Product Review: Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel


Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel

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What do you wear when you’re just a little bit pregnant? You’re too small for maternity clothes, but starting to get too big for your pre-pregnancy pants, shorts, and skirts. I found myself asking this question a few weeks ago near the end of my first trimester. Luckily, the Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel came to the rescue. I had an answer to how I was going to bridge the gap between pre-pregnancy clothes and maternity clothes. Read on for my Bella Band product review and see if this is the right fit for you.

Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel

Product Description 

The Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel, developed by Ingrid & Isabel, is a durable seamless band of spandex and nylon. It enables a pregnant woman to continue wearing her pre-pregnancy pants as her belly expands. As long as you can fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes, you’ll be able to use the Bella Band. As your belly gets bigger you will find it uncomfortable to button and zip your pants. When wearing the Bella Band over the waist of your pants, you can leave your pants unbuttoned and even unzipped. The Bella Band keeps your pants in place and gives you the comfort of an extra waist room.

How to use Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel

The Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel has its own sizing scheme but covers pre-pregnancy sizes between 0 and 24. Wherever you purchase your Bella Band, there should be a handy chart displayed so that you may match your pre-pregnancy size with the correct Bella Band size. It’s also suggested by the manufacturer that if you like a more snug fit, you should consider buying one size smaller than what the chart suggests. One size will last throughout your entire pregnancy and postpartum.

It’s sold in many colors: black, white, coffee, wine, midnight, slate and many more. There are two versions of the Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel – the original and with lace trim. When worn, the hem of the original Bella Band looks like the hem of a layering shirt or tank top. The lace trim Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel has a lace trim hem, for a fancier tee or tank top look. The lace trim Bella Band is only available in black, white and brown.

The Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel can also be used over maternity clothes that don’t quite fit. In addition, it can be worn postpartum until you can fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothing.

Price and Availability

It is sold both in stores and online. Many of the stores that carry are specialty maternity boutiques. Nationally, it may be carried by Nordstrom. To find a store near you that carries the Bella Band, go here http:/ There are also many online retailers that sell the line. and are just two. You may find more colors available through Amazon through other online retailers. I bought mine from BellaBluMaternity and had a great experience. The original retails for $26 and the lace trim Bella Band retails for $30 at the time of this writing.


  • Well made and does not feel cheap
  • Machine washable – just wash it with the rest of your clothes
  • Extends the life of your pre-pregnancy wardrobe
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Sizes available for regular and plus size women
  • One band size lasts for your entire pregnancy and postpartum


  • Price may be a little steep for some shoppers
  • May not extend your pre-pregnancy wardrobe as long as you’d hoped

Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel


Overall, I have to say that I am really satisfied with my Bella Band. I have the original Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel in black. I wore it practically every day for 3 weeks and no one could tell I was wearing it. When I shared my secret, all my girlfriends told me they thought I was just wearing a layering shirt. I was able to comfortably wear my pre-pregnancy clothes for a few weeks longer.

My only regret is that I didn’t order it the day I started becoming uncomfortable in my regular clothes. Unfortunately, in the past couple of weeks, my belly has unexpectedly “popped” and I can no longer comfortably wear my pre-pregnancy jeans. But then Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel is bound to come in handy as I’m losing the baby weight and working my way back into my favorite pair of jeans!


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