The Ahh Bra: Product Review

The Ahh Bra: Product Review

The Ahh Bra: Product Review

“For every woman who burned a bra, there’s a man burning to wear one.”

The Ahh Bra: I’m a middle-aged woman, and as the years go by, it seems harder and harder to find a good bra. By good, I mean one that fits properly, is comfortable and carries its weight, so to speak. There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just come out and say it. I’m 50, and so are “the twins”. They haven’t really grown over the years, but they have gotten, well, longer, so when I saw this miracle “over the shoulder boulder holder,” I just had to try it.

The Ahh Bra

The offer includes three bras; one black, one white, and one beige, for $59.95 plus shipping, handling, and taxes. That’s actually not a bad price, considering that you get three bras. The infomercial showed woman after a woman trying, and loving, the Ahh Bra. The before and after pictures of each woman were impressive, too. And, if you don’t absolutely love the Ahh Bras, you can get a full refund of the purchase price, provided you return the bras within thirty days.

The Ahh Bra comfort:

When my bras came, I simply could not wait to feel the comfort and support that the infomercial promised. I raced upstairs to the bedroom to try on my new Ahh Bra. Throwing caution to the wind, I peeled off my tee shirt and bra without even closing the blinds and wiggled and jiggled my way into one of the Ahh Bras. Wiggling and jiggling are necessary because the Ahh Bra has no hardware; no hooks, no snaps, no strap adjustments, no wires. You can either step into it or pull it on over your head.

The first thing that I noticed was that the bra was not at all comfortable. No matter how I pulled, twisted, and repositioned the fabric, it just did not feel good. Once I had the bra in the best position that I could get it, I noticed something else. The Ahh Bra tended to have a much more natural look if you catch my drift. That would have been great twenty-five years ago, but twenty-five years ago I really didn’t need a bra anyway.

When I put my shirt back on over the Ahh Bra and looked in the mirror, I was really disappointed. My before and after looks didn’t even slightly resemble the before and after pictures of the women in the infomercial. I was still pulling and tugging at the bra to try to find a way to wear it comfortably. After a few minutes of denial and some brightly colored language, I wriggled out of the bra and got dressed. I returned the Ahh Bras this morning, and it’s been thirty-one days, so I sure hope I get a refund of the full purchase price.

The Ahh Bra

My overall impression of the Ahh Bra is this:

It’s a great bra if you don’t really need a bra. If you are a real woman with real curves and you need real support, this may not be the right bra for you. It certainly wasn’t for me.


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