloves is among the best boxing glove for beginners and also professional boxers. They are majorly used by beginners. They are lightweight and come at an affordable price.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves are among the best boxing gloves that can be used as training gloves. Their pros include a foam with triple density which aids shock management, hand protection and interior mesh for ventilation. It is among the best boxing gloves that are under one hundred dollars. They are perfect for beginners.

Ringside Club Glove

Ringside Club Glove

Gives great hand protection and consists of plenty Mayer’s of padding round the wrist. It is designed with a leather exterior as a wrist strap made from Velcro for safety. It is very durable and long lasting. The ringside club glove is among the best side gloves in the market today. It is highly recommended for beginners


Apart from brand types, the best boxing gloves for a beginner must be very comfortable to wear with any form of hand wraps and also fit your hand shape, fingers and wrist perfectly.  A great pair of gloves should not bring any form of pain to your finger after a punch. Note tat all types of gloves comes with a break in period. These gloves may not come out as comfortable at first wear so you have to give it a while to adapt to the purpose of your needs and fit perfectly.

Each of these boxing gloves perform a different purpose. There are different boxing gloves for kickboxing, sparring, punch bag training, Muay Thai and also boxing gloves that can be used for all in one. Getting the perfect glove size, you have to carefully measure your hand circumference and also know your body weight so you get the best size to fit and also comfortable ones.

What Size Of Boxing Gloves Do I Need?

As a beginner, you can start out with a boxing glove that has a size that fits all so as you gain more experience in boxing or whatever boxing activity your doing you can advance to higher boxing gloves to fit your weight and hands. In some certain cases, you use different boxing gloves for different boxing activities and the sizes for each boxing glove may differ.

These boxing gloves come in a variety of colors to choose from and they all come in affordable prices. You don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase a good boxing glove that is fit and comfortable. If you’re looking to answer the question “what size of boxing gloves do I need?” then you’re in the right place.


If you’re still unsure of the right size of boxing gloves that would be comfortable for you and fit perfectly, you can talk to an expect or your workout instructor to assists you in choosing the best brand and quality made boxing gloves that you desire.

Luggage Material Abs Vs Polycarbonate

abs vs Polycarbonate Materials

Introduction: Luggage Material Abs Vs Polycarbonate

In our lives, there are major events that occur where we have to travel. It could be as a result of leisure, professional events. Everyone needs to travel once in a while. It could be for a short while or a long vacation. Among all travelers, there’s usually a common thing they all have and that is their luggage. This luggage material abs vs polycarbonate could come in several sizes; big, small, large, etc.

A lot of different luggages has been made over the years. They come in series of designs and patterns. There are different types of materials that can be used to make our luggage and make travelling easier. The most common type of luggage materials is the luggage material abs vs polycarbonate material. These materials are the most common materials used to mold luggage into different shapes, colors, sizes and patterns.

Luggage Material Abs Vs Polycarbonate

When comparing the luggage material abs vs polycarbonate material, the polycarbonate material is the most ideal and most standard material. The luggage material abs vs polycarbonate material can also be used to mold other items. Below is a more detailed explanation of the luggage material abs vs polycarbonate material and ways to select your type of luggage and your luggage materials

How should we select the Suitcase?

When it comes to picking out the right luggage for that travel, it can be rather difficult. For the design of material for luggage, the industry brings about different types of innovations with ways the bags could function for years. To select the kind of suitcase we want, first off pick the luggage material. This material could be among the common materials used in making luggage such as the luggage material abs vs polycarbonate materials. The polycarbonate material is still the best choice when manufacturers want to pick a standard material to make the luggage. It come with a higher resistance and more quality properties. This will be discussed more under the polycarbonate section.

ABS in Luggage?

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a form of thermoplastic material that can be used to build the luggage. It’s a common type of luggage material. When there is a comparison between the luggage material abs vs the polycarbonate material, it is usually lighter. The abs material isn’t as good as the polycarbonate material. In comparison of the luggage materials abs vs polycarbonate material, the key thing people pick the abs material first us the price. The price of this luggage material abs is very low; it is cheap which is benefiting for customers in search.

