Product Review: Metalluscious Lip Cream by Mark

Metalluscious Lip Cream by Mark

Metalluscious lip cream by Mark

If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack

Metalluscious lip cream by Mark is an answer to the demand for color that has shimmer, and also a glossy shine.

The names of the shades all suggest wealth and abundance, names such as Luxury, Privilege, and Opulence. Since makeup is the type of thing we pamper ourselves with, this is a fun way to describe the product.

Most of the shades are of medium or dark intensity. There are eight shades in this collection. Colors range from the golden Opulence to Privilege, a neutral berry, to Empress, which is a deep shimmering red.


Metalluscious lip cream by mark

Features Of Metalluscious Lip Cream

Metalluscious Lip Cream by Mark come in a .12 oz clear tube with white lettering and sell for $5 apiece. Using the Mark “hook-up” system, they can be attached to other Mark products such as lip gloss, eye shadow, or containers of breath mints.

The connector that connects the two products is free if both are ordered at the same time. They are also sold separately for 50 cents each. The option to attach the lip creams to other products makes them very portable and user-friendly. For instance, one can reapply their lip crème and pop a breath mint after having had to look for one item in their bag rather than two.

This carefree approach to beauty is a cornerstone of the Mark company, which markets to the younger makeup consumer. The quality of this product, however, makes it appealing to anyone who is looking for a fun and flattering lip color.

Lip gloss is often applied over lip color, but this product allows you to skip that step. The product itself is quite glossy. The doe-foot applicator is adequate, though not the best for precise application. For the initial application, a lip brush is a good way to get the polished lip outline you want.

Metalluscious Lip Cream by Mark has a light blackberry fragrance. The texture is pleasant – not sticky, uneven, or waxy. It is heavy enough to look nice, but not distractingly heavy. This product is not drying to the lips and seems less likely to cause the drying out and peeling that some lipsticks cause.

Metalluscious Lip Cream by Mark

The lasting power could be better, although this is made up for by its moisturizing qualities.

Like all Mark products, these lip creams can be exchanged or returned if the customer isn’t happy with them. They can be ordered from any Mark or Avon representative. With their low price, moisturizing qualities, and gorgeous shine, these lip creams are a great buy.


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