Product Review: Crest White Strips

Crest White Strips

Features Of Crest White Strips:

“My mouth is full of decayed teeth and my soul of decayed ambitions.”

Everyone wants a beautiful white Hollywood smile and Crest Strips tooth whitening system offers that promise and is actually advertised as the number one tooth-whitening product recommended by dentists. Crest White Strips offers five different versions of the tooth whitening system depending on the person’s needs for a whitening option. For the purposes of this review, the 56 Strip Classic version of the product will be reviewed.

The Classic version is the mildest version of the Crest White Strips tooth-whitening product. This will give the consumer that may be hesitant to use such a product the opportunity to try the product without fear of drastic results. Should you desire greater results you can move up the tier of products offering a stronger degree of whitening ingredient.

Crest White Strips advertise whitening of teeth within a two-week period through the use of the individually packaged chemically treated plastic strips. This easy to use product is applied twice a day. The top teeth are whitened first and then the bottom teeth are whitened. You will use all 28 strips for the top teeth and then use the remaining 28 strips on the bottom teeth. The cost of the 56 pack of Strips costs an average of $24.99 with the results advertised as lasting for 12 months. The product is available at most drug stores and department stores.Crest White Strips

Crest White Strips are designed to be worn for 30 minutes twice a day on the upper and lower teeth. They should not be slept in, nor should they be worn continuously should you experience gum or teeth irritation. The strips are used with an enamel-safe gel, which contains hydrogen peroxide to remove stains beneath the surface and whiten and brighten the teeth.

Why should you use Crest White Strips? If you are interested in removing stains from your teeth and are shy of going into a dentist for laser treatment, then an at-home system such as the Strips whitening system might be ideal.

Since the conception of the original product Crest has come out with strips that can be used daily, as well as a 7, 10, or 14 day period. Depending on the product line you choose of the Crest White Strips, the duration the whiteness lasts varies between 12 to 18 months. This is an easy product to use and can be worn while you are doing other things. Simply apply the thin strips to your teeth and once you have had them on for the recommended amount of time remove them and dispose of them.Crest White Strips

Crest White Strips whitening system offers a guarantee within 60 days of purchase so retain your container and receipt. For more information on the Crest White Strips whitening system visit the Web site of call 1800-208-0169.


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