Product Review: Gillette Fusion Razor

Gillette Fusion Razor

Gillette Fusion Razor

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”

Gillette Fusion Razor: I am not here to claim that I have the manliest whiskers on the planet. In fact, I figure I’m only about average, but even so, I have had a dickens of a time finding a Gillette Fusion Razor capable of the best a shave can get. I began my life as a shaving adult back when disco was still popular and Faye Dunaway was considered hot. Yes, I am middle-aged, but in chronological age only.

After all, I set aside a half-hour every day to catch by Simpsons reruns and I don’t care whose funeral I miss, dang it. In those nascent days of ripping the beard from my flesh, I began with a Bic disposable and shaving cream. I did not particularly enjoy the ritual that involved the application of cream to my face and not just because the Bic barely did the job.

I soon moved into the arena of the electric shaver and positioned myself there for the next twenty-five or so years. Too many razors to keep count. Over the years I’ve tried everything from Remington to Braun and all to little effect. And so, doing what I dared never even think of doing, I returned to the world of the blade that you can see by trying out the Gillette Fusion Razor.

Gillette Fusion Razor

Gillette Fusion Razor also is battery powered:

In the intervening years since I first tried the archetypal 20th-century razor, there have been some changes. Although not old enough to have tried a non-electric razor with just one blade, or maybe I was, who can remember, I have watched in awe the arrival of the triple edge blade and the Quattro. So, to extend a short review longer than it need be, I have made the leap from double-edged razor to one with no less than five blades. And on top of that, the Gillette Fusion Razor also is battery powered and vibrates. What a strange, magical world this century is.

Gillette Fusion Razor

My experience with this magic vibrating razor from Gillette Fusion Razor has been, I must confess, almost entirely positive. Not quite entirely, but I despair of ever having a completely smooth shave. I will give the Gillette Fusion Razor one thing: I have never in my life received such a close shave. Even better is that after this close shave my neck and face are not sore.

A perfect razor to meet your every need? No, I will no go out that limb. But if your shaving history has been equitable to my own and you have all but given up on finishing a shave with the miracle of not having whiskers still evidence around your protruding Adam’s Apple then you should give the Fusion a try.

This Gillette gives me, in a way that I can say with completely unqualified emphasis, the closest shave I have gotten. I haven’t been paid by Gillette to write this review. I chose to write this product review because I know I cannot possibly be the only man to have such a devil of a time getting a close shave. As I said, it is not a perfect razor, but it is the closest I’ve come thus far.


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