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Product Review: VIZO PC Cooling Products

Product Review: VIZO PC Cooling Products

Basics of VIZO PC Cooling Products:

VIZO PC Cooling Products manufactures several computer cooling devices for the PC as well as external hard drive enclosures and notebook cooling pads. In the past I have reviewed the Master Panel II and have been quite happy with this input expansion bay that I still use in one of my computers. No better praise can be had for a product than my keeping it and continuing to use it every day in my computer.

“A product is supposed to be what you are intentionally producing with your life at least every month”

Features of VIZO PC Cooling Products:

VIZO PC Cooling Products recently sent me an array of cooling products for the PC and I spent time installing and checking them out. The two hard drive coolers are both great products if you find yourself having problems with an overheating drive and want a simple and easy to install solution.

The single fan cooler installs on the bottom of the hard drive over the area not covered by the circuit board of a hard drive and cools the metal casing of the drive. The VIZO PC Cooling Products fan works well and nearly silently as do all the fans I installed. The fans all were quieter than 45 to 50 dBc on a sound level meter that test in the dBc scale for sound levels

.VIZO PC Cooling Products

This low sound level is with a 38 to 45 background level with the fans turned off and then with the meter only about an inch from the fans where they all measured very low. Inside the case, I cannot get any kind of noise level reading from any of them as they are all quieter than the other components in my computer.

The Orbiter Single Fan HDD Cooler is a great way to quickly cool a hard drive without doing a lot of rearranging inside your computer to get a cooling solution for your hard drive. I have two hard drives that run a bit on the hotter side as they are cheaper drives and the single fan Orbiter cooler brought the drives temperature down by a couple of degrees.

The next cooler like VIZO PC Cooling Products, I tried on the same drive was the Voyager Dual Fan HDD Cooler that installs over almost the entire bottom of the hard drive and brings a bit more cooling to the drive.

The Voyager cools down the drive by about 3 to 4 degrees and installs just as easily as the Orbiter. Both fans make for a quick and easy cooling solution and in some instances, you may want the smaller size of the Orbiter or better cooling of the Voyager for your particular cooling needs.

The next up for my cooling products is the Propeller Dual Card Fan that I just found a great use for in my system. I received two HD3450 graphics cards for reviewing and these cards are both fanless with a large heat sink. They do add to the heat inside the computer I installed so having some kind of cooling air movement blowing across the cards makes a lot of sense.

In the computer I installed the dual fan card I have a Gigabyte motherboard with a passive cooling heat sink on both the North Bridge and southbridge. This extra-large heat sink needs some kind of additional airflow inside the computer to keep it cool and not add heat to the entire system.

The PC Cooling Products dual card fan moves air across the heat sink as well as adding air movement inside the computer and onto the graphics card directly above it.

Installing the PC Cooling Products into any computer will be easy as the card has a small plastic tab that fits into any PCI, PCI Express or AGP slot. The plastic tab is the size of a PCI Express 1 slot so it fits into most any current slot in a computer.

The propeller fan card has a Molex connector with a through connection so you can add a male on one side and a female on the other and not take up one power cable inside your system.

The Propeller card has an adjustment on it to adjust the fan speed so you can lower or raise the speed according to the needs of your particular situation and system. That is one of the nice main features you want to look for in just about any fan cooling solution you add, how well it adapts to your particular situation.

I have reviewed and seen many different fan coolers and the ones I have used the most and kept in my systems are the ones that work well for the current part I am trying to cool.

Whether they have Molex or smaller fan power connections or the various mounting systems really make less of a difference than the overall cooling benefits of cooling the parts of the computer you need to cool.

The Propeller dual fan card adds a nice directional cooling movement of air where you need it against cards in your system or along with the motherboard.

For an additional cooling in one area of your computer that may have been neglected, you can add some cooling to your RAM sticks or memory.

Adding a fan system to your memory sticks means somehow mounting it and the easiest way is to clip it right on a memory stick.

The Armada Tri-Fan Cooler adds three small fans in a line right on top of your memory stick to add airflow to the area around your memory sticks.

The Armada installs easily and it will be up to you whether you install it onto the memory stick and then install the stick into your system or install it on a memory stick while it is on the motherboard.

