Product Review: The Diva Cup Innovates Menstrual Protection

Product Review: The Diva Cup Innovates Menstrual Protection

The Diva Cup Innovates Menstrual Protection:

“That time of the month for a woman with a good lover is an unwelcome vacation.”

Women have bemoaned their monthly cycles since the dawn of time. Women must not only deal with the physical discomfort associated with menstruation, but also with the messy methods of protection. The history of feminine protection has come far since the days of rags, sanitary aprons, and uncomfortable belts.

However, other than altering the design of pads and tampons, there has been little change to the world of feminine protection, right? WRONG! The Diva Cup Innovates Menstrual Protection Solution can pleasantly change how women cope with their infamous “time of the month.”

What is the Diva Cup?

The Diva Cup Innovates Menstrual Protection is a reusable form of internal menstrual protection. This latex-free product is made of flexible medical grade silicone. It is environmentally friendly, completely hypoallergenic, and hygienic.

How is the Diva Cup revolutionizing women’s menstrual protection?

  • NO LEAKS. Really? Yes, really. The Diva Cup will hold one full ounce and, since the average cycle totals 3-4 ounces, it is more than protective.
  • NO ODOR. The odor associated with menstruation comes from exposure to air and the Diva Cup prevents that.
  • NO MESS. Women will empty the cup when they feel a need. Menses goes straight from the cup into the toilet. Simply rinse before reinserting it.
  • NO STAINS. Gone are the soaking tubs for clothing and sheets.
  • CONVENIENT AND COMFORTABLE. If a woman has a regular cycle, she can insert it before her cycle starts. When inserted properly, a woman will not even feel she is wearing it.
  • AFFORDABLE. The Diva Cup can be reused for up to 10 years and costs approximately $32.50. It will save hundreds of dollars that would otherwise be spent on disposable pads and tampons.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. It helps decrease the number of pads, tampons, and packaging materials that pollute our landfills and sewage systems.

What other points are worth considering?

Supposedly “sanitary” pads and tampons are bleached white with chlorine. This exposes women to harmful dioxin, a carcinogenic toxin.

  • Depending on the woman, the cup only needs to be emptied 2-3 times in the 24-hour period. The Diva Cup works well even for women with heavy flows. They will simply need to empty the cup a little more often.
  • The Diva Cup Innovates Menstrual Protection is suitable for swimming and other physical activities.
  • The Federal Drug Administration approves the Diva Cup.
  • The Diva Cup can be used throughout the night.
  • The Diva Cup has never been associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome.
  • Unlike tampons, the Diva Cup is non-absorbent and does not disturb the self-cleaning nature of the vagina.
  • There is a bit of a learning curve of how to insert the Diva Cup properly, but most women report that after the first cycle of use, they find it to be exceedingly simple to use.

What is my personal experience with the Diva Cup Innovates?

I first stumbled upon the Diva Cup when I entered the world of cloth diapering. Many cloth diapering businesses also caters to earth-friendly mama protection, and the Diva Cup is offered by many of them.

From there, I researched which alternative to menstrual protection was right for me and decided onThe Diva Cup Innovates Menstrual Protection. I have been using the cup for over six months now and am more than happy with it.

There are only two small drawbacks that I have found. One is that, as I said, it does take a little bit to understand how to correctly insert it. However, after one cycle I got the feel for using it properly and find it as easy to use as a tampon. The second potential problem is rinsing it in public restrooms.

The manufacturer suggests that it is acceptable to reinsert without rinsing or that wiping it out with a damp tissue is perfectly fine. Since it does not need to be emptied often, I have not had an issue with this.

Despite those concerns, the only regret that I have is that I didn’t start using it sooner. This product is absolutely and undeniably all that it claims to be. Clean, convenient, comfortable, and environmentally responsible. I couldn’t wait to share how revolutionary this product is with my female friends.

Unfortunately, I was shocked to find that some women had an immediate negative reaction to the product. Upon reflection, I realized that this negativity isn’t so uncommon whenever a new product comes out.

Decades ago when tampons first came on the common market they faced a similar reaction. Change often brings with it doubt and skepticism. However, after having used the product for several months, I am certain thatThe Diva Cup Innovates Menstrual Protection Solution will become the norm in feminine hygiene protection in the future.

The Diva Cup Innovates Menstrual Protection

In closing, this reusable, economical product will free women from many of their frustrations associated with their monthly cycle. Women can feel confident in The Diva Cup Innovates Menstrual Protectionwhile being environmentally responsible. The Diva Cup truly is an innovation for women’s menstrual hygiene.


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