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Product Reviews: A Godsend for Consumers

Product Reviews: A Godsend for Consumers

A Godsend for Consumers:

“If you want to be smart, be smart in the shower. Then get out, go to work, and serve the customer”

I was in a rush one morning, looking for a taxi service to get from Berkeley to the San Francisco International Airport. Though I was well aware that I had three taxi numbers previously registered on my cell phone, I was unwilling to accept being screwed over by Yellow Cab again.

A few days before, I called them up in another rush to get to a friend’s place 1.2 miles away. Comparing A Godsend for Consumers to previous experience with another service, the final fare of $16 was utterly obscene. Driven to avoid this blasphemy once again, my energy was spent in 20 minutes on the Internet reading reviews about taxi services in the Bay Area. This small effort on reading what other people had to say about what nicely saved me 10 to 15 percent, with courteous service to boot.


Review of A Godsend for Consumers:

The review of A Godsend for Consumers is a precious and powerful factor in making our decisions. It can determine the winner in the tug of war over money between the cautious buyer and a product. Positive reviews reaffirm our logic and help us accept our decisions and emotions. A single negative review, on the other hand, could force us to immediately shun Product X, especially in fields in which we are unfamiliar. How many times have you seen a movie with the knowledge that it would be terrible or a waste of your time?

Reviews are ubiquitous and demand our attention. We evaluate many products based on reviews in different forms and practices: celebrity endorsements, the thumbs of Ebert & Roeper, and the New York Times best-sellers lists. A particularly powerful form of review is the recommendation of friends and peers. I went to see Iron Man because my mom told me to, Rotten Tomatoes rated it highly, and even my barber asked me if I saw it. (I did enjoy it, too.)

I have to add that my own selection for clothing and fashion, areas I am apparently a beginner in according to many, is highly persuaded by what others have opined – whether they meant that my vivid green solid tie went tastefully with my black dress shirt or that I was just not as clad as miserably as I usually am is another matter. These pushes and pulls of reviews asking for something to be bought, a candidate to be voted for, a law to be rethought, or an idea to be accepted.

A Godsend for Consumer

The online consumer should be vigilant for A Godsend for Consumers. A quick search of “review” on Google yields 1.48 billion results. Reviews help make or break a choice, and the online consumer is only smarter and wiser by reading up on something before making his commitment. The review is highly relevant no matter the time – past, present, future. You can also be sure that when you share your opinions, you’re doing yourself and everyone else a favor.

Product review:Centerpieces 101 with Patty Sorell, CBA


Centerpieces 101 with Patty Sorell, CBA

Centerpieces 101 with Patty Sorell is a balloon centerpiece design and creating a DVD guide that takes you to step by step into the world of balloon arrangements. Centerpieces 101 explores the world of balloon entertaining by helping you design balloon centerpieces from start to finish with helpful hints and tips.

Centerpieces 101 with Patty Sorell

As well as the actual balloon arrangement you also get practical tips and hints at using balloons in general, working with various materials and some of the tools for arranging.

Without any fanfare, Patty Sorell dives right into the first arrangement and works her way through 12 great examples of balloon centerpieces with step by step instructions. There is also a chapter on using a pick machine and helpful guides for how to use the popular balloon and flower arranging tool for safe, simple and easy arrangement additions.

Another chapter shows additional examples to give you an idea of things you can create using the techniques in the video. Not only do the examples give you a great idea of some things you can do they also by inference tell you a great way to help your business with pictures of your work. As any professional in the balloon or flower arranging business should be doing you can also take pictures of your arrangements not only as a future reference but as a customer catalog.

You may get the idea that this video is for professionals in the balloon arranging field but it goes much beyond that. Using Centerpieces 101 as hobbyists guide anyone can begin creating great arrangements with simple tools and materials available from common craft stores or even stores like Wal-Mart. Centerpieces 101 with Patty Sorell, CBA is a great guide to show the techniques and how to create great party arrangements for any occasion that just about anyone could design and create.

Centerpieces 101 does a great job of describing exactly what you need to do as well as why they are doing it to give you specific reasons for many of their techniques. A great example of this is the use of a balloon filled with sand as weight and how you should be tying a loop of ribbon onto this for any helium balloons attached to your arrangement.

