Product Review: Pure Life Volcanic Clay Mask

Pure Life Volcanic Clay Mask

Review of Pure Life Volcanic Clay Mask:

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Once a month I like to use the Pure Life Volcanic Clay Mask to help rejuvenate my skin. I feel it is one of the best natural facial masks to use. The reasons why are because it actually contains naturally nourishing ingredients in it that help repair and rejuvenating the skin naturally without harshness. I even like it is an earth-friendly skincare product.

Ingredients Pure Life Volcanic Clay Mask:

The Pure Life Volcanic Clay Mask comes in an almost 7-ounce squeezable orange tube. Inside the mask is this deep-colored smooth silky mask made from natural ingredients such as wheat germ, volcanic clay, essential healing oils, chamomile, mint, aloe, spring water, and hydantoin. These ingredients help naturally rejuvenate the skin by adding minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants back into the skin while also drawing toxins and impurities out of the skin naturally.

 Pure Life Volcanic Clay Mask

Some of the things I do before using the volcanic clay mask are washed my face and exfoliate it well. I find doing this first really helps allow the mask to soak into the skin and work its naturally healing magic. The way I apply the deep color mask that has a pleasant clay-like herbal scent to it is by squeezing some of it into my hands and then layering it onto my face in a nice thick even layer.

The mask spreads nicely when applying which I really like. Once the mask is on it does tingle and sometimes burns a bit, but eventually, these sensations go away and the mask becomes dry and tight because it is firming up and detoxifying the skin naturally. The mask will also become a very tight feeling on the face but this is only because it is drying. Once the mask has fully dried, I remove it from the face and skin with plenty of warm water and a washcloth.

After the mask, my skin tends to feel dry so I apply facial cream to help add hydrations, but overall this mask does exactly what it is supposed to do and my skin looks bright and clear after using it.

 Pure Life Volcanic Clay Mask

This is definitely a facial mask I would recommend to any teen or adult to use to help keep skin looking and feeling good naturally because it does just that for me. The mask is slightly pricy, but I feel it is worth it because one bottle of this facial mask does last a long time. I do hope those of you who try this facial mask out love what it does for your skin.


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