In my particular system, I found it easier to install it to the RAM and then install the RAM and the fan onto the motherboard as one unit.

Plugging the Armada in using the smaller fan connector onto the motherboard is pretty easy with today’s modern motherboards that usually have plenty of these connections on the motherboard.

The Armada adds a nice cooling airflow to the area of the RAM that often does not get enough airflow like on my main gaming computer.

I have a rather large heat sink on the CPU right next to my memory slots and adding the RAM cooler adds some kind of airflow to the area that I found was missing. The heat sinks on the memory sticks I had worked well but if you do not have heat sinks the Armada cooler is a less expensive way to get some air flow to the area of your RAM.

The Armada adds a nice cooling airflow to your memory sticks directly instead of trying to cool them from several inches away that can make a big difference in cooling your memory.

The memory stick I added saw a cooling of about six to seven degrees measured with the Scythe Kama Thermo Wireless temperature sensor to measure the temperature directly from one of the chips on the memory stick.

I checked the same chip several times with and without the fans running and saw a good decrease in temperature with the fans running.

The VIZO PC Cooling Products fans I reviewed all did a good job of cooling the various parts of the computer and added to the cooling airflow that helps the entire system stay cool.

The three fans connect using a Molex connector that is the kind that you can plug a male and female on both sides so you don’t take up one power connector from your supply. The Armada uses a smaller fan connector that connects to your motherboard or a small adapter you can connect to a Molex if you have one.

All the fans worked well and were pretty quiet 


but the main performance bonus you can get from these is using them to the best advantage in your particular system.

I found in several different situations that arranging things correctly made all the difference in cooling your computer.

Adding the right fan in the right place makes a big difference to keeping the parts of your computer cool. The fans from VIZO PC Cooling Products are nice due to their quiet nature as well as how they don’t take up a full power connection from your power supply.

I highly recommend these fan cooling sys

tems from VIZO PC Cooling Products for your various cooling needs.

Product Review: Hamburger Helper Microwave Singles Mega Packs

Hamburger Helper

Hamburger Helper Microwave Singles Mega Packs

Hamburger Helper Microwave Cheeseburger Macaroni: On a recent shopping trip, I was on the macaroni and cheese aisle and spotted this product that I had not tried. The picture of the product on the box looked enticing enough for me to buy a box to try.

“All of life is a continuous state of wonder interrupted by bedtime and light snacks.”

That evening I decided to fix this for my husband and myself to try. I followed the simple directions on the back and six minutes later, our food was ready. We each took a bite and we were very surprised at the taste that this has. The ground beef that is in this tastes just as if it had been cooked on the stove right then. There is a full hearty beef flavor from the tiny bits of ground beef mixed in.


Hamburger Helper Microwave

The macaroni taste just like macaroni prepared in a bowl of boiling hot water. It cooks up quite well and does not stick together where you get a big glob of macaroni on your utensil. The cheese that is incorporated throughout this dish is quite tasty as well. The texture of the cheese is creamy and smooth and tastes just like real cheddar cheese.

With each and every bite, there is just the right amount of ground beef, macaroni, and cheese. I like the taste of this product better than the larger size version. The consistency of the cheese is not as thick as the larger version and the macaroni cooks up better and does not lay there like a limp noodle. Even though you add fresh ground beef to the larger family size version that still does not add a better taste to it as this has.

The package that this comes in is a square paper box and there is a flip-top tab on the left side to open up the box with. There are four, one and a quarter cup single servings inside each box. On the front of the box, there is a picture of the Cheeseburger Macaroni sitting in a red bowl. The words that tell what the product is being on the front of the box above the bowl of Hamburger Helper Microwave macaroni and cheese. Over on the lower left side is a picture of a measuring cup full of steaming water that says Just Add Water and right above this there is a picture of the packets that are inside and they bear the words 4 XL servings.

Also on the front towards the top, there are the words, Hamburger Helper Microwave, in bold black lettering and just to the left of this there is a picture of the helping hand glove with his smiley face and a red button nose and he is snapping his fingers and says it’s a snap.

The back of the box lists the directions for preparation and has the name of the product on the back just like it is on front. Below are directions to preparing and cautions.

Microwave Directions:

You will need one cup of hot water.

Important: Because microwaves cook differently, time is approximate. KEEP KIDS SAFE! Bowl and pasta will be VERY HOT.