With a loop going up the middle of your base arrangement you have a convenient and easy way to complete the rest of the centerpiece by tying off the helium balloons on top. Using this type of stage work you can quickly make multiple arrangements and work on the same sections at the same time to create an assembly line style of workflow.

Other great ideas will be included as Patty takes you from arrangement to arrangement as well as several techniques for working with materials like cello, Mylar and of course the balloons. Balloons like the helium-filled ones are readily available for anyone to purchase prefilled but you can also fill your own with tanks available from craft stores and large chain stores like Wal-Mart.

The balloons used for twisting into the various shapes are also available at craft stores and specialty stores but you can also purchase just about everything used in the video at Wal-Mart. The techniques used in Centerpieces 101 are simple and easy to follow for the at-home hobbyist wishing to try out some balloon arrangements for a unique centerpiece for any occasion.

The DVD includes all these great tips for the professional to help them create and design their own arrangements as well as the novice crafting enthusiast. The professional can get new ideas from the video to help them create a diverse catalog of arrangements for customers to have a wider selection. It also gives ideas to help with workflow habits and ideas to help your arrangements become the best you can possibly create for a more professional product.

The professional will get some new ideas to help them create their own arrangements for specific themed events and using these techniques they can branch out into arrangements of their own. The enthusiast just wishing to create something different for that special event or party can benefit from the ideas and techniques to create some really special arrangements.

Centerpieces 101 with Patty Sorell

Centerpieces 101 with Patty Sorell,CBA is not just for the professional arranger but for anyone wishing to truly create that something special and unique for an arrangement for just about any event. Following the techniques and guidance in Centerpieces 101, you can help make any event truly special and memorable.


Biggins Completes: A Product Review


Biggins Completes

“Whoever controls work and wages, controls morals.”

Ah, the simple potato!

Who would ever think that this humble vegetable would find its way into our lives in so many ways?

Biggins Completes

We can have potato salad, French fries, Au Gratin and Swedish styles, mashed, and baked, among many other ways.

For the nutritionally minded among us, the potato contains significant amounts of Vitamins C and B6, Folate, Niacin, Magnesium, Potassium, and Iron.

Potatoes are also a good source of dietary fiber.

Potatoes are also just plain fun! Would going to McDonald’s be the same if you couldn’t sneak at least a couple of French fries on the ride home?

Biggins Completes: Making Dinner Just Got Easier

Naturally, going to McDonald’s is fun, but what about other mealtimes? What to leave for the kids when mom is going to be late getting home?

Now, for those who like their potatoes really big and convenient at the same time, Biggins Completes offers a selection of microwavable potato meals.

Who would want to wait 45 minutes for a potato to bake in the oven when there is a happy alternative?

The ability to make dinner with Biggins Completes is as easy as 1-2-3!

As with other such microwavable products, simply remove the Biggins Completes meal from its outside container and put the handy utensils and toppings to one side. Then, just microwave the flavor wrapped potato for 7-8 minutes, depending on the settings of the microwave.

After that, just remove the flavor wrap, add the toppings, and enjoy!

Biggins Completes coming in different varieties which include Sour Cream & Cheddar, Ranch, and Cheddar Cheese.

One of the reasons that Biggins Completes lives up to its name as a complete meal is that this company uses a potato that is thought to be twice as big as a regular potato.

These potatoes are scrubbed twice to ensure cleanliness. The special flavor wrap ensures a nice, moist potato that is thoroughly and evenly prepared.

In fact, using Biggins Completes is a fine way to avoid the time-consuming preparation and need to clean up afterward. After the meal is finished, just throw the container away.

Biggins Singles: A Healthy Snack between Meals

For those who like to eat potatoes as a quick and easy snack, Biggins Singles come in a regular and Sweet potato variety.

Again, these Biggins Singles have been double-scrubbed and wrapped tightly in the special flavor wrap.

It is not necessary to poke holes in the potato; just to microwave it for the same 7-8 minutes.

Obviously, these will be hot when removed from the microwave, so caution is recommended when removing the wrap.

These Biggins Singles can then be topped with whatever is preferred.

Biggins Completes

As the motto Wimpy Potatoes Need Not Apply suggests, Biggins Completes and Biggins Singles are meant to satisfy even the heartiest craving for potatoes.

And remember, potatoes are also good for us! Who could ask for more?

