Product Review: Alberto VO5 Real Clean! Styling Gel

Product Review: Alberto VO5 Real Clean! Styling Gel

Alberto VO5 Real Clean! Styling Gel

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”

Alberto VO5 Real Clean! is a styling gel with an extra hold to ensure that your hair will stay spiked or slicked during the day. It contains 5 vitamins, is alcohol-free and has UV filters. The climate control formula resists humidity, wind, and heat for long-lasting hold.

Alberto VO5 Real Clean

VO5 Real Clean! is by far one of the best styling gels that I’ve tried and as a mother to three boys, I’ve tried many hair gels in attempts to get their unruly hair to stay in place the way I want it. The other hair gels I’ve bought have either not lasted the entire day they are at school or the gel turns to white flakes in their hair.

My children are very active so I needed something that would last and not leave nasty little flakes in their hair. Alberto VO5 Real Clean! not only leaves their hair in place but it feels soft and not hard like most other gels. It comes in an attractive 5.1 oz red bottle that is very easy to find on the shelves when shopping but the main thing I don’t like about VO5 Real Clean! is the size of the bottle.

It’s too small and doesn’t come with enough gel so if you have more then one person in your family who uses styling gel on a daily basis, you’re going to have to buy several bottles to keep on hand. The bottle has a pump that makes it easier to get the gel out and you don’t have to fight with squeezing the gel out of the bottle since you can just pump it out.

With other hair gels, I had to use a lot to get my children’s hair to stay put, but with Alberto VO5 Real Clean! I only need a small amount in the palm of my hand. You can apply it to damp or dry hair but I find for my family it works best to apply it with only slightly damp or dry hair. I’ve found that having your head upside down and applying at your roots gets you the hold you want better than applying it when your head is straight up. After you apply it to your hair, it’s easy to wash it off your hands with water and doesn’t leave sticky residue on your hands.

Alberto VO5 Real Clean

You can buy Alberto VO5 Real Clean! at most drug stores and some department stores. Prices vary depending on where you buy it but the average price is around $3.00 for the best affordable, long-lasting hair gel on the market.


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