The abs (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material is formed with three different plastics who have their own unique features and functions.  The abs material comes with high resistance for impact which make it easier to process and create shapes with great mechanical features, distortion of high heat and a glossy feature. Abs is the most affordable and hardest material when it comes to making luggage. it is very lightweight which makes it very cheap and its durability has zero ratings.

The material of ABS is used 3 categories of plastics

  • The acrylonitrile in the ABS combination is made use of to resist the fatigue alongside resistance of chemicals. It is also used to mold the melt and heat resistance.
  • The butadiene plastic is the major material of the ABS combination.
  • They styrene is useful in this combination for the resistance of heat created in the luggage and it is ideal for the kind of hardness wanted by the manufacturers

The process of giving several shapes to a luggage is very easy. It is able to have a temperature resistant which is good for heat distortion. It also comes with an ideal glossy property.

Cheapest & hardest Material

Still comparing the luggage material abs vs polycarbonate material, the abs materials comes off as cheap, which is its selling point, and very hard. If you want to travel and your budget isn’t on the high side, then the luggage material abs is your go to choice. The price is a bit startling, it’s not everyday you get a full box sex for less than $100 unlike the polycarbonate material luggage with just one piece is $100.

Price is the major difference between the luggage material abs vs polycarbonate material. As said earlier, you can purchase a full set of abs (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) luggage with the price of a medium sized polycarbonate luggage. A polycarbonate luggage can never be below a $100.

The few times you can get a polycarbonate less than $100 is when it is blended with an abs material to make these abs (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material appear as strong than if it is produced singlehandedly with just the abs material. This blend lowers the price so people can purchase sub standard quality. The abs (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material is usually made to be lightweight hence the lower prices.

This is done so as to avoid all the extra weight charges they distribute at the airport. The prices are also low so that individuals who can’t affordable better quality or are looking for something temporary are able to afford this luggage. The low price and sub-standard quality don’t make it a trashy material. It is also useful in its own ways especially if blended with a polycarbonate material.

Polycarbonate Luggage

Now, let’s talk about the polycarbonate material. It can be easily formed into various shapes and is fast becoming one of the best materials used in making standard luggage for easy travels. Comparing the luggage material abs vs polycarbonate material, the polycarbonate is very flexible and is able to resist higher impact. Due to this, it is standard in quality which makes it stronger. It can be made into various designs, shapes and patterns. One great feature of the polycarbonate material is its transparency.

The polycarbonate material is a high standards materials and also high tech. Apart from suitcases, the oil material can be used to make motorcycle tyre and also if a driver makes use of a helmet made from polycarbonate material and has an auto crash, his head and brain are safe. Due to its strength, it is one of the most common materials used to make high standard quality suitcases.

Asides being used to create luggage and motorcycle helmets, the polycarbonate material is also used to mold a number of other items like small airplanes, bulletproof glass, cockpit canopies and even safety goggles.

Still comparing the luggage material abs vs polycarbonate material, the polycarbonate material is among the amorphous polymers which contain properties that make it standard for a hard side luggage. The transparency of this material makes it easy for different patterns and colors to be made out of it. It also comes with hardness which is quite on the high side.

This polycarbonate material is one of the materials that is vet difficult to break through. It is high tech and can be easily made into different shapes with different colors and patterns when manufactured. It comes off as lightweight which make it easier for one to control without having to put in much effort. Zero effort is needed. The impact resistance is also high so it makes the luggage really tough.

Talking about a high impact resistance, you might begin to wonder, does this polycarbonate material ever scratch. The answer to that is Yes! All plastics are bound to scratch. The polycarbonate material has more resistance to scratches than other forms of material that are being used to make hard shell luggage.


The article has made a great comparison of the luggage material abs vs polycarbonate material. Looking through the article, it is obvious that the polycarbonate has a higher ground unlike the abs material. This doesn’t mean that the abs material can’t be purchased and should be thrown into the trash can. As mentioned above, the abs (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material is formed with three different plastics who have their own unique features and functions.

The abs material comes with high resistance for impact which make it easier to process and create shapes with great mechanical features, distortion of high heat and a glossy feature. Abs is the most affordable and hardest material when it comes to making luggage. it is very lightweight which makes it very cheap and its durability has zero ratings.  The abs material is still very useful and can be used to travel and do other things.

