ELF Primer and Sealer – Product Review

E.L.F. Primer and Sealer

ELF Primer and Sealer

“Beauty is all very well at first sight; but who ever looks at it when it has been in the house three days?”

E.L.F. Primer and Sealer: When I saw this on ELF’s website, it looked like such a good deal. It was part of the studio line, soit was supposed to be better quality than the rest of ELF products. The product has two sides. One side is a primer, and it screws up like a concealer stick. The other side is a felt tip applicator in a clear solution that is supposed to be a liner sealer, also known as an eyeshadow transformer. It basically mixes with eyeshadows to create a liquid liner.

First, the packaging. I really love the packaging. The outside seems to be plastic, while the inside of the ELF Primer and Sealer side seems to be made out of metal. The liner side is a small container that screws off with a felt-tip liner inside. The packaging isn’t cheap, like a lot of ELF’s $1 products. As part of the studio line, it feels a little higher quality, which is good.

ELF Primer and Sealer

The primer is skin-colored but doesn’t apply very smoothly. The texture seems too heavy for smooth application. However, with blending, you can get even coverage with the product. However, the part that I dislike about the primer is that it is heavy, and I suspect it is oil-based. On hot days, the primer seemed to “sweat” a little, which made me think that it did not have very good staying power. I was right.

The primer is okay, but I would really like to have something lighter and a different texture. I do think that the primer is good as an eye brightener. It is slightly lighter than my skin color, so it brightens up my eyelid. But I definitely don’t think ELF Primer and Sealer is the best primer out there. I think I will try using it as an under-eye concealer in the future.

I like the liner sealer a lot better. The felt¬-tip liner is very convenient to use. it works fairly well as an eyeshadow transformer. The liner seems to stay for quite a while, and as far as I can tell, it is waterproof. The only problem is that the handle is so thick because the primer is on the other side. Otherwise, I think it’s great.

ELF Primer and Sealer

Though the liner sealer works well and the primer is okay, I wouldn’t recommend this product. I would rather get 3 ELF eyelid primers or 1 ELF mineral eyeshadow primer for the price of ELF Primer and Sealer product because it is quite easy to find a mixing medium for turning eyeshadow into the liner.


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