Product Review: Max Factor Eye Shadow

Max Factor Eye Shadow

Product Review: Max Factor Eye Shadow

When I first Max Factor Eye Shadow saw this, I thought I hit the jackpot. The eye shadow is triple colored with black on one half and gold and bronze on the other half. I wanted shadow in all three of these colors, so I scooped it up immediately.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”

I took it home and tried it out. I used an shadow brush. When I began applying the color to my lids, the powder dusted and flew away, leaving a super sheer color on my lids.

Well, I don’t like sheer color, especially with eye makeup. I had to keep applying the color in layers before I got it to show up. Not to mention, the color didn’t last. The black eye shadow came out looking gray, the gold came out looking like a pale yellow, and the bronze came out looking accurate.

Then one day I remembered about a tip I read about in a magazine: Applying petroleum jelly or a lip gloss on your eyelid before applying eye shadow will make the eye darker.

I used the tip, and the black shadow made me look like a glamorous rock star! The color stuck in place and lasted all day long.

You are to apply a thin layer of a gloss with your finger, then dab the eye shadow over it with an applicator of some kind. Keep dabbing on more color until the color gets as dark as you want it. After you’ve dabbed on the color, pat it in with your finger to seal it down. The color will last for hours.

Max Factor Eye Shadow

Even though I’ve found a way to make it work, I still won’t recommend this eye shadow unless you feel like going through the application process. However, if you are still interested, you can find the product at drugstores. If you would like to receive emails of my future article links, click on my profile, then click “Follow”. Also, follow VanityGoddess on Twitter and MySpace


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