The major difference between the luggage material abs vs polycarbonate material is their prices. Although not every time should pricing be a major form of comparison but in this case, it is the most major and important fact when comparing a luggage material abs vs polycarbonate material luggage.

abs vs Polycarbonate Materials

A polycarbonate luggage can never be below a $100. The few times you can get a polycarbonate less than $100 is when it is blended with an abs material to make these abs (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material appear as strong than if it is produced singlehandedly with just the abs material. This blend lowers the price so people can purchase substandard quality.


The abs (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material is usually made to be lightweight hence the lower prices. So you can buy anytime!

Product Review: Kelloggs Special K Protein Meal Bars

Kellogg's Special K Protein Meal Bars

Product Review: Kelloggs Special K Protein Meal Bars

Kelloggs Special K Protein Meal Bars: I have been eating Special K cereals for a little over a year now. They really seem to help me lose weight if I combine them with a good exercise routine. When Kelloggs Special K Protein came out with the Special K snack bars, I was quick to try them. Once I replaced my bad snacking habits with the 90 calorie Special K snacks, my weight continued to go down each week. So, when Kellogg’s came out with their new line of protein bars, I did not hesitate to buy them.

“The food in Mathura is authentic and delicious. Mathura is famous for its Chana Chidwa which was my cheat snack for the two days I spent there.”

There are three different flavors to choose from in the protein meal bar line, chocolate peanut butter, double chocolate, and strawberry. I found the chocolate peanut butter ones on sale, so I bought them. There are eight, 1.59-ounce bars in each box. In my area, the cost of each box is a little over six dollars. It seems high, but keep in mind that they are to replace a meal, a presumably higher priced meal.

 Kelloggs Special K Protein Meal Bars

The chocolate peanut butter box is white with the bottom half splashed with what I assume is supposed to be a wave of peanut butter. There is a picture of the actual bar in the bottom right corner, enlarged to show texture. On the bar is an oval letting us know that it has 10 grams of protein. The trademark K is stamped in the middle, with Kelloggs Special K Protein Meal Bars above it, and the word protein beside it. There is a red band flowing across the top.

The back of the box has a small paragraph that describes the way you can stay on track and help manage your weight loss goals. There is also a picture of more of the products Special K offers on the back, as well as on one side of the box. The nutrition facts are on the other side of the box. There are 190 calories per bar, with 50 of those calories being from fat. There are 23 grams of carbohydrates, along with thirteen different vitamins and minerals.

When I tried the Special K protein meal bar, I was pleasantly surprised. It actually tastes pretty good. It solves my craving for chocolate while being much better for me than a bag of Hershey’s kisses. My kids even like the taste of these bars and are constantly asking me if they can have one.

Kelloggs Special K Protein Meal Bars

I will say that they are not completely filling though. They don’t really seem to stay with you either. I seemed to want a snack earlier after eating one of the bars than I normally do after eating a regular meal. Another thing I don’t love about the bars is that they make me really thirsty. I drink a lot with my meals anyway, but these bars kind of sit at the back of my throat begging to be washed down.

All in all, I am happy with the Kelloggs Special K Protein meal bars. I would probably buy them again if I have a coupon or if I can find them on sale.

The Great Pyramid of Giza-An Ancient Product Review

The Great Pyramid of Giza--An Ancient

The Great Pyramid of Giza-An Ancient Product Review

The Great Pyramid of Giza: In the quaint little village of Giza is where I live with my uncle Kufu (aka Cheops) the Pharaoh of all you see beneath the holy sun god Amen-Ra. My uncle was getting up in his years and was making out his will and testament.

I saw this as an opportunity to get back in his good graces after the sphinx fiasco. I suggested that he immortalize himself with a pyramid. I told him that when he dies (of natural causes, of course, and not conspiracy), that I would see to it that his servants are also killed so they will join him in the afterlife.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

I also informed him that his great treasure (minus a 10% commission for yours truly) would be sealed in the pyramid’s tomb with him, and he would be able to spend it in the land of the dead and write reviews.

He liked the idea! In fact, he told me to get right on it! I then immediately proceeded to shop around for a pyramid kit. I found the best deal at Ra-Mart. Unlike other stores, Ra-Mart said they would do the mummification of my uncle free of charge!