Empty contents of one pouch into a three to four cup microwaveable bowl. Stir in one cup of hot water until blended.

Hamburger Helper Microwave uncovered on high five to seven minutes or until the pasta is tender remove carefully, using pot holders, stir, let stand uncovered for three minutes.

 Hamburger Helper


Bowl and pasta will be VERY HOT.

On the other side panel is a list of ingredients along with the nutrition facts. I purchased this at our local Wal-Mart for $ 2.56.

I give this product five stars of yumminess!

Product Review: Wendy’s Frescata Sandwiches

Wendy's Frescata Sandwiches

Wendy’s Frescata Sandwiches

Wendy’s Frescata Sandwiches: This year’s rollout of Frescata sandwiches from Wendy’s features a line of four tempting flavors: the Frescata Club, Roasted Turkey & Swiss, Black Forest Ham & Swiss, and Roasted Turkey Basil & Pesto. Each sandwich is piled high with deli cut meats, and are a great alternative from the old-fashioned hamburger enterprise.

“Life is good when you have a good sandwich.

With Wendy’s recent downsizing of its “Biggie” size menu, the options are sure to please Wendy’s fans. Each sandwich can be personalized by adding or removing any component; no mayo or mustard? Consider it done. Each sandwich is encased between two tasty and firm pieces of artisan-style bread, and even comes with a pickle! Honey mustard or barbeque sauce can dress your favorite flavor, and the optional pepper jack cheese is a nice addition.


Wendy's Frescata Sandwiches

The Frescata Club is stacked high with Black Forest Ham, Roasted Turkey Breast, 2 strips of bacon, and the standard tomato, lettuce, and mayo. Swiss or pepper jack cheese can be added, but the standard Frescata club ranks in at 440 calories, and 16g of total fat. Not bad for a fast-food sandwich, but the sodium content (due to the deli meat I presume) is a whopping 1530mg. Save the salt on your next couple of meals, and you’ll probably be all right.

The Frescata Roasted Turkey & Swiss is made with Roasted Turkey Breast, Swiss Cheese, and has the addition of Bacon and American Cheese by request. This sandwich comes in at 490 calories and 21 g of fat, with the same sodium content as the Club. Hold the mayo, and you will lower the fat by at least 6g.

The Black Forest Ham & Swiss is similar in makeup as the Roasted Turkey & Swiss, sans Turkey. This one comes in at 480 calories and 20 g of total fat; it also has 28 g of protein, the highest protein content of the four sandwiches for those who may be considering an Atkins-type diet shortly.

Last but not least, the Roasted Turkey Basil & Pesto is my absolute favorite of the four; Roasted Turkey Breast, Swiss Cheese, Roasted Red Peppers, and the addition of a delicious Basil Pesto spread make this sandwich a delight for the palate. The Roasted Turkey Basil & Pesto also has the lowest calorie content: 420 calories, and 16g of total fat.

Wendy's Frescata Sandwiches

Wendy’s Frescata Sandwiches are a new concept for Wendy’s, as the bread is baked fresh and is very different in both taste and texture than a standard bun. Think of a European-inspired baguette; the outside is slightly tough, with a sponge-like interior. Wendy’s fares well with their contribution to the recent surge in entrée-style, gourmet versions of fast food. Wendy’s Frescata Sandwiches are a step in the right direction for the diet and health-conscious consumer and are appealing as an alternative to greasy burgers and fries this season. The deli cut meats are high in sodium so be forewarned if you are watching your salt intake. Still, the cold sandwiches are made to order and provide for a fresh alternative with a retail price between $5-$5.50 in most markets. 

Product Review: Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs


Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs

“Imagine a hot tub for the mind. That is what meditation is; it can bathe your mind in relaxing thoughts.”

Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs have created on a new spin on the whole hot tub scene. The Dutch are known for doing things their way and the Dutch Tubs s are no exception to the rule.  Hot Tubs are not ordinary permanent hot tubs in that they are not stationary. Additionally, this unique European product is colorful, fun, and provides the opportunity to enjoy the joys of the  Portable Hot Tubs where one might ordinarily not be able to do so.

Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs

Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs are a unique hot tub made from polyester that comes with a stainless steel heating system. These unique Dutch Tubs are sized to accommodate four people cozily and definitely with comfort. Imagine placing a colorful hot tub in the center of a garden or solarium. With Dutch Tubs the possibility exists due to the unique nature of the build and function of the product.


Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs take all the fuss out of hot tubs as they are more of a casual take on the hot tub product. Number one  Portable Hot Tubs are not stationary. They are made n a way where the lightweight tub can be placed anywhere and later moved to a new location easily and effortlessly.

To use the unique product, the user needs only fill Dutch Tubs with water by placing a garden hose through the plug. To warm the water there are no bells and whistles, rather Portable Hot Tubs are heated by wood. The user needs only place wood in the attached burner, light, place the cover on the hot tub and allow it to heat.

Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs are available in a wide variety of colors including pigeon blue, dark gray, orange, ocean green and more. The prices for the Dutch Tub vary according to selection and customization. Some of the options available for Dutch Tubs Portable include the seasonal cover, ashtray, chimney, hand trailer, and turbo.

Dutch Tubs  are also a great way to throw a theme party as the units can also be rented for special occasions. For certain investment in the unique product, Dutch Tubs is a good one as the product can easily be moved with an individual when he or she relocates, unlike stationary hot tubs.

Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs

More information on Dutch Tubs Portable Hot Tubs can be found at the online store for Dutch Tub. Pricing and specifics, as well as options, are available. Information on customization options will have to be requested directly from the company.

Product Review: Hewlett Packard Workstation PC Desktop, Model: XW8400

Hewlett Packard Workstation PC Desktop, Model: XW8400

Hewlett Packard Workstation PC Desktop, Model: XW8400

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Whether you are buying a business computer for a corporate environment, or if you simply need a stable computer for your small business, there are many great business-oriented desktop computers on the market. However, there is one desktop computer that has been consistently praised for its unique features and ability to provide you with an ultra-stable operating platform. The Hewlett Packard Workstation PC Desktop, Model: XW8400 is an upgrade from the previous model and it has been specifically designed to give you optimum computing power for your business.

Workstation PC

Product Ratings:

User-Friendliness: 4/5 Stars

Processor Speeds: 4/5 Stars

Product Features: 4/5 Stars

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars

Main Product Features:

The first feature that I found to be interesting about this PC desktop is the overall size the tower is. This type of desktop is known to have a mini-tower, which has been designed to give you optimum power that takes up a minimum amount of space. For businesses that can easily become cluttered with paperwork and other items, having a small desktop tower is always a benefit.

Another interesting feature this PC desktop will provide you is a wonderful operating system. The operating system of a computer is one of the most important features, especially for businesses, because it is how you access all of your programs and if you have an unstable operating system, then your entire computer will be compromised. Within this desktop computer, you will be able to enjoy the Windows XP Professional platform, which has been specifically designed for business purposes.

The processor within this desktop computer is also quite impressive. You will be able to enjoy fast reaction times and ultra-stability through the Intel Xeon Dual Core Processor. This processor will allow you to run several high-demand applications at once without losing productivity or functionality. For a business, this is a great feature to have.

Within this desktop computer, you will be able to enjoy a large amount of storage space through the 160GB hard drive. Since this computer is made for the corporate/business world, you will not need excessive amounts of hard drive space since many of your applications and documents are compact in size. This hard drive also features a run speed of 7,200 RPM, which will allow you to quickly access all of your information.

Workstation PC

Product Price:

This HP Workstation PC Desktop can be purchased online and through select retail stores for an average price of $1,100.

How to Become a Blog Product Reviewer


How to Become a Blog Product Reviewer

“A daily blog would just about finish me off completely.”

How to Become a Blog Product Reviewer: So you want to start receiving and reviewing products for your blog? Finding out where to begin can be quite confusing and overwhelming. I also would recommend to new bloggers looking to review products that you pitch yourself and your blog to companies whose products you already use and are passionate about how to Become a Blog.

product reviewer

This is a great way to get products to review and this is a great way to get products to review and companies are usually more than happy to get free publicity! I have compiled a list of companies that are great starting points to get you on the path to becoming a Blog Product Reviewer so sign up, network yourself, and watch the products roll in!