Citation: www.nutritiondata.com


Product Review of Greenwood Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage


Greenwood Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage

“Almonds can be used in sweet and savory dishes very easily.”

Greenwood Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage: I usually keep my food pantry filled with the foods that I enjoy eating or serving company even if it’s only eaten once in a while. One of these foods happens to be a jar of Greenwood Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage. This product sits near the jars of sauerkraut on the supermarket shelf. It has a long refrigerator shelf life (once its opened) and it’s sweet and sour taste is served as a side dish with almost every imaginable type of food.

Reasons For Using Greenwood Sweet and Sour Red CabbageGreenwood Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage

Giving this a product review is a pleasure for me, as I am not sure how many are familiar with this side dish, that can be eaten hot or cold. It is eaten as a relish type of food and served on the relish plate that contains sour pickles, pickled tomatoes and olives. It is also served on the plate alongside the potatoes, pot roast heated as a vegetable.

Greenwood Sweet and Sour Cabbage is a Birdseye product, and its origin dates back to 1939, in Brooklyn N.Y, when its creator, Irving Greenwood first introduced his product creation. I guess that dates me as enjoying this delicious jar of sweet & sour cabbage for most of my life.

This delicious jar of sweet and sour cabbage, can be eaten straight out of the jar or used as a cabbage ingredient in meat dishes, like meatballs and stews. The sweet and sour flavor adds a little tang to any dish it is added to.

Greenwood Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage contains cut up red cabbage, water, corn syrup, vinegar and salt. There are 3.5 servings in this 16 oz jar, with each serving to be about 1/2 cup. My review of Greenwood Sweet & Sour Cabbage is a very positive one, and I mostly enjoy it cold straight out of the refrigerator.

Since I was raised eating this product, my kids and grand kids all enjoy it as well. Each of us like to eat it differently, but be assured that when I cook a family dinner that includes a roast of some sort, there is always a small plate on the table filled with Greenwood Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage.

Add the Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage to the pot when you start cooking meatballs. The flavor gets into the meat and sauce. As it cooks the gravy gets slightly thicker, with a slight tang and looks and tastes great when you pour the gravy on top of the spaghetti.

How To Use Greenwood Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage

While the Greenwood Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage jar says to heat and eat it is delicious unheated as well. Heated it would be placed on the plate with the main dish, along with a potato as another vegetable.

Greenwood Sweet and Sour Cabbage adds a slight tang to most any meat dish, and can also be served as a side to any sandwich for lunch in place of a sour pickle. Take it from me-someone who was literally raised on this product, it’s something you should at least try once.

Greenwood Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage

Taste it once and you will be hooked. Trust me you do not have to be Jewish to enjoy this jar of Greenwood Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage.

On a scale from 1-10 I must give this product a 10+. It is that good!

Product Review: Insocore Set of 4 Hot/Cold Stainless Steel Lined Servers

Product Review: Insocore Set of 4 Hot/Cold Stainless Steel Lined Servers

Insocore Set of 4 Hot/Cold Stainless Steel Lined Servers

Have you ever gone on an outing and wanted to bring your favorite ice cream or soup along but didn’t because the ice cream would melt and the soup would get cold? Well, now you can with Insocore set of 4 Hot/Cold Stainless Steel Lined Servers

 “Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.”

Cold and hot foods stay cold and hot for hours and they stay cool to the touch.

They are great for Holidays, picnics, BBQs, camping, tailgate parties, to bring lunches to work or school, on road trips and for families that are not able to eat their meals together.

Insocore Set of 4 Hot/Cold Stainless Steel Lined Servers

For Hot Foods

Just use hot water from the tap, or microwave on high for about 5 minutes enough water to fill the server (DO NOT PUT SERVERS INTO THE MICROWAVE), or boil enough water to fill the server and pour into the server that you would like to serve the hot food in before you start cooking and when the hot food is done pour out the hot water and put in the hot food.

For Cold Foods

Put the server without the lid into the freezer for an hour and then put the cold food into the server. 
The longer the server stays unopened the longer it will keep the food cold or hot.

Available Colors


The Set Includes

one 1-1/4 cup/10-oz small server with locking lid 
one 3-cup/24-oz medium server with locking lid 
one 4-cup/32-oz large server with locking lid 
one 10-cup/80-oz extra-large server with locking lid


QVC Price: $33.00 
Introductory Price: $29.99 
Shipping & Handling: $6.72 
Plus applicable sales tax

Product # K27937

There is only one thing I dislike about the servers and that is they are not leakproof. If they were airtight they would stay colder and hotter for a longer period of time and be easier to take along.

