Product Review: Jergens Bar Soap

Jergens Bar Soap

Jergens Bar Soap:

“What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul”

Jergens Bar Soap: Ahhhh, there’s nothing like a good hot shower to cleanse the soul. But when you get out of the shower does your skin feel tight, almost sticky? The problem may be that deodorant bar soap your using.

Do you have a hard time getting a quality lather from your soap, this is a sign of hard water. Combine the two problems and you’ll find a less than satisfying result when you exit the shower.

Some deodorant soaps can be so harsh they can cause skin irritation. Excessive dryness leading to rough and uncomfortable skin. Flaking, cracking, winter weather makes the problem worse.

Outside air has less humidity, and heated indoor air removes much of the remaining moisture. With less moisture in the air, your skin is the first thing to dry out, allowing skin particles to flake off like the old paint on a weathered barn.

jergens bar soap

Moisturizes Jergens Bar Soap:

Your first defense in retaining moisture is to use a Jergens Bar Soap that works toward replenishing the moisture as its primary goal, well after cleansing that is. Jergens products have been around since 1901 when the Andrew Jergens Company first opened for business. The company was purchased in the late 1980s by Kao Corporation. A company that has been providing domestic toiletry soap since 1890.

Kao, with their headquarters in Tokyo Japan, employs almost 6,000 people, they produce other familiar brand names such as Ban Deodorant, Enova Oil. The scope of their worldwide product line includes personal care products, feminine hygiene, home care products, and fabric softeners.

Jerkins has made moisture retention and replenishment it’s driving goal from day one. Their fine line of skincare products, aimed primarily at women, include moisturizers, body lotions, face creams and more.

Their marketing strategy seems to have completely overlooked about half the population. Every product offered is aimed at the female gender, and oversight worth mentioning. Yes, men do suffer from dry skin.

Men are at least equally susceptible to dry skin irritation. Depending on your work environment you may be exposed to conditions far worse than winter’s lack of humidity.

That film left by Jergens Bar Soap can easily lead to skin irritation and rashes when your job requires you to be confined in uncomfortable textile uniforms such as polyester coveralls. What makes a long-lasting, durable uniform is not always best suited as far as maintaining healthy skin.


To provide relief from chafed skin from irritating clothing, or to replenish moisture lost to working with different solvents, a good shower using Jergens bar soap followed with a bit of Jergens body lotion applied after toweling down will provide a layer of moisture-retaining relief.

Jergens Bar Soap

Yes, Martha, Jergens Bar Soap can help the man in your life too. If healthy skin is what you’re looking for, give Jergens a look, you won’t be disappointed.



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