Sites That Offer Free Products For Blog Product Reviewer:

Mom Select has product review opportunities for moms: 

Mom Central has product review opportunities for moms: 

MyBlogSpark has product review opportunities: 

Team Mom has product review opportunities for moms: 

reputation has product review opportunities: 

Chic Execs has product review opportunities: 

Parenting.Com has product review opportunities for parents: 

HP Product Testing Panel has great HP product testing opportunities from time to time: 
(A couple of years ago I actually got the chance to test and keep a new photo printer!) 

The Product Review Place has Blog Product Reviewer opportunities: 

New Balance has product review opportunities with their adult or kids apparel: 

Nailene has product review opportunities for their nail products: 

HomeSchool.com has product review opportunities for households that home school: 

NavPress has book review opportunities: 

Book Sneeze has book review opportunities: 

Bodycology has product review opportunities to test new skincare products: 

SkinMD has a blogger sampling program: 

How to Become a Blog

Good Luck On Your Product Review Ventures!


Product Review: Dose Energy Sugar Free Drinks


Dose Energy Sugar Free Drinks

“What made the biggest difference to how I looked and felt was cutting out all sugar.”

Dose Energy Sugar Free Drinks: A lot of people really dislike the tart, acid taste of energy drinks. I’m pretty tolerant of them because I don’t drink coffee but really like caffeine. Soda drinks don’t get me the energy I need as quickly as I need it, whereas the caffeine concentration of energy drinks means I can drink less and get more caffeine. So I am willing to live with the somewhat off-putting taste of sugar free drinks, because, wow, their method of caffeine-delivery is effective.



dose-energy-sugar free drinks Some energy drinks are better than others. At the top of the list is Red Bull (and its sugar-free version), which is small, relatively tasty, and effective. Also, it has the least embarrassing packaging, in that it is small and not as gaudy and obviously marketed at teenagers than other brands. Monster has a variety of flavors, some better than others, but even the low-carb version is completely drinkable. Unfortunately, it’s a rather large can. Drinking it all at once can make your stomach feel a little sloshy, and you might feel a little over-caffeinated. It’s a lot of sugar free drinks taste to take all at once.

Rock Star energy drink doesn’t taste as good as Red Bull or Monster but is still palatable. It’s also a pretty big can and comes with the added downfall of having a cheesy name. No adult relishes the thought of being caught drinking a black and gold can with the name “Rock Star” emblazoned upon it. It’s something that only teenagers can pull off.

Dose Energy Sugar Free drinks, unfortunately, has neither good packaging nor palatable taste going for it. Dose Energy comes in the large size aluminum cans like Monster and Rock Star, and has the obnoxious graphics one comes to expect with lesser-known, off-brand sugar free drinks found in convenience stores. The only reason I purchased it, in fact, was because it was promotionally-priced at Circle K for two cans for two dollars.

After sampling a sip of Dose Energy Sugar Free drinks, I knew why it was so inexpensively priced: it’s terrible. My face actually contorted and my mouth puckered. Sure, some of the unpleasant taste could be attributed to the fact that it was artificially sweetened, but no amount of sugar-free additives could have made Dose Energy Sugar Free taste so awful. It was tart with a chemical aftertaste.

If I’d been asked to describe the flavor, I couldn’t have. No attempt was even made to pretend that the flavor was similar to a particular fruit.

Sugar Free Drinks

Dose Energy Sugar-Free drinks had me running back to overpriced Red Bull Sugar-Free with a quickness. Dose Energy Sugar-Free drinks should only be consumed when no other energy drink is available. Even then, do so at your own risk. If at all possible, stick to energy drinks with brand names that you recognize. It seems that the old adage “You get what you pay for” applies to energy drinks, so purchase accordingly.

Product Review: E8GE 1000 Rechargeable AA& AAA Batteries

E8GE 1000 Rechargeable AA& AAA Batteries

Features of  E8GE 1000 Rechargeable AA& AAA Batteries:

“Batteries are the most dramatic object. Other things stop working or they break, But Batteries… They Die”

E8GE 1000 Rechargeable AA& AAA Batteries are a nickel-metal hydride battery that can be recharged up to 1000 times using common rechargeable devices that come in AA 2100 mAh and AAA 800 mAh sizes.