I’m using one right now, I poured hot tap water into the server, made my chili beans, poured the water out and then poured the chili beans in. It’s been on the table since 3:00 pm and it’s now 5:55 pm and the chili beans are still hot.

Insocore Set of 4 Hot/Cold Stainless Steel Lined Servers

I like using the Insocore set of 4 Hot/Cold Stainless Steel Lined Servers. They are a nice compliment to my table and I plan on using them for many occasions.

I give these servers a big thumbs up.

My personal experience.

Product Review: Aimee’s Livin Magic Sweet Livin Walnuts

Sweet Livin Walnuts

Product Review: Aimee’s Livin Magic Sweet Livin Walnuts

Sweet Livin Walnuts: I received some tasty free samples from Aimee’s Livin Magic Store in York, Maine. One of the samples I tried was the Aimee’s Livin Magic Sweet Livin Walnuts. They are gluten-free and sugar-free and taste nutty and delicious. I think they become one of my new favorite nutty munching snacks to fight off my sweet tooth and hunger.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

What Are Sweet Livin Walnuts

Aimee’s Livin Magic Sweet Livin Walnuts are soaked in water and coated with coconut oil and then flavored with vanilla, stevia, and sea salt. They contain tons of omega 3 fatty acids that help nourish your heart and body, but for me, these acids help relieve inflammation caused by autoimmune disease. These tasty walnuts make the perfect gluten-free snack to munch on when the hunger hits.

Sweet Livin Walnuts

Flavor and Scent

When I went to open the Aimee’s Livin Magic Sweet Livin Walnuts up the scent that came from the bag was nutty and sweet. Immediately they made my mouth water. As soon as I popped one in my mouth to try I was delightfully surprised at how good they tasted.

The walnuts have a sweet flavor on the outside with a hint of salt and a nutty walnut flavor on the inside. These nuts were super crunchy because of the dehydration processes they go through in order to help keep their potent nutrients locked inside them. I have to say they are simply walnuts with a sweetness to them you can not help but love.

How to Eat Aimee’s Livin Magic Sweet Livin Walnuts

The way I like to eat the Aimee’s Livin Magic Sweet Livin Walnuts is simply by pouring them into my hands and eating them up just as they are while sipping down a cup of chamomile tea. I found eating these walnuts while drinking chamomile tea to be very calming during stressful moments.

I even chopped some up and tossed them into my homemade granola bars and I have to say they added plenty of crunchiness and flavor. It was wonderful. I am also thinking about tossing them into some fruity Greek yogurt later for a healthy filling snack, but you can eat them however you prefer too.

Sweet Livin Walnuts

Personal Opinion

I simply love these sweet walnuts and would recommend them to anyone looking for a sweet nutty gluten-free snack to munch on. I can definitely say I will be getting more of them when I run out of the sample I have because they are addicting and delicious and I can not get enough of them. I hope those of you who try them as well as the way these walnuts taste and the crunchiness they have.

Product Review of the North Face Enduro Boa Hydration Pack

North Face Enduro Boa Hydration Pack

Product Review of the North Face Enduro Boa Hydration Pack

When hiking, running, or walking, one of the best things you can do is stay hydrated. There are many options for getting enough water while you’re out running or hiking. Many people opt for a water bottle, many of which come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and holding capacity. However, the water bottle has its setbacks as well. Water bottles usually don’t hold all the water you’ll need on any given day.

“My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature.”

Many athletes and professional hikers and backpackers resort to a very different method of carrying and drinking water. In fact, many of them choose to carry hydration packs. North Face Enduro Boa Hydration packs are like backpacks that are smaller and carry water inside of items inside of it. These packs are usually extremely easier to carry around as well and fit over your shoulders like a backpack too.

Being a hiker myself, I know the importance of getting enough water. One time while I was hiking, I noticed my water bottle had been leaking out all over my backpack and the ground. This created an even bigger problem besides a wet backpack and clothing articles. I had no more water for the day and there wasn’t any freshwater nearby either. I ended up hiking to the nearest freshwater source, which took hours and I nearly had dehydration and heat exhaustion. I knew there had to be more reliable water to transport and drink water while hiking and I learned that there was.

