Product Review: Lush Dream Time Balm

Product Review: Lush Dream Time Balm

Product Review: Lush Dream Time Balm

For years, I’ve had trouble sleeping. It’s not that I’m not tired, and it’s not that I can’t get to sleep. Lush Dream Time Balm that as soon as I start to doze off, some thought grabs me, and I find myself awake for the next few hours. So I was very skeptical when I heard that Lush’s Dream Time Balm could help me sleep better.

Even though I used to be an herbalist, I figured that it would take something more powerful than lavender and chamomile to put me to sleep. After trying it on a whim, I discovered just how wrong I was.

Lush Dream Time Balm has several essential oils that are purported to help you sleep better. These are blended into a wax base so that it can be applied easily to pressure points on your body. The first night I used it, I rubbed some on my temples. I didn’t feel too different until I laid down. I noticed that I felt calmer, and slept better than I had in a long time.

Lush Dream Time Balm wasn’t until morning that I realized I had forgotten to turn on the humidifier or fan for some background noise. Even though I’m normally unable to sleep without some background noise, I slept fine the night before and had no problem falling asleep and staying asleep. The next night I also tried some along my neckline and wrists. I slept even better than the night before.

Ever since I began using the Dream Time Balm, I have been able to sleep without any problems. Even though I was skeptical at first, I am not now. I am impressed with how well it works. Originally I balked at the price because I was comparing it to the price of a small pot of lip gloss when bought at a drugstore.

But there isn’t a single one of those products that can help me fall asleep. And I soon discovered that one pot lasts for a very long time. Considering this, it is very inexpensive, and one $8 pot will last for many months.

lush dream time balm

With new reports coming out all the time telling about the dangers of using prescription sleep aids, it’s nice to have a product that actually works with natural, gentle ingredients. I am planning on giving some to my mother in law because she has experienced some of the bad side effects from a prescription sleep aid she uses. Lush Dream Time Balm a very inexpensive gift, and I think it will help her tremendously.


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