Infinity Razor – Product Review

Infinity Razor

Infinity Razor Review

It’s a razor’s edge, a romance with an old man and a young woman.

The Infinity Razor heralds itself as the last razor you will ever need. I claim I would never believe it. However, my curious nature won out over my skepticism. I bought one of these little razors back in October. I have to say it is as sharp as the day I bought it. Unfortunately, that was not very sharp. I have been using the Gillette Fusion power. Maybe the four blades have spoiled me a little.

infinity razor

I know the fusion has five, but it’s the four front blades that add to comfort. The Infinity Razor only has the two blades. The little Infinity Razor will do the job, but it feels like it is dragging across my skin rather than gliding across my skin.

Infinity Razor

I also find the handle to be rather awkward… With all of this, you would think that I would just throw it away. The thing is I do like having it and would recommend anyone else to buy one. It comes in handy when I run out of blades and can’t make it to the store. I also found that I grab it more often for short trips. The single unit is more convenient.


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