Product Information:

The pyramid is cordless and wireless. No batteries or outlets required. It comes with a 5000-year warranty. There is some assembly required. The kit includes 2.3 million stone blocks weighing a total of 5.9 million tons, and an instruction manual written on a papyrus scroll.

This pyramid when fully assembled is 280 cubits tall. Each base side is 440 cubits. It has a slope angle of 51 degrees. It is one big-ass pyramid!

There are many tunnels leading to the inside of the pyramid. The inside walls come with inscriptions and graffiti. There are three main chambers. These are arranged centrally, on the vertical axis of the pyramid.

My Experience

I and a gang of 100,000 slaves tried to follow the directions in the instruction manual. The manual was a joke! Written in hieroglyphics! It took the Rosetta Stone to translate the lame stick-figure drawings into plain Egyptian! As a result, it took us 25 years to assemble the damn thing!

For a while there, we weren’t sure we would get the damn thing assembled before the birth of Christ! One of my wives divorced me because she thought I was taking her for granted. “You spend too much time with that stupid pyramid!” she nagged. Guys, you know what I’m talking about.

Assembling the bricks was also a hassle. They weighed a ton! We had to haul them on a sled! Holy Amen-Ra! You would think some egghead would have invented the wheel by now! Jeeez!

We entombed my aunt, the queen, in the central chamber…or was it my uncle? It’s hard to say–all mummies look alike. Oh well, they’re dead anyway. What difference does it make? It’s not like they can sue me.

The Great Pyramid of Giza--An Ancient

My uncle’s chamber has an entrance too small for his sarcophagus to fit through. WTF! I contacted Ra-Mart’s tech support. After being on hold for half a sundial, I finally got some technical advice.

The solution was to lower the sarcophagus into the chamber from the roof. We took the roof off his chamber, filled the chamber completely with dirt, placed the sarcophagus on top of the dirt pile, then we removed the dirt gradually so the sarcophagus would be lowered down into the chamber. Once all the dirt was removed, we put the roof back on.

Centuries from now, archaeologists will scratch their heads wondering how we got that big, honking thing into such a tight, little (?) hole.

Final Thoughts

It shall be written that this pyramid is rated three stars. Sure, it’s big, it’s colossal, it is one of the seven wonders of the world. However, it was a pain in the Ra to assemble, the instruction manual was a joke–and grave robbers stole the treasure along with many of the stones.

Finally, Ra-Mart went out of business; so there is no way to take advantage of the 5000-year warranty.

A Product Review of V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice

A Product Review of V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice

V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice

“Drinking freshly made juices and eating enough whole foods to provide adequate fiber is a sensible approach to a healthful diet.”

I love trying different flavors and brands of fruit juices! Recently, V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice caught my eye, in the juice section of my local grocery store! I like most berry-flavored juices, so I decided to purchase this product, try it out and write a product review about my experiences. Here is what I discovered!

V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice

V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice is not expensive. It is pretty affordable, in my opinion! I got a large two quart-sized bottle of this juice for around three dollars! You can find this juice on sale sometimes, also and that helps out, believe me.

The price can vary from store to store! I have had good results with many V8 Splash juices that I have tried in the past. One of my favorites is the pomegranate and blueberry V8 splash juice! It is fabulous and knowing that fact, I felt very confident in trying out V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice! I have gotten used to the fact that V8 has more to offer than just vegetable and tomato juice.

The advertising on the front of the V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice bottle was fascinating to me! This juice has antioxidants in it. It also contains essential vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E! It is a berry-flavored juice that consists of six different juices from concentrate along with other natural flavors! That sounded really good to me! Actually, this juice only contains ten percent juice, I discovered, as I read on.

This berry juice name is a bit deceptive, in my opinion, since it has carrot juice in it! It should be called a fruit and vegetable juice mix or blend. The rest of the juices in this product are great. It includes fruit juice, apple juice, cherry juice, strawberry juice, red raspberry juice, and wild blackberry juice, all from concentrate.

All of those juices taste spectacular and I could not taste the carrot juice in this product, thank goodness when I tried it! I love the fresh fruity taste of this juice and it has a delightful blend of very tasty fruit juices in it! I do like to drink this juice by itself, but my favorite thing to do with this product is to make a fantastic smoothie with it using vanilla frozen yogurt or vanilla ice cream! Regular vanilla yogurt also works well, if you freeze for a bit, then stir or blend together in a blender.