E8GE 1000 Rechargeable AA& AAA Batteries come in two packs and are available from online sites such as Amazon or from the E8GE website itself for about $10 for the AA and $8 for the AAA size. E8GE 1000 AA batteries are 2100 mAh rated with 1.2 volts while the AAA batteries are 800 mAh rated with the same 1.2 volts.

Both batteries are nickel hydride batteries and are pre-charged so they are ready to use right out of the package without having to charge them. I have had the batteries for some time and have not had a problem charging or using them in a few different devices or during testing.


 E8GE 1000 Rechargeable AA & AAA Batteries

Testing of E8GE 1000 Rechargeable AA& AAA Batteries:

E8GE 1000 Rechargeable AABatteries:  My testing of E8GE 1000 Rechargeable AA& AAA Batteries uses both a constant load and changing load device with an on-off timer circuit and relay to disconnect the one load using the timer. My test load device has changed a bit from the last time I tested batteries but only in the timer circuit that is now a professional circuit instead of the soldered circuit I made.

I am using a device that has a clock as the time load so I have some measure of how long the batteries last and on the same clock circuit, I have 100 ohms of load in series and 34 ohms in parallel to the clock. This creates a circuit that approximates the load of a digital camera running but not taking a picture or flash such as the LCD screen being on before taking a picture.

The other part of the circuit that is only on during the changing load and is much more of a load such as when you’re taking a picture and your camera is using its flash is a 3.3-ohm resistor. During the constant load test, I had the 144-ohm load on and the clock and for the changing load test, the timer circuit would switch the load from the clock and its 144 ohms to the higher load of 3.3 ohms.

While this does not exactly duplicate a digital camera it strikes a balance between the changing load of a digital camera and the timed results so you have some way to measure the batteries’ performance. The batteries did well and the E8GE batteries were the best out of the three varieties for both AA and AAA sizes.

The E8GE 1000 Rechargeable AA& AAA Batteries lasted longer on both constant load and the changing load tests for better performance for both the AA and the AAA batteries even when other batteries were higher in mAh’s. The battery term mAh is milliamp hours or the number of amps the battery is able to hold when fully charged and is how batteries are compared against each other.

Both the E8GE 1000 Rechargeable AA& AAA Batteries I tested from E8GE against the Energizer, Duracell and La Crosse Technologies are all high rated ones so the results were a bit surprising. After running each set of four batteries in parallel through a constant load test and a changing load test and averaged out the results which are in the chart with this article.

The E8GE 1000 Rechargeable AA& AAA Batteries lasted longer than the others from Energizer, Duracell and La Crosse which was a surprise as the E8GE batteries are a lower mAh rating. I have used the E8GE batteries in digital cameras, keyboards, wireless mice and a few other products I use daily and was very happy with the results of my day to day use.

The E8Ge batteries have a couple of technical features with both the pre-charged and is designed for low self-discharge which means just sitting around they will not discharge much. Self-discharge is when a battery without being in a device will not discharge as much as more common batteries.

Low self-discharge batteries are better for people who are going to be storing batteries often between uses and are just one more feature that makes the E8GE batteries stand out. My testing did show that the E8GE batteries lasted longer than three brands of higher ratings which just goes to show that the higher rating doesn’t always mean better.

 E8GE 1000 Rechargeable AA & AAA Batteries


I highly recommend the E8GE 1000 Rechargeable AA& AAA Batteries, both AA and AAA, for those higher power demand devices in a package that comes pre-charged and are the low self-discharge batteries.

Product Review: Aimees Livin Magic Herbed Onion Bread

Aimees Livin Magic Herbed Onion Bread

Product Review: Aimees Livin Magic Herbed Onion Bread

“Give me yesterday’s Bread, this Day’s Flesh, and last Year’s Cyder.”

A few days ago I received free samples in the mail from Aimees Livin Magic in York, Maine. One of the samples I tried was the Aimees Livin Magic Herbed Onion Bread. This bread is made gluten free and with all organic ingredients which I absolutely love.

What Onion Bread Is

The Herbed Onion Bread comes in a very tightly clear sealed package with four large squared spaced pieces of onion bread in it. Now the onion bread isn’t soft and fluffy like the types of breads your thinking of.