 North Face Enduro Boa Hydration Pack

One of my favorite brands is North Face. I love North Face because they make high-quality products that range from clothing to camping equipment. One thing I noticed that was featured on the North Face website was the North Face Enduro Boa Hydration Pack. It seemed like a great buy and I knew it would be a great addition to my hiking and walking gear that I normally carry. Although the price of the North Face Enduro Boa was a little steep at $119, it seemed like a great investment. I decided to purchase the hydration pack in black directly from the North Face website.

The North Face Enduro Boa Hydration Pack has a lot of features. It has a compressed 1.5-liter (50 oz.) water reservoir. It has special shoulder straps and a waist strap for easy comfort and transport. It’s also made with smooth mesh that is breathable and doesn’t abrade the skin, even if you’re wearing a tank top. It also has a large exterior pocket for holding other necessary items.

Upon receiving the North Face Enduro Boa Hydration Pack in the mail, I wanted to try it out. I filled it up with cold water, which is extremely easy to do. I adjusted the straps, and away I went hiking. The pack is surprisingly light, even filled with almost two liters of water. Also, the straps and back part are extremely comfortable and don’t cause any abrasion whatsoever. The North Face Enduro Boa Hydration Pack actually holds a lot of water and I went the whole day without drinking all of it, which was nice knowing it carried all that I would need.

North Face Enduro Boa Hydration Pack

Overall, I would rate the North Face Enduro Boa Hydration Pack a 5/5. It’s certainly well worth the price and it actually delivers all that it promises. I would highly recommend this product to avid hikers, runners, and campers who use or drink a lot of water during the day.

Product Review: Kroger Brand Turkey Bacon


Kroger Brand Turkey Bacon

“A kitchen without a knife is not a kitchen. “

I eat a lot of turkey substitutes for pork and beef products for health reasons, and I consider myself something of a turkey bacon connoisseur.

I prefer turkey bacon to pork for many reasons, not the least of which is that pork bacon is far too fatty for me. I am really glad that I found what I deem to be great turkey in Kroger Brand Turkey.

I have eaten Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon, and while I thought it tasted good, it was a little too sweet for me.

Kroger Brand Turkey Bacon

Kroger Brand Turkey Bacon is truly a delicious product. It reproduces the taste of pork bacon nicely and should satisfy the palate of anyone craving that classic cured meat taste. I think Kroger Turkey is functionally a fantastic substitute for pork.

I eat it in the morning with scrambled eggs or fold it into omelets, and use it to top hamburgers, pizza, and BLTs.

It really tastes great. It doesn’t tend to get as crisp as pork, and if you try to use it to render the fat from it for the purposes of cooking another dish, you might have to add some oil because it is, in general, quite a bit leaner than most cuts of pork bacon.

The label indicates it has 65% less fat than pork.

Just bear this in mind when you buy it. Kroger Brand Turkey also seems like it’s cut just a tiny bit thicker than other turkey bacon. I say this because it takes some time for it to cook properly.

There are several ways you can prepare Kroger Brand Turkey Bacon. You can zap it in the microwave, cook it on the stovetop, or bake it in the oven. I usually choose the microwave option, but cooking it in the skillet is the best option for getting it to crisp as much as it can.

In my experience, the microwave instructions are a little bit misleading because they indicate you can cook four slices of in two minutes, but I have found it takes at least three minutes to get it to cook all the way through.

 Kroger Brand Turkey Bacon

I would rate Kroger Brand Turkey Bacon at a five out of five. I think it is a wonderful choice, healthier with less fat than pork (and of course suitable to people who are avoiding red meat or have religious proscriptions against consuming pork), and it tastes great, even better in my mind than pork.


Personal experience with this product.

Product Review: The Tropical Scent Air Freshener By Bissell

Tropical Scent Air Freshener

The Tropical Scent Air Freshener by Bissell

“The first fresh hour of every morning should be dedicated to the Lord, whose mercy gladdens it with golden light.”

Tropical Scent Air Freshener can quickly freshen the air and make rooms smell more pleasant, especially if you are a pet owner and you have to constantly battle to keep your home smelling clean and fresh. Tropical Scent Freshener by Bissell is great to have on hand when you need to quickly freshen the air.

