Product Review: Billy Blanks Bootcamp Elite

Product Review: Billy Blanks Bootcamp Elite

Billy Blanks Bootcamp Elite:

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

I have been a fan of Billy Blanks for the better part of a decade. I was given the original Tae-Bo collection on VHS as a birthday gift in 1999. I did the video faithfully on a daily basis for six months and dropped 80 pounds.

Having regained the 80 pounds (and then some!) I scoured the shelves at my local Target store when I saw the Billy Blanks Bootcamp Elite. At $29.99, it is cheaper than a gym membership, and since Tae-Bo had worked for me once before, I decided to buy it and see if I could have the same level of results.

The box comes with the weighted “Billy Bands”, a 7-day eating plan, and the following three DVDs: 

 Billy Blanks Bootcamp Elite

Mission 1: Getting Started 

Billy Blanks Bootcamp Elite workout runs approximately 30 minutes. It will teach you the basic Tae-Bo moves as well as the basics of using the bands. It is a fairly challenging workout, but easy to follow, as Billy walks you through the steps and provides instruction along the way.

Billy Blanks Bootcamp Elite workout incorporates more cardio and only uses the bands for a few minutes toward the end of the program, just to get your feet wet and give you a feel for how they work. This DVD also includes an additional 8-minute workout, which is handy if you want to include a quick morning workout in your schedule.

Mission 2: Maximum Power 

Billy Blanks Bootcamp Elite workout runs approximately 40 minutes. This part of the program is designed to work at a much faster pace than the Getting Started DVD and assumes that you are comfortable with the Tae-Bo moves. You will use the bands throughout almost the entire program.

Mission 3: Rock Solid Abs 

Billy Blanks Bootcamp Elite workout runs approximately 30 minutes and also includes a shorter 8-minute workout, both of which are geared toward toning and strengthening your abdominal muscles.

The 30-minute workout makes use of the bands in toning your core, as well as getting your pulse up in order to burn calories. If you have fairly weak abdominal muscles, this workout may be more of a challenge to you than the previous two.

Billy Blanks Bootcamp Elite workout is all customizable to your fitness level through adjusting the Billy Bands. These bands have a weighted handle (they use a removable one pound weight), and a loop to attach to your shoe.

The bands are adjustable, though – you can do the workouts without the bands, you can remove the weight from the handle, or you can remove the bands and just use the weighted handles. This makes the program versatile and allows you to make the program more challenging as your fitness level increases.

The seven-day eating plan which accompanies the workout is pretty straightforward, but if you are just getting started and trying to figure out how to plan a healthy diet, it provides you with some guidelines.

If you are already pretty well-versed in how to plan a balanced diet, though, there isn’t really anything in the plan that you don’t already know. The eating plan is also an excuse for Billy Blanks to promote his protein shakes, so you will see some product placement in the booklet.

In terms of results, the box promises noticeable results within seven days. In my experience, it delivered on this promise. I started workout five days a week, alternating the Getting Started and Maximum Power DVDs, after ten days, I had lost 6 pounds.

This Tae-Bo program is significantly balanced between providing good cardio training as well as toning up and building muscle. A combination of both of these strategies has always given me the best results, and I am finding the same thing with this Tae-bo program.

There are really two pitfalls in the design of this program. First, the bands are supposed to be adjustable according to your height, which I found they were, however, when you are asked to put the bands down, the little “ball” that holds them in place will sometimes pop out and you will need to re-adjust the bands.

Also, being a non-religious person, I found some of the commentaries he provides at the end of the workout to be a little bit on the preachy side, but I just take that time to sit and stretch after a good solid workout.

Billy Blanks Bootcamp Elite

All things considered, though, I plan to make the Billy Blanks Bootcamp Elite Tae-Bo program a permanent part of my workout strategy, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking to get started on a workout program that is both balanced and effective.

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