Clairol Nice’n’Easy Color: Product Review


Clairol Nice’n’Easy Color :

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

Last time I colored Clairol Nice’n’Easy Color my hair to get rid of the dark roots, it didn’t do as a job as I asked of it. I had used Marc Anthony Root Touch-Up and guessed that I hadn’t left it on long enough.

This time I checked all the boxes and decided the Clairol ultra-light number 87, a natural blonde, looked a perfect color for me.

Looking at the box it states that it is ‘color-blend technology that expert blend of 3 tones for natural color with highlights’. ‘Brown to blonde in just one step’. It is also a permanent color. At the side of the box it has 3 current hair colors, and then the results you will get with number 87. I figured with all this information I couldn’t go wrong.

In the box are the gloves to protect your hands, the color blend activator, the color blend formula, and the color seal conditioning gloss.

Clairol Nice'n'Easy Color: Product Review

Steps For Clairol Nice’n’Easy Color:

To get started you need to put the gloves on, pull off the top seal on the color-blend activator. then unscrew the applicator bottle cap. Open the Clairol Nice’n’Easy Color-blend formula bottle and pour all the contents into the applicator bottle. Put the applicator bottle cap on. Place your gloved finger over the top of the applicator and shake well so that it mixes together. You must apply the color immediately to your hair.

I really wanted the sides of my hair, the underneath of the back of my hair, and the gray area to color the most. Therefore I applied my color to these areas first. The bottle was almost full so there was plenty of liquid to color my hair. I made sure I got to the roots and thoroughly covered the areas that were really dark. I then applied the Clairol Nice’n’Easy Color hair color to the rest of my head.

I still had some hair color left in the bottle so I disposed of it straight away. It states that you keep the color on for 25 minutes or up to 45 minutes if you have stubborn gray hair, or you want a lighter shade of blonde. I decided to go for 35 minutes. The color ran down my forehead and around the back of my neck, so I cleaned it off with Kleenex.

As soon as the time was up I went into the shower and lathered my hair by adding warm water to it. It felt really soft. I then rinsed my hair. After doing this I used some of the Clairol Nice’n’Easy Color Seal conditioning gloss and rubbed that into my hair. It had already felt soft and smooth and this made it feel like baby hair. I left it on for the recommended 2 minutes and then rinsed it clean. I still had the majority of the cream left in the tube, and this is to be used for future conditioning.

I then wrapped the towel around my head to take some of the water out of my hair. I applied my usual gel to my hair, combed it, and then blow-dried it. The color looked ash blonde, light blonde, and even a mid blonde. My hair has always been highlighted, or several colors because of the gray areas, so I really liked the combination. When I curled the back of my hair, and put it in a French pleat, the brown had disappeared. I was delighted with the outcome.

Since coming to England, I have washed my hair and used the Clairol Nice’n’Easy Color Seal conditioner on it. The color has stayed really well. It states on the box that it will last for up to 8 weeks and by using their conditioner for 6 weekly treatments it will look good, shine, and look healthy.

After 8 weeks I will see what my hair is like and whether I will use this product again. It was extremely easy to use and did everything it said it would.

clairol nice n easy

I am now back from England and it is now 5 weeks since I used Clairol Nice’n’Easy Color product. Everyone in England loved the color of my hair. I still can’t see the roots coming through. It is a complete success and I will continue using it and won’t need a hairstylist again.


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