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Iodine Rescue

Iodine Rescue:

“A tablet replacing an exercise book is not innovation, it’s just a different way to make notes.”

Thyroid disorders are quite prevalent in modern times, especially among women. The thyroid gland is an extremely important endocrine organ as the hormone that it produced, T3, is a metabolic hormone that stimulates all cells in the human body. This is unique as most other hormones only stimulate specific structures.

The thyroid needs an adequate supply of iodine in order to manufacture T3 hormones; iodine is the “active ingredient.” Without iodine, the thyroid hormones produced will appear like thyroid hormones but will not behave like thyroid hormones.

These non-functional hormones can be measured in blood tests and give “normal” results, but the blood test does not actually test for the functionality of the thyroid hormones. Many times, in cases of deficient iodine stores, bromine takes place of the functional iodine.

Without the proper levels of T3 hormone, the body is only able to function at lower temperatures, and thus lower reactivity rates and metabolism. The results of these low levels produce symptoms of depression, slow mental performance, decreased cognition, anxiety, goiter, free radical damage, estrogen dominance, and a myriad of other physical symptoms – weight gain, cold hands, cold feet, fatigue, exhaustion, thinning hair, brittle nails, dry skin, dandruff, wrist pain, hand numbness, and pain between the shoulder blades.

Iodine Rescue

How Iodine Rescue Is Used

The thyroid works in harmony with two other endocrine organs – the hypothalamus and the pituitary. These three endocrine organs virtually form the thermometer, the thermostat, and the heater in order to regulate body temperature and metabolism.

If T3 levels begin to fall in the body, the hypothalamus senses it and relays a signal to the pituitary via thyroid-releasing hormone (TRH); the pituitary then relays a message to the thyroid via thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and the thyroid begins to manufacture T3 hormone to bring the levels back up to normal. Any miscommunication in this system can cause a thyroid disorder. The usual limiting step in the equation is a lack of adequate iodine.

Once iodine levels are properly restored in the body through the supplementation of Iodine Rescue, an individual will be able to lower the dose or completely stop the use of their thyroid medications (consult with a qualified physician).

During this time of transition, it is possible for the hormone levels of TSH to rise for up to six months, especially when the iodine deficiency was more pronounced. Iodine Rescue supplies an excellent source of Potassium Iodide that is easily absorbed by the body and by the thyroid. Most individuals, upon starting a regimen of Iodine Rescue, will experience a few days of feeling sick as the body begins to detoxify the bromine from the body. This is a normal reaction and is an indication that the thyroid is actually improving.

As an Applied Kinesiologist, I have come to appreciate the powerful effects of Nutriwest’s product – Iodine Rescue. It is the means of the miracle in people’s lives – the ingredient that allows the body to heal itself.

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Now, it should be mentioned briefly that most thyroid disorders are secondary to another endocrine issue – adrenal fatigue. Before seeking treatment for any thyroid disorder, seek treatment from a qualified professional who recognizes adrenal fatigue, not just the extremes of adrenal exhaustion – Addison’s and Cushing’s. Many Applied Kinesiologists, chiropractors, and naturopathic physicians regularly treat adrenal fatigue.


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