Estee Lauder Nail Polish : Product Reviews

Estee Lauder Nail Polish

Estee Lauder Nail Polish Product Reviews: For years I have been trying to find an attractive polish that endures wear and tear. I’ve had little luck finding a nail polish that lasts while washing the dishes regularly and while swimming during the summer months as it seems like the more time your nails spend in the water, the more difficult it is to prevent polish from chipping.

“Beauty without expression is boring”

Estee Lauder advertised that their line of nail polishes are “resistant to chipping – even in water” and I chose to give them a try and see if their statement holds true. I like metallic tones and hues and selected the shimmering bronze and Wild Storm.

Estee Lauder Nail Polish

Estee Lauder Nail Polish Product Reviews: Use and Application

I filed my nails with Estee Lauder, used a buffing block and prepared for application. As instructed, I brushed each nail with three strokes of the nail polish; first stroke in the middle of the nail, then one on each side to finish off each fingernail. I continued across both hands until all nails were polished, and it was then time to let the nails dry. Typically my other brands of nail polish would take about 30 minutes or so, and surprisingly the Estee Lauder polish only took about 15 minutes to dry completely. The final result was a crisp, even look with a high gloss finish.

Results and Final Thoughts of Estee Lauder Nail Polish

Estee Lauder Nail Polish

The Estee nail polish lasted nearly two weeks without chipping or deteriorating, and I received several compliments from friends and even a store clerk at the local department store. I’ve since been wearing the Shimmering Bronze shade during warm weather when I have a glowing tan, and I love the metallic Wild Storm shade for an evening out. For the cost of $18 per bottle, I’m very satisfied with the price point and quality of these Estee Lauder products.


Estee Lauder Website: Pure Color Nail Lacquer


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