V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice helps me to make a delicious creative smoothie drink that has fruit juice in it! I discovered that I love this juice. I rate V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice four stars out of five stars. This is a yummy and affordable product. I will be buying this fruit juice again.

V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice is a Campbell Soup Company product. This product also has a use-by date on it, so that I know I have purchased a fresh product! One eight-ounce glass of V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice contains seventy calories! One serving has zero grams of total fat, fifty mg of sodium, forty mg of potassium, eighteen grams of total carbs, eighteen grams of sugars and zero grams of protein.

One serving of this juice provides me with one hundred percent of my daily vitamin A requirement, one hundred percent of my daily vitamin C needed and twenty percent of my daily needed vitamin E! That is not too bad for fruit juice. You must shake this juice well and refrigerate it before serving! Keep it refrigerated after opening.

V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice

V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice is a winner. I enjoyed trying this juice and writing a product review about it! It is affordable and very tasty! You can find V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice in the unrefrigerated fruit juice section in your local grocery store! You can also find more information about this product at the v8juice.com web site!

Product Review: Songs Smiles Silly town

Product Review: Songs 'n Smiles Sillytown

Songs Smiles Silly town

“I don’t need to “get a life”. I’m a gamer. I have lots of lives.”

Songs Smiles Silly town: This year was my son’s first Christmas, so of course, we were bombarded with all different types of toys for babies and toddlers. My mother in law bought him a Fisher-Price playset called “Songs Smiles Silly town”. This was a huge box and it seemed like it would be a pain in the behind to put together. My boyfriend set it up two days ago, and my son has not stopped playing with it since.

Songs 'n Smiles Silly town

Although I am not sure where my mother in law purchased this playset or how much she paid, I did find a link to the product at Kohls. It is listed at the retail value being $59.99. Songs Smiles Silly town is not currently available through Kohls anymore. You can probably check Walmart or ToysRUs to see if they have any in stock.

The age range suggests the playset is for children ages 6 months 36 months. This was the perfect gift for my son who is almost 8 months. He can sit at the playset and play with the “peekaboo” people and make the music turn on. He is also having a ball simply trying to chew on the “peekaboo” people, which are too big for him to choke on but small enough that he can gnaw on them.

This is also a perfect playset for babies that are still learning to sit up. Songs Smiles Silly town provides a focal point for baby and allows the muscles that help them sit up to strengthen. My son has taken a few tumbles back, but for the most part, he sits there the entire time he is playing. This playset keeps his attention for roughly 30 minutes, which gives me enough time to fold laundry or do something small while keeping an eye on him.

The features on Songs Smiles Silly town include a “knockdown tower”, which is where you can place one of your “peekaboo” people and hit a button that drops them. Of course, I have to be the one controlling that as my son is still a little young to grasp the concept, but he giggles every single time one is knocked down. There are 16 different songs available to hear while your child is doing different activities.

Songs 'n Smiles Silly town

This is definitely well worth spending a little extra on, especially for the little babies and toddlers. Songs Smiles Silly town helps them learn and gives them a variety of mini activities without being completely overwhelming. This was hands down the best Christmas gift my son received this year!

Product Review of Coca Cola Cherry Zero

Product Review of Coca Cola Cherry Zero

Coca Cola Cherry Zero

Coca Cola Cherry Zero stands out in the crowded market of diet sodas. Many of these sodas taste pretty terrible, including Diet Coke, but Cherry Zero actually tastes refreshing and good. Coca Cola Cherry Zero is good too, but Cherry Zero is so much better. Recently I have been forced into watching my sugar and carbohydrate intake, and so have also been forced into trying many of these diet soda products.

“Happiness is a small house, with a big kitchen.”

Although some of them are tolerable, like Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr. Pepper, I have found that many of them are pretty bad. Almost undrinkable even. Diet Coke, in my opinion, is one of them. I was hesitant, therefore, to even try Coke Zero when I first saw it in the store. There it was stacked in the rows and rows of bland or nasty tasting diet sodas.