Pet Odours

As a cat owner, I am constantly trying to keep my home smelling fresh, as the litter tray is on the ground floor, where the main living area is. As such, it is not possible to completely avoid any unpleasant smells that come from the cats’ litter tray. While it is easy to quickly get used to certain odors when you are a pet owner when you are expecting company you will be more conscious of freshening up your home so that it will be a more inviting place to visit.


Image result for bissell air freshener


On a recent shopping trip, I wanted to try out a different kind of air freshener. I came across Tropical Scent Air Freshener by Bissell in Big Lots. It cost less than $1.00 and looked just as good as other varieties I usually buy. So I put it in my basket.


When I got home, I sprayed the freshener to see what it smelled like. I found the scent delicate. It reminded me of a field of aromatic flowers during spring. The scent was not at all heavy or overpowering as some can be.

Freshens Rooms

Tropical Scent Air Freshener by Bissell freshened up the downstairs bathroom, where the cats’ litter tray is placed. Although I did not expect the room to smell like it had just been cleaned, it did smell fresh and pleasant. Although the cats quickly darted out of the room as soon as I sprayed the freshener, I am sure that they also appreciated the fresh new fragrance to their bathroom.


As with other aerosols, it is important to be very careful with how you use this product. Keep it out of reach of small children and only use it as directed on the bottle. Inhaling this aerosol could be harmful and in some cases, it can even prove fatal.

Tropical Scent Air Freshener


I was very pleased with the scent of Tropical Scent Air Freshener by Bissell and how well it freshened up my home. The price was also very reasonable. It is certainly a product that I would consider buying again.

Product Review: Neuton Battery-Powered Mower

Neuton Battery-Powered Mower

Product Review: Neuton Battery-Powered Neuton

Neuton Battery-Powered Mower: Why I Chose Neuton 

– My gas-powered lawnmower was more than twenty-five years old and in need of replacement. Tired of changing the air filter, spark plug and oil as well as running to the gas station every time I needed gas, not to mention the fumes, noise and pull starting the thing, I decided to buy an electric mower.

Electric mowers have been around for years. I used one when I was growing up. The thing I didn’t enjoy–and still don’t–is dragging an extension cord around. Pull too hard, it unplugs. You’re also limited on how far you can go. Getting around obstacles, like trees, is sometimes a problem. And if the cord is accidentally run over–lights out in more ways than one.

That started me thinking about looking for a battery-powered mower. I saw an ad in AARP magazine for Neuton, but I decided to search the internet. I found Black & Decker, along with a couple of other manufactures also made one. I liked the Neuton, though, and ordered a DVD. Everything looked good on the DVD.

Neuton Battery-Powered Mower

Neuton Battery-Powered Mower: Choices

Neuton has two sizes of mowers: the CE 5.2 (14-inch cutting path) and the CE 6.2 (19-inch cutting path). I chose CE 6.2 since my old mower had a 20-inch blade and I wanted to get something close to the same size. This mower comes with a 36-volt battery and a 750-watt, 50-amp motor.

The mower only weighs 46 pounds and the battery, 23 pounds. The 5.2 has a 24-volt battery and a 500-watt, 32-amp motor. Both are delivered with a side discharge attachment, bagger and mulching plug. Neuton also offers reconditioned mowers. I bought one of these since it carried the same two-year warranty as a new mower and was $30 less.

“One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”

Neuton Battery-Powered Mower: Optional Attachments

A trimmer/edger can be ordered for both mowers. A utility shelf which fits on the handlebar of the CE 5.2–a place to put a water bottle, gloves and other things–and a striper (a roller that rolls behind the leaves a stripe in the grass) for the CE 6.2 are available. You can also order an accessories package. It has the trimmer/edger with three spools of cord, a spare battery, a spare blade, and a blade sharpener. I ordered one of these kits, but it is on backorder so I did not receive it with the mower.

Neuton Battery-Powered Mower: Power

When I received I did the checks the manual stated doing before running the mower. Then I put in the safety key and switched the button to mow. The battery indicator showed the battery fully charged. I slid the lock on the handle to “unlock” and squeezed.

The mower shot to live with the feeling of great power. I didn’t have time to mow the lawn, so I put the charger on the battery. Fifteen minutes later the green light on the charger came on and I unplugged it, folded the handlebar down (easily done with a turn of a lever) and put the mower away.