This bread is hard like a salad crouton and made with organic ingredients such as onions, flaxseeds, thyme, sea salt, sunflower seeds and rosemary. The bread is handmade and is perfect for anyone on a raw food, gluten free, or vegan diet.



Aimees Livin Magic Herbed Onion Bread

Flavor And Scent

The flavor of the herbed onion bread is strong smelling like freshly sliced onions sprinkled with herbs. The flavors is a strong deep onion one with a hint of herbs. You can slightly taste the nutty flavor of the seeds which helps give the bread its crunchy texture. Those who do not like onions will not like this bread because that is exactly what it taste like which is what I personally love.

How To Eat Herbed Onion Bread

Now the way I tried and ate the herbed onion bread the other night was with a hot bowl of gluten free tomato soup. I simply took one of the squares of the herbed onion bread and dipped it into my hot tomato soup to help soften it up and add more flavor to my meal.

The bread also helped fill me up faster too because it is loaded with nourishing nutrients and fiber.

The other way I ate the herbed onion bread was by snacking on it alone while sipping on a ginger ale after a long motion sickened car ride home from Maine. To my surprise it helped ease my nauseas feelings right away and helped absorb some of the acids in my tummy.

The flavor of the bread kept making me want to drink fluids down too so I could hydrate myself again after throwing up so much on the way home. Sounds nasty, but hey figured I would share a little helpful tip on how to use the bread.

You might find this bread tasty yourself with a salad of side, or your own personal favorite bowl of soup. You can even eat it alone for a tasty snack if you prefer. The health benefits you will receive from eating this healthy gluten free snack are endlessly helpful to your body.

Green Living Product Review: Quickie Ultimate Green Cleaning Summer Package

Personal Thoughts And Recommendations

I have to say I was very pleased with the Aimees Livin Magic Herbed Onion Bread that I do plan on getting some more of it myself. I would recommend this bread to anyone looking for a gluten free snack that is truly made from the best quality organic ingredients and care.

I loved the taste of the bread and the texture and have no complaints, but you onion haters might. So, for those of you who try this gluten free bread out I hope you like the texture and flavor as much as I do.

Product Review: Metalluscious Lip Cream by Mark

Metalluscious Lip Cream by Mark

Metalluscious lip cream by Mark

If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack

Metalluscious lip cream by Mark is an answer to the demand for color that has shimmer, and also a glossy shine.

The names of the shades all suggest wealth and abundance, names such as Luxury, Privilege, and Opulence. Since makeup is the type of thing we pamper ourselves with, this is a fun way to describe the product.

Most of the shades are of medium or dark intensity. There are eight shades in this collection. Colors range from the golden Opulence to Privilege, a neutral berry, to Empress, which is a deep shimmering red.


Metalluscious lip cream by mark

Features Of Metalluscious Lip Cream

Metalluscious Lip Cream by Mark come in a .12 oz clear tube with white lettering and sell for $5 apiece. Using the Mark “hook-up” system, they can be attached to other Mark products such as lip gloss, eye shadow, or containers of breath mints.

The connector that connects the two products is free if both are ordered at the same time. They are also sold separately for 50 cents each. The option to attach the lip creams to other products makes them very portable and user-friendly. For instance, one can reapply their lip crème and pop a breath mint after having had to look for one item in their bag rather than two.

This carefree approach to beauty is a cornerstone of the Mark company, which markets to the younger makeup consumer. The quality of this product, however, makes it appealing to anyone who is looking for a fun and flattering lip color.

Lip gloss is often applied over lip color, but this product allows you to skip that step. The product itself is quite glossy. The doe-foot applicator is adequate, though not the best for precise application. For the initial application, a lip brush is a good way to get the polished lip outline you want.

Metalluscious Lip Cream by Mark has a light blackberry fragrance. The texture is pleasant – not sticky, uneven, or waxy. It is heavy enough to look nice, but not distractingly heavy. This product is not drying to the lips and seems less likely to cause the drying out and peeling that some lipsticks cause.

Metalluscious Lip Cream by Mark

The lasting power could be better, although this is made up for by its moisturizing qualities.

Like all Mark products, these lip creams can be exchanged or returned if the customer isn’t happy with them. They can be ordered from any Mark or Avon representative. With their low price, moisturizing qualities, and gorgeous shine, these lip creams are a great buy.

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