Coca Cola Cherry Zero

I wanted to try something new, to add a bit of variety to my dieting soda adventure, but nothing seemed to be calling out to me. Reluctantly I picked up a six-pack of Coca Cola’s Zero and went home thinking that it would probably just take up space in my fridge for months until I finally either threw it away or just closed my eyes and forced the stuff down my throat.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, and soon Coke Zero overtook Diet Pepsi as my favorite diet soft drink. (An aside, it’s funny that I love regular Coke but dislike Pepsi, but hate Diet Coke and like Diet Pepsi). Although I had been shopping for variety, I found that I was pretty much just stocking up on Coca Cola cherry Zero from then on out. Every once in a while I’d sneak in some Diet Pepsi, but not very often. I was happy in my diet soda beverages. I had found what I was looking for, I thought. And then came Coke’s Cherry Zero.

I liked Coke Zero so much that I had to try the Coca Cola Cherry Zero, and I wasn’t let down. Not by a long shot. In the diet soda sort of scale of things, I would imagine it goes something like this – Diet Coke is probably a 3, you can get it down, but it’s not all that pleasant. Diet Dr. Pepper maybe a 6, it’s pretty good for a diet beverage. Diet Pepsi is a 7, pretty good, tolerable, you may even crave it once in a while. 

Coca Cola's Cherry Zero

Coke Zero, an 8, good for diet stuff, you even enjoy drinking it. But Coke cola Cherry Zero is amazing. It scores an 11. And this stuff boasts that it has no fat, no sugars, no cholesterol, and no carbohydrates. Coca Cola Cherry Zero an amazing product that I daresay I might choose over the regular Coke if I had the chance. Ok, let’s be real, not very often, but sometimes. Really. In the world of diet soda-land, Coke’s Cherry Zero reigns supreme.


Product Review: Alberto VO5 Real Clean! Styling Gel

Product Review: Alberto VO5 Real Clean! Styling Gel

Alberto VO5 Real Clean! Styling Gel

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”

Alberto VO5 Real Clean! is a styling gel with an extra hold to ensure that your hair will stay spiked or slicked during the day. It contains 5 vitamins, is alcohol-free and has UV filters. The climate control formula resists humidity, wind, and heat for long-lasting hold.

Alberto VO5 Real Clean

VO5 Real Clean! is by far one of the best styling gels that I’ve tried and as a mother to three boys, I’ve tried many hair gels in attempts to get their unruly hair to stay in place the way I want it. The other hair gels I’ve bought have either not lasted the entire day they are at school or the gel turns to white flakes in their hair.

My children are very active so I needed something that would last and not leave nasty little flakes in their hair. Alberto VO5 Real Clean! not only leaves their hair in place but it feels soft and not hard like most other gels. It comes in an attractive 5.1 oz red bottle that is very easy to find on the shelves when shopping but the main thing I don’t like about VO5 Real Clean! is the size of the bottle.

It’s too small and doesn’t come with enough gel so if you have more then one person in your family who uses styling gel on a daily basis, you’re going to have to buy several bottles to keep on hand. The bottle has a pump that makes it easier to get the gel out and you don’t have to fight with squeezing the gel out of the bottle since you can just pump it out.

With other hair gels, I had to use a lot to get my children’s hair to stay put, but with Alberto VO5 Real Clean! I only need a small amount in the palm of my hand. You can apply it to damp or dry hair but I find for my family it works best to apply it with only slightly damp or dry hair. I’ve found that having your head upside down and applying at your roots gets you the hold you want better than applying it when your head is straight up. After you apply it to your hair, it’s easy to wash it off your hands with water and doesn’t leave sticky residue on your hands.

Alberto VO5 Real Clean

You can buy Alberto VO5 Real Clean! at most drug stores and some department stores. Prices vary depending on where you buy it but the average price is around $3.00 for the best affordable, long-lasting hair gel on the market.

Product Review – the Affordable Acura MDX Mid-Sized Luxury SUV

the Affordable Acura MDX Mid-Sized Luxury SUV


Acura MDX Mid-Sized Luxury SUV:

If you’re looking for the perfect mid-sized luxury SUV, you’ve found it with the Acura MDX Mid-Sized Luxury SUV. While equipped with all the amenities of similar-sized SUVs like the Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW, the Acura MDX can be far more affordable.

