Product Review: Nature’s Secret Fish Free Omega Plant-Based Oil Supplements

Nature’s Secret Fish Free Omega Plant-Based Oil Supplements

Nature’s Secret Fish Free Omega Plant-Based Oil Supplements:

“Be the kind of person who takes supplements — then skip the supplements.”

I recently started to take Nature’s Secret Fish Free Omega Plant Based Oil Supplements to help keep my heart, lungs, and immune system healthy. So far, these supplements have improved my health in the small amount of time I have been on them. My only complaint is these supplements are hard to swallow down so I have to pop the gel capsule open and squeeze the oil into my fruit smoothie in the morning in order to take it.

Nature’s Secret Fish Free Omega Plant-Based Oil Supplements come in a white plastic easy to open a bottle with about 90 liquid soft-gels inside that are about 1 inch long. The supplements are dark brown in color and filled with flaxseed oil, black current, safflower oil, and pumpkin seed oil.

All these ingredients contain omega fatty acids in them so you do not have to worry about getting fish into your diet if you do not like it in order to get omega fatty acids. I personally like these omega supplements because they do not contain any fish in them and do not smell like fish, which makes them a lot easier to take. Some other ingredients in these supplements are gelatin, St. John’s Bread, glycerin and soy. Those who are allergic to soy should not use these supplements at all.

Now on the bottle, it says to take three supplements a day, but I do not because I do not feel I need that much omega fatty acids in my diet each day. Usually, one supplement is plenty for me since I am only 110 pounds. The supplements do not upset my stomach at all either when I take them, which is nice. However, I would not recommend trying to swallow these supplements down as they are because I did feel like I was choking on one when I went to take one with a large glass of water.

I really do find these supplements are easier to take when you pop them, squeeze the oils from the supplements into a fruit smoothie, and drink it down. I would also recommend talking to a doctor before taking these supplements daily to make sure, they are right for you and to figure out what the appropriate amount you should take each day to help improve your health.

Nature's Secret Fish Free Omega Plant

Since I have been taking the Nature’s Secret Fish Free Omega Plant-Based Oil Supplements I have noticed my skin is softer and glowing, my nails are stronger, I have fewer asthma attacks, my heart beats more regularly, I get sick less often and I have more energy. I also noticed a few days ago my hair had more shine too it which was sweet. However, my thought processes are still the same even though it does say this supplement can help improve brain function. Who knows maybe it takes a little bit more time to see the differences with that.


I do think these omega supplements are affordable and worth using. I would recommend them to any adult to take to help improve their overall health. I know I am benefiting from taking these supplements and will continue with them. I do hope those of you who try these supplements see some improvement in your health as well.


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