Product Review: Prenatal Cradle for the Prenatal Belly

Prenatal Cradle
  1. Prenatal Cradle for the Prenatal Belly

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort”

Prenatal Cradle: With my first two pregnancies, I put on a lot of weight and a large belly to go with it. Pregnancy number three also created a big belly, but it wasn’t as spread out as before. So the majority of the weight I gained (around 30 pounds) was directly out front. Around 8 months, the stress on my hips, back, and abdomen areas was more than I could stand – literally. I found myself unable to stand let alone walk more than about 30 minutes. So with a phone call to my doctor’s office, the nurses prescribed for me the Prenatal Cradle in the original form.

Prenatal Cradle

Cradle Baby Early 

The Prenatal Cradle is designed to reduce the stress on basically all of the mid-section areas by gently improving posture while relieving pressure. The Prenatal Cradle is sized by prenatal pant size and current pregnancy weight. At the time I was on the edge of two sizes, so the rep gave me the larger size, knowing I would be wearing it another month.

Taking the cradle out of the box, you see a plethora of straps. Basically I’ve found it best to step into it and adjust from there. Luckily, the cradle is able to be worn with pretty much any clothing and lingerie. I have found that the straps will be visible if you have a low cut shirt. Most of the time it looks like I’ve got a tank under my shirt, so I don’t mind it much. The best part is you do not have to remove it or mess with it to use the bathroom, which is a definite bonus for a 9-month pregnant woman.

The straps are very strong and the main band under the belly is lined with flannel to protect the skin. The major problem I have is that during the process of sitting and standing throughout the day the straps move around, which means I have to adjust periodically. Sometimes if I’ve had to adjust several times the bottom band will start to irritate my skin, and the flannel does make it periodically hot with warmer spring weather.

Ah… the Relief 

I’m not sure what I would have done without the Prenatal Cradle. Almost instantly I could tell a definite difference between wearing it and not, especially when on my feet for a while. Though there are a few specifics I did not care for, it is well worth it to relieve the pressure the little one caused.

Prenatal Cradle

Prenatal Cradle does also carries a range of products depending on your needs, including a mini-cradle and a Prenatal Cradle Plus. Each of these is eligible for medical tax credit (either on taxes or flex plan reimbursement) and may qualify for insurance as well.



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