I first learned about the Acura MDX back in late 2003 when it came time for me to replace my car. After analyzing my needs, I determined that a well-equipped mid-sized SUV was perfect for me, accommodating my career, my family, even my dog! I am a realtor, so an adequate number of comfortable seats, as well as luxurious and professional appearance are important. As I spend a lot of time driving clients around to look at houses, a GPS system was also a high priority.

I wanted an area that my Golden Retriever could ride in, without having to worry about his dirtying or damaging the seats, so the cargo area behind the passenger seats in an Acura MDX Mid-Sized Luxury SUV was just right. Next, as a mom to a teenaged son, I often find myself chauffeuring kids, bikes, skateboards, and backpacks, so, again, seating is important, not to mention a lot of cup holders!

Product Review - the Affordable Acura MDX Mid-Sized Luxury SUV

Luxuries Acura MDX Mid-Sized Luxury SUV:

I checked out a number of SUVs, including various models by Mercedes, Lexus, and BMW. All were very nice, but several were actually quite small inside, in spite of their large price tags. When I came across the Acura, I found everything I was looking for: the features, the luxury, the look, and at a price I could afford.

My Acura MDX seats as many as seven people. While we normally keep the last row of seats down to leave room for plenty of cargo, groceries or my dog, the two rear seats pop up easily for extra passengers when needed. There are seat/shoulder belts all around, as well as cup holders for everyone! (A total of eight!) For added comfort, the Acura MDX includes a separate control for passengers in the back seat to control their own heating and air conditioning.

I purchased the technology and entertainment packages for my Acura MDX Mid-Sized Luxury SUV, so my SUV includes a six-CD changer as well as AM/FM radio, tape deck and in-dash CD player; it has a DVD player which can also be used to play video games such as X-Box or PlayStation, and I got the GPS system.

With the DVD player (and the optional headphones if I want to keep the movie sound only in the back), I am able to keep my clients’ children entertained on long afternoons looking at properties, or my son and his friends entertained on long road trips.

With my GPS system, I can easily line up six properties at a time, without having to squint through hours of mapping with my Thomas Brother’s Guide. Although they may seem like luxury items, after having them for several years now, I don’t know how I ever got along without them!

When ordering your Acura MDX, you can also add all sorts of cosmetic amenities, such as wood grain dash and gear shift, fender flairs, running boards, and gold exterior emblems and accents. You can also get luggage/ski racks, a cargo cover for the back, even a dog guard to block your pet from the passenger area of the car.

I got the works, making my MDX as elegant for clients as it is functional and fun for my little family and me. And still, my Acura MDX SUV was thousands of dollars less expensive than similarly equipped Lexus, Mercedes or BMW models.

I do have a few complaints about my Acura MDX Mid-Sized Luxury SUV, but they are minor. I have had difficulty with blind spots on both sides of the car. It seems that it is just tall enough to cause me to miss seeing shorter vehicles as they come alongside, invisible both in the mirrors and even at a glance, especially on the passenger side if someone is sitting there.

There is about four-second gap invisibility that has caused me several near misses, but I have adjusted by being doubly cautious when changing lanes. Apparently, this is a problem common to most similarly sized SUVs.

I also have several small dents in my doors that came from what seemed to be the tiniest impact – Both from shopping carts in parking lots. It seems to me that Acura could make a little bit tougher skin on their cars to prevent this.

The final complaint that I have with my Acura MDX is that they apparently manufacture them with rather small breaks for the weight and capacity of the vehicle. On a trip through somewhat windy, hilly roads in nearby California Wine Country with my MDX loaded down with two adults, two large teens and our camping gear, the brakes began to “bounce” and a burning smell came from them.

Apparently, my brakes were warped on that trip from the heat of the excess friction put on them, caused by inadequately sized brakes for the load capacity of the SUV. This is without question the most serious of my complaints. I would highly recommend checking into this when buying an Acura MDX and, perhaps, having larger brakes installed if you plan to take any trips with the car loaded down heavily.

Acura MDX Mid-Sized Luxury SUV

But, other than these mostly minor or common complaints, I am very happy with my mid-sized SUV. I would highly recommend the Acura MDX as an affordable and beautiful mid-sized luxury SUV.

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