A Product Review of Calgon Tropical Dream Body Lotion: A Different Scent


Calgon Tropical Dream Body Lotion A Different Scent:

The Lotion That Helps You Sparkle Like The Sun!”

I love trying different types of body lotions and enjoy comparing different brands of scented body lotions, also. I recently tried out Calgon Tropical Dream Body Lotion. This tropically scented lotion is very different. Here is what I discovered!

Affordable Calgon Tropical Dream Body Lotion:

Calgon Tropical Dream Body Lotion is very affordable! This scented body lotion comes in a large six-ounce tube and it is a bargain. I got this product in a Calgon tropical dream perfume gift set! The entire gift set was only around nine dollars and it included perfume and this body lotion.

As most people know, Calgon has a famous and well-known advertisement saying “Calgon, take me away” and when I smelled this body lotion, I could truly relate to that statement. The scent does take you away and it is impossible not to go, so, you better be ready for this tropical scent vacation! It is going to transport you to a tropical island, like it or not. I could not wait to try this product out and write a review about it.

Calgon Tropical Dream Body Lotion

Alright, you have been warned! A strong tropical scent of coconuts, mangos, and most things, well, tropical, are in this lotion. You must love all things tropical to enjoy this particular tropical scent journey.

I mean it! When I put this body lotion on, I felt like I had been doused with a big pina colada drink! The thing is, I love Pina Coladas! A little bit of this lotion goes a long, long way. But, hey, that means that I got my money’s worth from this product for sure. The scent of this body lotion does last for a few hours. It is a great beach lotion, in my opinion. The tropical fragrance sure puts one in the mood for a tropical setting.

Calgon Tropical Dream Body Lotion is a dermatologist tested. It is also mineral oil-free. ” A luscious breeze” is also a creative name for this tropical scented body lotion. That statement is on the front of the tube of lotion along with a picture of a beautiful beach tropical sunset along with palm trees.

Yep. It is a strong and powerful scent, for sure. I have to be in the “tropical” mood to use this lotion. I rate Calgon Tropical Dream Body Lotion three and one-half stars out of five stars. It is a very interesting scented body lotion.

Calgon Tropical Dream Body Lotion has vitamin E and aloe in it, so that makes it a wonderful and very soothing body lotion to use after being out in the sun or on the beach during a sunny afternoon. I like my body lotions to have vitamin E and aloe, these ingredients are good for my skin.

Calgon Tropical Dream Body Lotion

I truly enjoyed trying this lotion and writing a review about it. The scent is strong, but it does subtle down over a few hour’s time. I love having this interesting and very different tropical scent on me. It is indeed unique from other tropical scents and that is the quality that I liked best about this product. No one will guess what scent you are wearing, that is for sure. It is edible and almost delicious.


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