Neuton Battery-Powered Mower: Mowing the Lawn

A couple of days later I pulled the it out. When I lifted the lever to put the handlebar up I noticed the height of the bar was easily adjusted with the same lever. I put the safety key in, closed the lid, attached the bagger and started mowing. I figured I would give the mower a real workout.

I hadn’t used a bagger on my gas so there was old grass in piles throughout the yard. In five minutes, I was disappointed. Not in the mower, but in the battery. The gauge already showed the battery had dropped halfway down the green and I figured no way would the battery last long enough to mow the entire yard.

The information on the CE 6.2 stated it would mow up to one-third acre (approximately 14,520 square feet or about forty-five to sixty minutes) and I had mowed only about ten square feet. I stopped the mower removed the bagger, emptied it and returned to find the gauge was back in the high end of the green.

I then realized the gauge changed according to the load on the motor. When I got into heavy grass the gauge dropped into the yellow, but once I was back into thinner grass the gauge went back into the green.

I mowed my entire lawn without any problems and the battery gauge was still in the green when I was done. The mower not only did a good job of mowing the lawn, but it also picked up all the old grass, and my lawn looked great. The second time I mowed the lawn was a week later. I decided to use the mulching plug. The gauge never once went into the yellow.

Neuton Battery-Powered Mower: Charging the Battery

The battery can be removed from the mower by simply turning the lever that holds it in place and pulling the battery out. Even though the battery is a lead-acid battery–the same type found in automobiles–it isn’t like a car battery. Everything is sealed. The battery connects with two prongs on the bottom of it and there are no cables to connect to it. The charger is a small black plug-in box similar to an adapter that comes with an electric shaver. The end that plugs into the battery also looks similar to what plugs into an electric razor. After the first mowing, the battery took about eight hours to charge. The battery is never to be run completely dead. The charger can be left on the battery after it is charged. One advantage of a removable battery is if you do run the battery low you can take it out and replace it with a fully charged battery.

Neuton Battery-Powered Mower: Upkeep

The mower is made of lightweight polyethylene which is stronger than steel and won’t rust. This does not mean you can take a hose to it. The mower is electric. And, as we all should know, water and electricity do not mix. A damp soft cloth or sponge with mild detergent and a soft nylon brush can be used for cleaning. The moving parts of the handlebar can be cleaned with WD-40® sprayed on a paper towel. It is also recommended the blade and motor mount bolts are checked for tightness periodically. The undercarriage needs to be cleaned of grass and leaves before each mowing.

Neuton Battery-Powered: Storage

The handlebar folds down with a lift of a lever. The CE 6.2 can then be tipped up against a wall. It is recommended when storing the mower for a long period of time that the charger is left on the battery–even if it is six months or longer. This does not hurt the battery.

Neuton Battery-Powered Mower: Cost

The CE 5.2 list price at the time of this writing is $399 and the CE 6.2 is $499 plus shipping and handling charges. However, at the time of this writing, both mowers are on sale for $25 off and free shipping and no handling charge. This also applies to reconditioned models.

The accessory kits are also on sale at the time of this writing. The CE 5.2 kit lists for $210 is on sale for $149.95 and the CE 6.5 kit list for $234.75 is on sale for $164.95. Both include free shipping and handling while on sale. You can visit www.neutonpower.com for more information.

Neuton Battery-Powered Mower: My Rating

I give the Neuton Battery-Powered CE 6.2 five stars out of five. The cost is comparable to any other battery-powered (or cordless) mower on the market. I enjoy the fact that I no longer have to wear earplugs when mowing the lawn. I can get up at the crack of dawn and mow my lawn without waking up the neighborhood.

Neuton Battery-Powered Mower

When I gave a demonstration to a neighbor who has a plug-in electricmower he exclaimed, “That’s quieter!” And what a breeze it is to simply turn on a switch, unlock the handlebar, squeeze, and the mowers is running. No more yanking on a cord to get it started.

If I smell any disgusting odor, it’s where the neighbor’s dog pooped in my yard and not from the mower. There is a drawback to our northern neighbors. It cannot be shipped to Canada. However, if you live there contact Neuton. I figure they can get one to you somehow. It is sold in Australia, Europe, the UK, and New Zealand under the name Enviromower.

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