Product Review – Teeth Effect Bands


Teeth Effect Bands

 “Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond.”

Is it possible to fix gaps between your teeth without the use of braces? According to the newly popular website, yes it is possible. This website sells a small rubber “teeth effect” bands. These rubber bands look like ordinary rubber bands that you use on your teeth throughout the braces process.

Teeth Effect Bands

These teeth effect bands are known as “compressor bands.” They are used to draw your teeth together, therefore closing any gaps that you may have in your teeth. Much like traditional braces, these teeth effect bands provide the pull needed to move your teeth quickly and in the correct direction. Are teeth effect bands the right tool for you? You’ll have to read about my experience to find out.

The teeth gap website guarantee’s that you will not find a cheaper way to close a gap in your teeth. This is what drew me into the website and urged me to purchase their product. I have a very slight gap between my front teeth.

I didn’t feel the need to spend thousands to get this slightly unnoticeable gap fixed by expensive braces so I figured, “why not give this a try?” The product only costs $19.95 and I figure that If they don’t work, I won’t be out too much cash.

You get 100 of these clear rubber bands when you order. The teeth gap website really does sound too good to be true for those who are looking for an affordable way to close their unwanted gap.

I purchased the teeth effect bands and about 2 weeks later, they arrived in the mail. These teeth gap bands are supposed to be worn at night, but they are made clear so that you can also wear them during the day, thus speeding up the time it takes for your gap to close. The website FAQ states that for a small gap, it should only take a couple of days of using the teeth effect bands to fully close the gap.

For gaps that are 3mm or greater, it may take a few weeks. As I said before, my gap was very small, and after using this product for weeks, it never closed.

Maybe I should have known by the fake-looking pictures on, but like most in my situation, I was looking for an affordable way out. I have heard some success stories when it comes to teeth effect bands, but I have also heard the consequences.

Because the teeth effect bands move your teeth so quickly, your gums can be damaged during this process. Your teeth can loosen and your smile may be worse than when you started.

I stopped using the teeth effect bands after I had no luck with the product. With some success stories, individuals did have their gaps close. The only downfall with this is that everyone who had their gap close had to repeat the process and spend more of their hard-earned cash. This is because when the teeth effect bands actually do work on some individuals, it is only temporary.

A week or two after you stop using the teeth effect bands, the gap most likely will reappear. The website even claims that repeated treatment may be necessary. I am glad that I stopped using this product before it ruined by teeth.

I feel that it is not only my fault for believing such a “quick way out,” but the companies fault for selling individuals a product that may be harmful to their health. The website has no seal of approval from dentists and recently, I have only heard bad things about the site. The rubber bands that they are selling for $20 a pop can easily be bought in the dollar store.

There is nothing special about the bands that are the quick answer to a perfect smile. When someone is in a situation where they are low on cash, they are willing to try anything, even wasting money on unreliable products. I guess in this case, you get what you pay for, or a little less.

There really is no easy way out when it comes to your smile. Braces are really the way to go if you are looking for a professional procedure that not harm your teeth or gums and that will last. A product such as the teeth effect bands are one of those miracle cures that are too good to be true.

Teeth Effect Bands

There is always a catch when it comes to products like these and you can see what they are as I mentioned above. If you are looking for a way to improve your smile, contact your local dentist. There are many ways that you can pay in low payments monthly. This is a much better choice than using unreliable products.


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